Paul in his younger days on the track

It is with great sadness that the club has come to hear of the death of Paul Harte. Paul was a very talented runner at the club and served as Treasurer on the Committee for many years.

His funeral took place in Cork but because he had spent most of his adult life over here, a short memorial gathering is planned for Saturday 19th August, 11.00am at Lenzie Union Church. G66 4LD.

His wife Sherrie has extended a warm welcome to anyone from the club who would like to attend and also to a small buffet lunch afterwards at Eagle Lodge, Bishopbriggs G64 2PN.

There will be a retiral collection in favour of Paul’s charities.


When:   Sunday 17th of September 2017

Where:  Ayrshire Athletics Arena Kilmarnock

Time:    Start Time 10.00 am Declarations & Warm up from 9.00 am

Cost:     £2.00

Entries will be online via the Club website

Closing date for entries is 3rd September

Coaches will also have paper entry forms for those who prefer to enter this way, but these forms must be returned with payment to your coach by the closing date.


  1. Athletes must enter by 3rd September to allow organisers to arrange final details of timetable.
  2. This year we have adopted a performance based scoring system, similar to that used in pentathlon/heptathlon etc.  So better times, longer throws etc, more points. We have based this on the SATS Performance Tables.
  3. Performance certificates will be given for AAA grade 1 to 3 performances 
  4. Under 11 athletes will do 4 Events 80m/600m/Long Jump & Shot Putt
  5. U13 to Master athletes can choose to do 6 events to maximise best performance but you must complete 1 sprint, 1 distance run, 1 jump and 1 throw to count towards the Club Track and Field Championships, like the u11 age group.
  6. U13 can only run 800m or 1500m (not both on same day).

Choices are:

Sprints                          Distance                      Jumps                               Throws

100m all age groups        800m u13 to Master       Long Jump all age groups     Shot Putt all age groups
200m all age groups        1500m u13 to Master     Triple Jump u15 men/u17    Discus u13 to Master

300m appropriate age group                                     Women to Master                 Javelin u13 to Master

400m appropriate age group                                     High Jump u13 to Master

70m H to 110m H as appropriate

300m H appropriate age group

400m H appropriate age group

. If no entry received in an event by the deadline, that event will be removed from the programme and the Timetable will be adjusted accordingly.  Early entries would be appreciated.

We are returning to the Ayrshire Athletics Arena as last year due to the capacity of the arena , the indoor access for warm up and the ability to maintain the range of events ( especially throwing events) within  the existing  timetable.

It is  anticipated that athletes will support this major event in the Club Calendar

Programmes, raffle tickets, food and drink will be on sale as usual.  All donations from parents, relatives and friends of the club will be very welcome.

Please ensure this date is in your Diary!


TIMETABLE (Provisional)


The lovely Alex on the Left in the Blue Jacket with  Teammates Maddie Murray and  Chloe Cowan following  a podium place at XC
Alex Pope
As some of you may already know, Alexandra ‘Alex’ Pope died  last Wednesday  2nd August when her heart stopped suddenly.  She represented Giffnock North and Hutcheson’s Grammar over road, track and cross country, winning a silver and two bronze team medals with the club at Under 13 and Under 15 level at the Scottish National Cross Country Championships in the three seasons from 2009/10.
Alex invariably conducted herself with great grace, serenity and a smile, gave of her best and willingly contributed to the team effort whenever called upon. Only once do I recall Alex turning down a request to turn out for Giffnock North, apologetically saying, “No, I can’t make that race – I’m singing at the Albert Hall.” Such a talented girl, such a loss.
As well as being a fine athlete, and a pleasure to coach, Alex was a gifted ballet dancer and her natural poise always shone through. And that’s how we’ll remember her: graceful, elegant and smiling.
The thoughts of all at Giffnock North AC are with Alex’s family and  friends at this sad time.
Croy Thomson


Dates for your diary. Senior Club Champs:

Race7 Pollok Park Run, Sat 19th Aug, 9.30am start

Race 8 1500m, Williamwood Track, Tues 12th Sept, 6pm start

Happy Racing,

Billy C

Emma Nuttall & Nikki Manson

Congratulations to high jumper Nikki Manson who cleared 1.86m at the England Senior Athletics Championships in Bedford at the weekend. Not only was this a new p.b. and club record, but also the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Standard. The competition was dominated by Scots with Emma Nuttall (Edinburgh) and Nikki both clearing the same height taking the Gold and Silver medals.

Watch Nikki clearing 1.86m on her third attempt.

The club is always seeking new people to become Officials. If you are interested in taking the first step there is an Assistant Officials Course at Pitreavie Athletics Stadium, Dunfermilne on the 29th August 2017.

This award offers an introduction to officiating at a Track & Field or Sportshall competition and covers the basics in all disciplines. You will learn the specific judging principles of throws, jumps, track judging, timekeeping and starting. The course is designed to enable you to work within a team to develop key skills and a basic understanding of the fundamental rules of officiating.

All details of the course and a booking form can be found at –

Congratulations to Erin Wallace who clocked a  new pb and club record of 4.16.61 to win the 1500m at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Nassau, Bahamas.  On an evening where the program was delayed due to thunder storms, Erin ran a perfect tactical race, only joining the front runners at the bell and then moving away from them down the home straight.  Erin also ran the 800m coming 6th in the final in a time of 2.08.30.

Also doing the club proud were Adam Clayton and Alessandro Schenini.  Adam ran 10.98 in the 100m semi-final narrowly missing out on a place in the final.

Alessandro also took fourth place in the Long Jump final with a leap of 6.87m and was part of the 4x200m Mixed Relay squad that was again just outside the medals in fourth place.

Well done to all three athletes and their coaches, the club is very proud of you.

Read the Scottish Athletics report

The Bute Highland Games take place at Rothesay on Saturday 19th August. There are Senior and Junior Heavy Events, Junior Athletics and a 10k Road Race.

Full details at –

Entry forms –

Junior Heavy Events
Senior Heavy Events
Junior Athletics – Primary
Junior Athletics – Secondary
10k Road Race

Congratulations to Jan Bienkowski on completing the 96 mile West Highland Way Race in 22 hours 39 minutes 26 seconds. Click here to read his race blog of  his epic run.

Photo courtesy of Neal Gibson

As reported previously 42 of our athletes made the trip

Report by Sara Lang our Roving Reporter

“Gothenburg the story…..

42 athletes, 8 adults, 4 buses , 4 planes,

82 performances,  31 athletes with PBs, 4 gold medals, 2 silver , 2 bronze,

200 lunch rolls, 50 blue bags and 225 photos taken by Duncan Robertson

The stats don’t lie…we had an adventure…

From the excitement of exploring Terminal 5 with your pals, to the double decker coach that brought us from the airport, to the novelty of a floating hotel….and that all before we ever hit the track.

Such an experience for all of us. The Gothenburg Youth Games in the huge Ullevi Stadium made Grangemouth feel like a children’s play area (Coldplay had performed two shows there in the preceding week). It was a huge, cosmopolitan, slick event well organised that despite 16 or so heats in each age group for many of the sprint events, it was only 5 mins behind schedule by the end of the day. It truly felt like a mini Commonwealth games. It was so professional; athletes from numerous other countries (Norway, Iceland , Bulgaria, Argentina, Denmark and New Zealand to name but a few) were so focused and organised in their approach to all events which had a knock on effect and our Giffnock North troop rose to the occasion. Not only did we run, jump and throw our hearts out, we were noticeably the most polite athletes at the end of an event.

It is clearly not the norm for athletes to shake hands at the end of a race in Scandinavia but each and every one of our team did so, causing much bemusement at times. Harris, who gallantly tried to shake hands with all his competitors (who by that stage were lying prostrate on the track) ended up helping them all to get up…as they clearly thought that was what the extended hand was for!

The entire event was run in Swedish so all commentaries and announcements went over our heads. We were totally oblivious to the high jump world record set by a 12 year old on the first day (1.87m),although we did wonder why so many people had gathered near the start line of the 800m. We also had no idea what the Swedish shouts of joy were for (over a very loud tannoy) when the Pole Vault record was broken. The one bit of English commentary directed at us was when Chris was about to long jump the very loud commentator said ‘ its Chris McKay from Scotland…..’ and, as Chris sprinted down the runway, he said ‘FLY FLY Chris McKay’!

We had thrills and spills..athletes who went on all possible rides at the amusement park, athletes who won gigantic chocolate bars, athletes who got stuck at the top of the climbing wall/sculpture, athletes who had soaking wet luggage when they arrived (we still never solved that one).

And the satisfaction didn’t just stop at the track – on having his wristband put on for him at the amusement park, one athlete noted “You don’t get this level of service at the Emirates”!

We had our resident Twitter feed guru Colin Saxby, we had our invaluable medical support/native language speaker who came into her own. By Sat night Pia Kirkpatrick  had at least 5 ‘patients’ she was tending to.

From the ice packs for sore knees , the paracetamol for the fever, the drinks of water for the athletes who had too much sun/not enough to drink at the amusement park, to the sterile wipes for the spiking injuries….she was in constant demand. Pia was even seen administering pain killers to the adults!

We now know we had our resident photographer…Duncan Robertson , thank you from all the coaches , Athletes , parents and those at the club keen to know about the trip

And we had Jackie  Alexander who without doubt is the unsung hero of this trip.

By now she is on a well earned rest in the sun.

Results are already on Power of 10 for all to view. The scope of this report is not to comment on individual performances (every single athlete did us proud) ..many of which were highlighted on the Twitter feed.

A collated table of results is available to view on our website thanks to Colin.

The finishing quotes are from athletes on our way home who said ‘Are we coming back next year?’, ‘Can we stay another day?’…………”

Thanks to Sara for the Report

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOGRAPHS Photos courtesy of Duncan Robertson


Date Event Heat Wind Pos Name PB
30-Jun F13 600m Finalheat 3 4 Mary Rose Cairns 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 01:51.9     27 01:51.9
30-Jun F13 Spjut 400 g 15 Jennifer Dallas 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 19,68 23,09
30-Jun F14 800m Finalheat 3 1 Jill Carswell 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:27.3     13 02:27.3
30-Jun F14 Häck 80m 76 cm Försök heat 2 0,5 Iona Denholm 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 16.05 16.05
30-Jun F14 Häck 80m Försök heat 4 -1,6 3 Lara Sturgeon 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 13.04 13.04
30-Jun F15 800m Finalheat 3 3 Clare Wallace 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:32.8     26 02:29.5
30-Jun F15 800m Finalheat 1 8 Emily Crusher 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:29.0     26 02:26.8
30-Jun F15 800m Finalheat 3 5 Emma Gaston 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:36.5     28 02:31.8
30-Jun F15 800m Finalheat 1 12 Francesca Davidsson 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:28.6     17 02:20.9
30-Jun F15 800m Finalheat 2 2 Orla Lang 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:26.3     13 02:23.9
30-Jun F15 Längd Kvaltävling 57 Eva Blues 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 4,20 -1,5    3,90 4,57
30-Jun F17 800m Finalheat 3 4 Annabel Ballantyne 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:27.2     21 02:24.8
30-Jun K Häck 400m 76 cm Finalheat 4 Sophie Haldane 99 SCO Giffock North ACC bröt     – 01:06.2
30-Jun P13 600m Finalheat 1 4 Harris Paterson 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 01:36.8     5 01:36.8
30-Jun P13 600m Finalheat 1 1 Jacob Luc 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 01:33.5     1 01:33.5
30-Jun P13 600m Finalheat 2 5 Joseph Mckay 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 01:47.9     16 01:47.9
30-Jun P15 Hinder 1500m 76 cm Final 5 Andrew Robertson 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 04:59.1 04:59.1
30-Jun P15 Hinder 1500m 76 cm Final 4 Ethan Carolan 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 04:57.6 04:57.6
30-Jun P15 Längd Kvaltävling 12 Reuben Nairne 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 5,58 q 1,6 5,80
30-Jun P15 Längd Final 10 Reuben Nairne 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 5,73 -0,2 5,80
30-Jun P16 Längd 15 Kyle Mclean 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 5,83 2,6    2,69 0,5 6,31
30-Jun P17 800m Finalheat 1 11 Nikolai Gajic 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:03.2     15 01:57.7
30-Jun P17 Häck 300m 84 cm Finalheat 3 2 Callum Alexander 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 43.04     13 43.04
30-Jun P17 Hinder 2000m 91 cm Final 12 Ben Shaw 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 06:59.9 06:59.9
30-Jun P19 Längd Kvaltävling 4 Chris Mackay 99 SCO Giffock North ACC 6,66 Q -1,2 7.11
01-Jul F13 60m Försök heat 12 0,1 2 Niamh Smith 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 8.59 8.38
01-Jul F14 80m Försök heat 3 3,7 1 Alyson Bell 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 9.98 q 9.98
01-Jul F14 80m Finalheat 1 0,8 2 Alyson Bell 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 9.99 9.98
01-Jul F14 80m Försök heat 15 3,1 5 Iona Denholm 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 11.32 11.32
01-Jul F14 80m Försök heat 4 2,7 2 Lara Sturgeon 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 10.99 10.99
01-Jul F14 80m Försök heat 13 1,3 2 Rachel Callan 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 10.76 10.76
01-Jul F15 80m Försök heat 12 2,4 3 Eve Donaghy 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 11.2 11.2
01-Jul F15 80m Försök heat 7 1,8 4 Freya Cowan 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 10.86 10.86
01-Jul F15 80m Försök heat 13 1,8 4 Rosie Mckay 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 10.81 10.81
01-Jul F16 100m Försök heat 5 0,7 3 Eve Denholm 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 13.03 13.03
01-Jul F16 100m Försök heat 6 3,4 3 Rhea Campbell 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 13.02 13.02
01-Jul F17 100m Försök heat 2 1,5 5 Rochelle Moukala 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 12.98 q 12.81
01-Jul F17 100m Finalheat 2 1,5 4 Rochelle Moukala 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 12.81 12.81
01-Jul F17 1500m Finalheat 1 10 Annabel Ballantyne 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 05:01.9     10 04:59.3
01-Jul F17 1500m Finalheat 1 9 Emily Crusher 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 04:58.5     9 04:48.6
01-Jul F19 100m Försök heat 3 1,5 4 Amy Donaghy 99 SCO Giffock North ACC 12.73 q 12.52
01-Jul F19 100m Finalheat 2 2,9 9 Amy Donaghy 99 SCO Giffock North ACC 12.67 12.52
01-Jul F19 400m Finalheat 2 1 Sophie Haldane 99 SCO Giffock North ACC 58.28     5 58.28
01-Jul K 1500m Finalheat 2 10 Heather Barnes 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 04:53.8     27 04:43.8
01-Jul M 100m Försök heat 1 3,6 7 John Hamilton 97 SCO Giffock North ACC 11.3 11.3
01-Jul P13 1500m Finalheat 1 3 Harris Paterson 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 04:44.5     3 04:44.5
01-Jul P13 1500m Finalheat 2 2 Joseph Mckay 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 05:08.8     17 05:08.8
01-Jul P14 800m Finalheat 1 1 Murray Fotheringham 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:07.3     1 01:59.7
01-Jul P14 80m Försök heat 6 1,7 4 Cameron Mckerrow 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 10.54 10.54
01-Jul P15 800m Finalheat 3 3 Andrew Robertson 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 02:11.7     21 02:11.7
01-Jul P15 800m Finalheat 3 Eoghan O´Donnell 2 SCO Giffock North ACC bröt     – 02:09.8
01-Jul P15 Tresteg 14 Adam Deverill 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 11,35 -0,8 11,35
01-Jul P17 100m Försök heat 2 2,1 1 Adam Clayton 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 10.91 q 10.71
01-Jul P17 100m Finalheat 1 1,2 1 Adam Clayton 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 10.75 10.71
01-Jul P17 1500m Finalheat 3 5 Ben Shaw 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 04:30.2     38 04:26.4
01-Jul P17 1500m Finalheat 2 10 Nikolai Gajic 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 04:20.4     26 04:08.7
01-Jul P17 400m Finalheat 3 5 Amini Hifi 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 53.89     21 53.11
01-Jul P19 Höjd 5 Chris Mackay 99 SCO Giffock North ACC 191 2
01-Jul P19 Längd 5 Chris Mackay 99 SCO Giffock North ACC 6,96 2,1    6,91 -2,0 7.11
02-Jul F13 200m Finalheat 6 -0,1 2 Mary Rose Cairns 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 28.93     39 28.93
02-Jul F13 200m Finalheat 1 0,8 8 Niamh Smith 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 28.07     24 27.34
02-Jul F13 Kula 2.0 kg 7 Jennifer Dallas 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 11,53 11,53
02-Jul F14 300m Finalheat 1 1 Alyson Bell 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 40.35     1 40.35
02-Jul F14 Höjd 32 Rachel Callan 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 134 145
02-Jul F15 2000m Finalheat 2 1 Clare Wallace 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 06:56.5     9 06:56.5
02-Jul F15 2000m Finalheat 1 4 Heather Barnes 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 06:38.7     4 06:38.7
02-Jul F15 2000m Finalheat 1 8 Jill Carswell 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 06:55.3     8 06:55.3
02-Jul F15 300m Finalheat 6 3 Emma Gaston 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 46.18     52 46.18
02-Jul F15 300m Finalheat 3 2 Eva Blues 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 43.8     25 43.58
02-Jul F15 300m Finalheat 3 7 Freya Cowan 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 45.41     48 45.41
02-Jul F15 300m Finalheat 4 8 Orla Lang 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 45.28     44 44.88
02-Jul F15 300m Finalheat 3 4 Rosie Mckay 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 44.14     29 43.46
02-Jul F16 200m Finalheat 2 1,6 2 Eve Denholm 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 25.95     10 25.95
02-Jul F16 200m Finalheat 2 8 Rhea Campbell 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 26.42     19 26.22
02-Jul F17 200m Finalheat 2 -1,1 5 Rochelle Moukala 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 26.83     14 26.79
02-Jul F19 200m Finalheat 2 -0,1 7 Amy Donaghy 99 SCO Giffock North ACC 26.23     20 25.72
02-Jul M 200m Finalheat 6 1,5 John Hamilton 97 SCO Giffock North ACC ej start     – 22.58
02-Jul P13 200m Finalheat 1 1,9 3 Jacob Luc 4 SCO Giffock North ACC 25.47     3 25.23
02-Jul P14 Höjd 2 Murray Fotheringham 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 183 183
02-Jul P14 Kula 4.0 kg 27 Cameron Mckerrow 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 7,68 7,68
02-Jul P15 2000m Finalheat 2 13 Eoghan O´Donnell 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 06:54.2     32 06:54.2
02-Jul P15 2000m Finalheat 1 9 Ethan Carolan 3 SCO Giffock North ACC 06:16.9     9 06:16.9
02-Jul P15 300m Finalheat 4 6 Adam Deverill 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 40.57     32 40.26
02-Jul P15 Häck 80m 84 cm Försök heat 2 -0,2 6 Reuben Nairne 2 SCO Giffock North ACC 12.29 12.06
02-Jul P16 200m Finalheat 5 -1,0 5 Amini Hifi 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 24.31     41 24.31
02-Jul P16 200m Finalheat 2 1,6 2 Kyle Mclean 1 SCO Giffock North ACC 22.9     10 22.9
02-Jul P17 200m Finalheat 1 3,4 4 Adam Clayton 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 22.4     4 22.22
02-Jul P17 Häck 110m 91 cm Försök heat 2 0,0 3 Callum Alexander 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 15.4 q 15.4
02-Jul P17 Häck 110m Final 0,2 7 Callum Alexander 0 SCO Giffock North ACC 15.45 15.4

It would seem that this was a brilliantly well organised and planned experience  by a superb team led by Jackie Alexander for all the athletes and the coaches and helpers who accompanied them. From Helen Nairne, hearing about this event from Brian Donaldson [then ADO  Athletics Development Officer for Glasgow Sport] and raising it on many occasions as a competition experience, the adventure coming to fruition is a tribute to all those involved ,providing an invaluable experience for the 42 Athletes.





Another reminder to ensure you have the date for the the Club  Track & Field Championships  in your diary, phone, tablet,  wall chart, or just committed to memory.




We are hoping for another memorable day and  a huge turn out across the Senior and Junior Sections

The Entries will be online and  these will be posted  soon along with the Timetable


Results after 6 races now on  website.

Senior Club Champs Results 2017

Any problems please e-mail me


Billy C


Thursday night training sessions for July/Aug and Sept 2017 now on website.

JulyAugSept2017 (1)



Billy C

There are still plenty of places left at out Summer Athletics Camps, so if you would like to book your child in, please do so as soon as possible. All details and online booking can be found at –

Summer Athletics Camp Bookings


The Super Teams  competition for Under 12s took place on  Saturday 20th June in Inverness .We had 2 Girls Teams and 2 Boys Teams in the event , selected from a Trials we had previously held at the Hutchie Track .The athletes  were outstanding in their attitude, their behaviour and their efforts. The Super Teams competition format is that teams of 4 compete in 75m, Long Jump and Turbo Javelin and 4x100m Relay. The rules were changed this year with points accruing from the best 3 performances in the Sprint , LJ & Javelin counting to the team totals. Many teams from the Highlands and Islands featuring in the line up.
Giffnock Girls 
 Sophie Ferguson, Erin McKay , Emily Watson , Eilidh Veitch
Kirsty Adam, Leah Rigley, Eilidh Wardle and Katy Donnelly
Giffnock Boys  Teams 
 Aodan Brannigan, Ellis Nairne , Calum Hall , Scott MacMilan
Cailean MacDonald, Calan Chong, Tommy Donnelly,  Milo Lombard.
In the brilliant sunshine, they ran, jumped and threw  accruing points for their team
Our Boys A Team  Aodan,  Calum ,Ellis &  Scott  went home with Silver Medals  and our Girls A team took an excellent 6th Place
Full results at the following link:
A massive thanks to all the parents for the enthusiastic support over the day and especially for Team Managing duties by  Allie Chong, Suzanne MacDonald,  Jen Ferguson ,Stephen Hall and Davie Brannigan. Thanks also to Susan Adam for helping with  transport .

Congratulations to under 17 Adam Clayton who continues to blaze a sprint trail, Adam clocked 10.71 in the 100m semi-final at the English u20/23 Championships at Bedford, breaking the Scottish age group record set forty years ago by Peter Little.

Neil Gourley, freshly returned from collegiate athletics in America wasted no time in getting back into the action. Neil clocked 3.44.25 to take the under 23 1500m title.

u20 long jumpers Alessandro Schenini and Chris Mackay sadly were unable to replicate their recent seven metre form with Alessandro (6.75) coming sixth and Chris (6.47) tenth.

Back in Scotland, also freshly returned from America, Luke Traynor took second place at the Brian Goodwin 10k, in a time of 29.27. The race was won by Calum Hawkins setting a new course record of 29.14.

A recent picture of our  travelling team of athletes

Sara Lang Reports

“We are all looking forward to the forthcoming club trip for our athletes to Sweden to compete at the Annual European Youth Games. It takes place from 30th June to 2nd of July .

Our competing team are aged between 12-19 and will compete in a variety of events from sprints to jumps to throws to distance.

Each athlete will compete in 2 events over the 3 day competition allowing time for a little sightseeing,.

This is the first time the Junior Section have travelled overseas  as a team ( excluding parts of the UK) and hopefully not the last.


We are proudly sponsored by Creature Comforts , Run 4 it, Tunnocks, MJs Brassiere and Migo sports and extend thanks to all of them for supporting this initiative and  mush appreciated additions to our fundraising efforts   ”

More information is  available at the following links :

Thanks to Sara for this update . It provides us with the chance to recognise the enormous amount of planning and organisation, led by Jackie Alexander and a number of our Coaches , Officials , Committee Members and Parent helpers which has has been instrumental in ensuring this opportunity for our athletes.

The only athlete , unavoidably  missing from the Photo opportunity is Sophie Haldane.  Apologies Sophie .We haven’t  yet mastered the art of photoshopping you in. However, a recent news item features Sophie hurdling at the Scottish Schools.

Sophie Haldane taking the 400m Hurdles Title

All photos courtesy of Bobby Gavin and Scottish Athletics 

Results now available at this link

Scottish Schools Report By Ryan McAllister

“As with tradition, the Scottish Schools Outdoor Track & Field Championships took place over two days this past week. On Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June, a plethora of athletes descended upon Grangemouth stadium to compete for their school.


With mixed weather conditions, ranging from huge tailwinds on Friday such as +4.0 combined with the rain, to tough headwinds on the Saturday; the athletes had more than just their performance to think about.


Giffnock North were heavily represented through pupils from East Renfrewshire, Glasgow and Private schools competing. Many medals were awarded to the athletes, however stand out performances must go to Alessandro Schenini, Alyson Bell and Sophie Haldane along with another Double medallist in Murray Fotheringham .


Alessandro won the Group A Long Jump with a championship best performance (CBP) of 7.16m and a legal jump of 7.12m to take a new personal best; considering this was his first long jump competition of the outdoor season, it shows great promise leading up to the Youth Commonwealth Games in Bahamas. Alyson Bell was in scintillating form, taking double gold in the girls Group D 100m and 200m. Alyson tackled each race with poise and maturity beyond her years, displaying her trademark technique throughout. In her final Scottish schools performance, Sophie Haldane went out with a bang; claiming double gold. Sophie took gold in the 400m on the Friday and then backed this up with gold in the 400m hurdles on the Saturday morning with a personal best performance; making this the perfect ending to an extremely successful Scottish Schools career. Double Gold also for Murray Fotheringham in the 800m and Long Jump of 6.14 a club record .


Alyson Bell and Club Teammate Niamh Smith  Gold and Bronze Podium places in the 100m

In addition to the above, details of further medals are listed below.

Hamish Armitt and 1500m Gold


Hamish Armitt, 1500m; Heather Barnes, 3000m; Adam Clayton, 200m; Murray Fotheringham, 800m and long jump; Reuben Nairne, pole vault; Max Mc Harg in 200m.

Reuben Nairne Gold in the Polevault


Jennifer Dallas, shot putt; Reuben Nairne, long jump.



Amy Donaghy, 200m; Fraser Lipp, javelin; Freya Menzies, 300m hurdles; Niamh Smith, 100m.


As always, a huge thank you to the schools for supporting the athletes along with parents and coaches who give up their time so readily to ensure the best possible success for our athletes.”


Well done to all from the Club . If we have inadvertently missed anyone out please let us know asap. 

Hot off the press from Eugene ,Oregon ,this preview from Ronnie Gourley as Luke Traynor, Nikki Manson and Neil Gourley prepare for action at the NCAA Finals

 Ronnie Reports
“Here in Eugene – or Tracktown USA as it’s widely known – they’re gearing up for the annual NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) Track and Field Championships.
 I think it’s safe to say that Giffnock North are the only Scottish and, almost certainly, British club who can lay claim to having no fewer than three athletes competing over the four days of competition from 7-10 June. Nikki Manson (High Jump, Akron University), Luke Traynor (10000m, Tulsa) and Neil Gourley (1500m, Virginia Tech) have all made it through the extremely tough qualifying process to make it here.
To qualify each had to post one of the best 48 performances in either the East or West ‘side’ of the United States to make it through to Regionals where those 48 was whittled down to the 12 best from each region  to compose the ‘semi finals’ which take place here on Wednesday for the men and Thursday for the women. However, in both Luke’s and Nikki’s events it’s straight finals on Wednesday and Saturday respectively.
For those wishing to follow the results ‘live’ they can be seen at the link below, whilst those able to  access the range of ESPN channels may be able to watch what will undoubtedly be an extremely high standard featuring many future Olympians.



It is hoped to provide brief updates over the next few days.
Greeting from Oregon – wish you were here! “
Best wishes winging their way to Nikki, Luke and Neil from all at Giffnock North

A busy weekend for many Giffnock athletes representing their schools at the Scottish Schools Relay Championships held at Hutchesons Track on Friday 2nd June followed by the Combined Events/ Pentathlon on Saturday 3rd June held at Grangemouth Stadium.
Max McHarg with a set of great results took the Under 14 Gold medal in the Pentathlon Championships.
With Murray Fotheringham claiming Gold in the Under 15 category as previously reported, we had two Giffnock athletes on the SSAA  Podium with the faces showing the delight at these well won Championships , recording record scores [or CBPs  Championship Best Performances]

In the Steeplechase, both Emily Crusher and Harry Nimmo medalled and Reuben Nairne took 4th Place in the U15 Pentathlon.
In addition, our athletes were taking part in local schools athletics events both in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow and we will post links to all these events when the results become available.

Ethan Carolan takes U15 Club Record at 3000M
Photo by Bobby Gavin

 Photo by Bobby Gavin

The Glasgow Athletics Association (GAA) Miler Meet held in conjunction with British Milers Club (BMC), incorporated Scottish Championship events over 800 and 3000 metres in U17 and U20 categories. A remarkable entry response created strong fields across no less than 21 races to make for a thrill-packed evening in the dry, sunny conditions.

Giffnock North highlights include Heather Barnes lifting the U17 Championship crown with a personal best performance of 9:50.69 seconds in her 3000m; as the evening wore on, the sun finally went down on Andy McLeod’s 17-years-old club record in the 3000m, as Ethan Carolan delivered a splendid time of 9:26.96; numerous new PBs were set by many athletes including for some of the younger athletes at U13, in addition to the other club record improved on the night – that of Murray Fotheringham’s 800m, now at 1:59.69.
It was good to see Grant Muir back on the track with a typically gutsy performance in his 800 metres, and Andrew Clark also flying the flag in determined style for the seniors.
Enthusiastic support was provided by all the parents and friends who attended, along with coaches Dudley Walker, Croy Thomson and Gordon Lockie, as they followed all the Giffnock athletes battling to stay with the excellent pacemakers. Thanks to GAA and to all the officials and volunteers on the night for helping make it all possible. We look forward to the next one and can there be more scones, please, their goodness was their too-early demise.
Helen Chong in the 3000m
Photo by Bobby Gavin

Photo of Murray  Fotheringham at the finish line
Courtesy of Bobby Gavin at GAA Miler meet
What an amazing weekend for Murray Fotheringham. On Friday night he dipped below two minutes to go top of the  Scottish U15 rankings for 800m with a superb time of 1.59.69. We await confirmation of  Scottish All-Time records but in the data kept by the Scottish Association of Track Statisticians (SATS) it’s  certainly the fastest for his age.
“Giffnock’s Murray Fotheringham set a new Scottish age 13 best of 1:59.69, two days before his 14th birthday. Murray bettered the previous best of 1:59.75, held by David Boyd since 1981.” said SATS’ Arnold Black.
Murray’s 1.59.69 effort superseded his very recently claimed  800m club record and came in a well executed race at the GAA Miler Meet on a sunny Scotstoun track where excellent pacing enabled many club athletes to achieve PBs .
To cap this feat, at the Scottish Schools Pentathlon Championships in Grangemouth the very next day, Saturday 3rd June, Murray took gold with a record score, and more PBs to win the trophy appropriately called the Murray Shield.
We await clarification as to where this score places Murray in the all time U15 Scottish  rankings but we understand that it becomes a Scottish Schools record (or Championship Best Performance as SSAA have it).
Congratulations Murray on these brilliant performances.
And all on  the weekend of his 14th birthday .
Certainly will make this birthday memorable.

Bahamas bound … Erin, Adam and Alessandro training together at Williamwood Track.

Adding to the Roll Call of Giffnock Athletes who have represented Scotland at the Youth Commonwealth Games previously we  are very proud to announce that  of this years  11 strong Athletics 2017 team , 3 are  athletes  from Giffnock North.

Erin Wallace Adam Clayton and Alessandro Schenini  get the call up and and have earned well deserved selection to the Scottish Team . Well done to all three athletes and to the Coaches who have been involved in their Development and assisted in their progress . We also recognise their support teams of family , friends and training groups . Although these selections were hoped for and anticipated , its fantastic to have the confirmations in place and the detailed preparations for the Bahamas can commence.


Erin Wallace

Coach Dudley Walker delighted  to  report:

With qualifying times achieved in the 800m,1500m and 3000m Erin was hopeful of selection for this year’s Commonwealth Youth Games in Nassau in The Bahamas.

However, selection was never taken for granted by Erin and the recent announcement that she was included in the team to travel to the Caribbean was warmly welcomed by the Eastwood High pupil.

The talented young athlete  has opted to compete in the 800 m and the 1500m.The latter event is a straight final on the 21st July with the heat and final of the shorter event on the 22nd and 23rd.

Erin has been with the club since the age of 9 and has won numerous Scottish and UK titles on track ,road and cross country….additionally the club and Scottish record book features her name in a few places.

Not content with selection for Scotland and G.B as an athlete Erin has also represented Scotland and G.B in triathlon.In June 2017 she’ll be earning her spurs again in triathlon for G.B in Austria.

So it’ll be a very busy summer for Erin as she flies the flag for Scotland and G.B around the world and her training squad will be with her every step of the way.”

Adam Clayton

Coaches Garry Paterson and Gerry Duggan  commented:

“Adam joined our training group just over a year ago. It was one of our other athletes who attends the same school as Adam who advised him to give athletics a go after seeing him run at the School sports day. Adam turned up at training not really knowing much about athletics as he was a keen footballer. Clearly, football’s  loss is athletic’s gain – a view with which his Dad Rob now agrees.  Straight away we noticed that Adam had natural talent, all he needed was the right support , guidance and opportunity to develop and grow as an athlete . Right from his first race he gave the best Under 17 athletes in Scotland a fright. Within a couple of races he was leading the Scottish rankings, and now he is UK leading. WOW

His appetite, as well as that of both his parents, Rob and Alison, for this sport grew as he became very comfortable in  his new surroundings and with his new training group. His parents supported him throughout all competitions, standing at the side of the track clearly excited about  Adam’s  achievements. After each event, we were never sure who seemed the most excited – Adam or his parents. For me , this award has to go to Alison, his mother. His appetite to improve was infectious , he quickly became a key member of the U17 boys sprints group. His willingness to listen , work hard, compete and push himself in every training session is a testament to the athlete he has become. You could tell when Adam was taking any advice. He computed this in his own mind, put the advice into practice and came back for more.  His meteoric rise in such a short time started by setting him a target. The target being the CYG standard. Adam, throughout the year, consistently measured himself against where he was and where he needed to be. As we all now know, that target was very much achieved.

We wish Adam every success in his future development and as an athlete. All coaches at Giffnock North offer their continued support and are thrilled he achieved his target. Well done Adam, Rob and Alison and all the Sprints coaches who have consistently offered the advice and support”

Alessandro Schenini

Ryan McAllister who coaches Alessandro along with Long Jump Coach David Watson adds:

“Alessandro has continued to excel in the sport this season, focusing his efforts on improving his speed to assist with his main event; long jump. Balancing training twice a week for sprints and twice a week for long jump, Alessandro has proven himself mature beyond his years.
In 2016, Alessandro secured selection for Scotland in the international schools match and the Celtic Games. In addition, he won both the indoor and outdoor Scottish and British Long Jump title and mixed it with the top sprinters in the country; demonstrating that he is a force to be reckoned with both on the track and field.
This season, in his first year as under 20, Alessandro and his coaches set the target of qualifying for the Youth Commonwealth Games. Alessandro secured the qualifying distance in the indoor season to consolidate his performances and qualifying distances in 2016. Following this, Alessandro shifted his focus to his studies in the early part of the outdoor season. Following support from family and coaches in this decision, Alessandro successfully completed his 5 Highers and is fully focussed on the upcoming season and the challenges he will face.
We are all excited to see Alessandro’s progress this year and as long as he follows his Mum’s advice to ‘hit the board’, he will keep her nerves calm and inevitably continue to soar to new distances this season!!

Incidentally , the previous incumbents were Daniel Carlin, who travelled to Pune India to compete in Shot putt and Discus, Emma Brown, who travelled to Douglas IOM  to compete in the U18 100MH and Rachel Alexander  who medalled with a Bronze when the Games were in Samoa , In Long Jump.


These track rules have been issued by The Glasgow Club for the Crownpoint Track, but apply really to all tracks.


Results from race 4 now on website.

Senior Club Championships 2017

Any questions please contact me:


Billy C

After 3-4 months of hard training, 23 Giffnock North athletes took to the streets of Stirling and its surrounding towns for the inaugral Stirling Marathon.

With a start line in the heart of Blair Drummond Safari Park, the elephants gave us a great send off as we set off through the park and beyond for 26.2 rolling miles around the towns of Doune, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane. There were breathtaking views of the Wallace Monument and the finish line was set beneath the ramparts of Stirling Castle. The local towns did not disappoint and the support throughout the race was humbling. The city centre streets were packed with supporters, which made 3 loops around the outskirts of the castle a little more bearable!

Not to mention the support from our coach, Bernie Campbell and fellow senior athletes. It was a privilege for all the runners to have their support en route.

First across the line for the ladies in an outstanding second place was Jill Smylie in a time of 2.57.06.

For the men, Andy Bonner , in a time of 2.49.46 and an overall finish position of 13th and a PB!

The ladies finishing times were as follows;

Jill Smylie 2.57.06
Yvonne McNairn 3.13.40
Nicole Scott 3.15.27
Sheila Lewis 3.18.07
Allie Chong 3.22.16
Nina Farmer 3.37.10
Jennifer Starling 3.52.33
Kirsty Porter 3.55.31
Kathleen McLachlan 3.59.31
Anne Williamson 4.26.36
Naomi Pavri 4.36.15
Marie Doohan 4.42.31
Caroline Gibson 5.02.23

The men’s finishing times were as follows;

Andy Bonner 2.49.46
Richard McKean 3.06.48
Kevin Cameron 3.12.56
Craig Smith 3.28.30
Ricky Saez 3.40.33
Martin O’Donnell 3.47.52
Colin Kirk 4.00.09
Christopher Smith 4.23.36
John Colquhoun 4.36.15

An outstanding set of results from the Senior athletes and a day to remember


Report by Yvonne McNairn

Photo courtesy of Scottish Athletics and Bobby Gavin

 Report from Garry Paterson
Adam Clayton ran as part of the Scotland 4 x 100m Relay team at the Loughborough International which included the GB international team
He ran the first leg and up against no other than Richard Kilty, very much holding his own
In the Guest 100m race he ran just outside the All time U17 Scottish record , his time being 0.01 outside this time – an outstanding 10.73 secs.
The All time U17 Scottish record being set at 10.72 by Peter Little in Dole France 6th August 1977
We all wish Adam the very best of luck for the future as he continues to set these very high standards.

Adam lines up in Lane 2 for the 100m race
Adam lines up in Lane 3 for the 4 x 100m relay
Well done Adam and family and sprint coach Garry Paterson and also Gerry Duggan and Symon Lipp
From all at Giffnock North
 The Report from Scottish Athletics rightly highlighting the performances of many of the young Scottish Athletes at Loughborough including Adam and Erin Wallace in the 3000 Metre.

New arrivals are lifted by Loughborough


Giffnock athletes came home from Kilmarnock with no less than forty one medals from the West District T&F Championships.  Twenty of which were gold.  There were also four club records.

All photographs courtesy of Bobby Gavin, That one moment

Medal winners

Age GroupAthleteEventMedal
u13GAngelica Mayer100mGOLD
u13BReuben MacDonald1500mGOLD
u13BDaniel MartinLong JumpGOLD
u15GAlyson Bell100mGOLD
u15GAlyson Bell200mGOLD
u15BMurray Fotheringham800mGOLD
u15BMurray FotheringhamLong JumpGOLD
u15BMurray FotheringhamTriple JumpGOLD
u15BFraser LippJavelinGOLD
u15BEthan Carolan1500mGOLD
u17GFreya Menzies80m HurdlesGOLD
u17GHeather Barnes800mGOLD
u17BCalum Alexander100m HurdlesGOLD
u17BAdam Clayton100mGOLD
u17BAdam Clayton200mGOLD
u17GFreya Menzies80m HurdlesGOLD
u17GMegan BusbyLong JumpGOLD
u20WJenna Wrisberg100mGOLD
u20MChris MackayHigh JumpGOLD
u20MChris MackayLong JumpGOLD
u13GErin Ward1500mSILVER
u13BDaniel Martin75m HurdlesSILVER
u15BOliver MaherHammerSILVER
u15BOliver MaherDiscusSILVER
u17GMegan Busby100mSILVER
u17GBeau StudholmeHigh JumpSILVER
u15GRhea Campbell300mSILVER
u20WAmy Donaghy100mSILVER
u20WRachel AlexanderLong JumpSILVER
u20MNikolai Gajic1500mSILVER
SWNiamh Grahame200mSILVER
SWFreya Menzies300m HurdlesSILVER
u13GImogen MaherHigh JumpBRONZE
u15GRosie Mackay300mBRONZE
u15BOliver MaherShot PuttBRONZE
u17GLynn McKenna800mBRONZE
u17BSam YoungHigh JumpBRONZE
u17BMatthew Forbes400mBRONZE
u20WSarah Eunson800mBRONZE
SWPaula Houston200mBRONZE
SWNiamh Grahame400mBRONZE

Club records

Age GroupEventAthletePerormance
u15G200mAlyson Bell25.75
u15GHammerIris Williams22.59
u17B200mAdam Clayton22.3
SW400mNiamh Grahame 56.80

Full results

For the second year in a row the club has won the Lindsay Trophy which is presented by Scottish Athletics to the club with the most participants in three National Cross Country events.
The top three were :

Club Short Course Relays National Total
Giffnock North AAC 47 58 82 187
Central AC 44 63 66 173
Edinburgh AC 38 53 77 168

A massive congratulations to all the juniors and senior athletes who contributed to this award.

The trophy was presented to Dudley Walker by Euro Cross bronze medallist and National XC winner Callum Hawkins.  He was joined by Ian Beattie from Scottish Athletics and Fiona Sargent from Lindsays at Eastwood High School Track.

Following the presentation Callum was interviewed on BBC Scotland Facebook live

Scottish Athletics report

All photographs courtesy of Bobby Gavin

Congratulations to three Giffnock North athletes and their coaches on their selection to represent Scotland at the forthcoming Loughborough International.

Erin Wallace will contest the 3000m, while Jenna Wrisberg and Adam Clayton are both picked for the 4x100m Relay teams.

Well done and good luck from all at Giffnock North.

Scottish Athletics Report

Click on an image to enlarge

Congratulations to Lynn McKenna who won the Scottish Hill Race Championships in Fife on Saturday 6th May


Lynn ran a very strong race yesterday and won convincingly over a tough course with an extremely testing uphill section which had to be navigated twice. The race was at East Lomond Hill near Falkland in Fife.
She should now qualify for a place in the Scotland squad for the World Youth Cup (in Gagliano delCapo, Italy on the 24th of June. It is  hoped that  confirmation of this will follow soon.


 Report and photos from Frank McKenna

This year’s Club Track and Field Championships will be held on Sunday 17th September at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock .

This venue hosted our Championships successfully in 2016 and the decision was to return there with virtually the same programme of events and timetable for the day.

Can all athletes and parents/carers  add this date to their diaries/ calendars just now

Entry will be in advance and will be online in order to assist with the organisation .

The  Track & Field Championships are a great day of competition for all our Athletes, Senior and Junior and a great day out for parents, friends and supporters.

Please keep the day free for  Kilmarnock and we will look forward to seeing you there .
Online entry details will be available in good time.


Our Summer Athletics Camps are now open for bookings.  These can be made online by clicking on the link below  (our preference) or by downloading the form and sending by post.

CAMP C –  17th-24th JULY – NOW FULL



An outline of an average day at our Camps and typical joining advice . The Camps will include some event specific focus for the older age groups

Download (DOCX, 246KB)

Download (DOCX, 86KB)

Lucy Moynihan, Ava Flynn, Sarah Stewart and Esmee Dougall with Silver Team Medals for OLM

Reuben MacDonald  Centre with Silver Medal for Tinto

Giffnock athletes enjoyed a good day at the Scottish Primary Schools XC Championships  in Kirkcaldy last Saturday 22nd April when turning out for their schools at this event , traditionally the  late and the last XC of the Season. This event is so large that it  requires 2 races in each age group and gender with Schools arranged in Alphabetical order A-M and L-Z.

Dilemmas and choices re  running XC for school and participating at the Scottish Relay championships made it difficult probably for many of our super talented athletes with a rare clash this year.  But out athletes had Teams and Individual success in Kirkcaldy .  A Gold and Two Silvers for Teams and a 2nd and 3rd  Individual Places.

Full results at the link below . The following highlights among many great performances to  record :  In the P7 Boys M-L Race Reuben MacDonald was 2nd for his school, Tinto Primary,  The P7 Girls M-Z race saw Erin Ward taking 3rd for St Cadoc’s as the lead runner in the Team which took the Silver Team medals with Millie McGeehan [9th] Hannah Ryding  [34th] and Mhairi Kelly [51st]

Esme Dougall [8th] Ava Flynn [9th ]  Sarah Stewart [29th] and Lucy Moynihan [50th] also took the Silver Team prize for OLM . Cameron Harris [12th] and Jack Wallace [20th] were  in the Hutchesons’ Team which took the Gold Medals.

Top 10 and top 20 places also for Craig Shennan Netherlee [5th], Zac Ingles [OLM 10th] Hazel O’Donoghue Tinto [15th] and Mark MacInnes 17th for Eaglesham Primary

Well done all the athletes!

U13 Boys 4 x 100m Gold Medal Winning Team


U15 Boys 3 x 800 Team Gold

Giffnock Teams excelled at the Scottish Relay Championships on Saturday 22nd April at the Grangemouth Track over Sprints and Middle Distance. 7 Gold Medal winning Teams, 1 Silver ,2 Bronze and several other teams in Finals in 4th and 5th Place including 3 X U13 Boys featuring in the final.

It appears to have been a long and tiring day for our athletes , many of whom are competing again today at the YDL . So a massive well done to all the athletes and teams who have worked hard with their coaches in training to deliver this brilliant set of results across the Age groups and the distances.


U13B 4X100m Final

1 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                               57.41

1)Aidan Cunning             2) Lewis Taylor

3)Daniel Martin                 4) Mark Chalmers

U13G 4X100m Final

3 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                               56.21                1) Olivia Dykes                    2) Angelica Mayer                      3) Skye Moulson                    4) Faith Uduebholo

U15B 4X100m Final

3 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                               50.32                1) Reuben Nairne                   2) Adam Deverill                       3) Christopher Brown               4) Jacob Luc

U15G 4X100m Final

4 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                               52.26                1) Niamh Smith                     2) Lara Sturgeon                       3) Sophie Inglis                   4) Rachel Callan

U17Men 4X100m Final

1 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                               43.93      New Club Record          1) Joseph Connelly                 2) Kyle McLean                         3) Matthew Forbes                  4) Adam Clayton

U17Women 4X100m Final

5 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                               52.27                1) Carly Miller                    2) Eve Denholm                         3) Eve Donaghy                     4) Freya Cowan

U13B 3X800m Final

1 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                             7:29.62                1) H Shiels                        2) C Green                             3) C Perkins

U15G 4X300m Final

1 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                             2:51.76        New Club Record        1) Nicole Proudfoot                2) Rosie McKay                         3) Eva Blues                       4) Alyson Bell

U15B 4X300m Final

2 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                             2:47.42                1) Murray Fotheringham             2) Adam_ Deverill                      3) Reuben_ Nairne                  4) Nathan McNee

U17Men 4X400m Final

1 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                             3:33.63                1) Calum Alexander                 2) Kyle McLean.                        3) Matthew Forbes.                 4) Amin Hifi

U17Women 4X300m Final

1 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                             2:47.69  CBP        New Club Record      1) Rhea Campbell                   2) Rochelle Moukala                    3) Freya Menzies                   4) Megan Busby

U15B 3X800m Final

1 Giffnock North Aac  ‘A’                             6:35.32                1) E Carolan                       2) M Fotheringham                      3) J Luc

Erin Wallace courtesy of Bobby Gavin

Great Edinburgh XC Event
Jan 7th 2017
Bobby Gavin


Thanks to Chloe Cowan for this link to video of the final metres

What a day for Erin in the Under 17 race at the London Mini Marathon ! A fantastic result for Erin marking another great performance to add to her recent successes both on the Track , on the Road and over XC where her prowess saw her selected for the GB Juniors  Team at the Edinburgh International XC in January and meeting CYGs qualifying times. Erin’s consistent progress and development have been evident to all and the club send a huge well done to her, her coach Dudley Walker, her family and all supporters and others who have contributed to this especially in the ranks of Erin’s Training group. Erin’s Post race interview was a study in modesty and maturity and we are all reminding ourselves of the previous winners of these prestigious races for young athletes.

Week 1 of our Spring Athletics Camps was another resounding success with nearly 80 Young Athletes having the opportunity to benefit from some First class coaching in Hurdles/Long Jump/High Jump/Sprinting /Endurance/Throws and a lot of fun at the same time . The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and  it’s a great credit to all our Young Team of Coaches and the excellent support they received from our totally dedicated volunteer athletes who will be the  coaches of the Future . Many thanks to all from the Club.

This week we had Iona Menzies, Catriona Lockie, Craig Armstrong, David Lambie, Amy Donaghy, Andrew Clark and Jason Wu coaching with more than able assistance from Louise Buchan, Freya Cowan, Eve Donaghy and Eva Blues with Morgan Allan also helping.

We are hoping for good weather again next week as although it was cold , the rain stayed away.



The young athletes from 5 to 13 clearly enjoyed the whole experience and the smiles and participation said it all

Giant warm up with young ones & Elephant Football


Coaches join in with massive Warm up favourite of Bench Ball

New Hurdles at the Ready for Drills [Thanks Ian!]

Ant thanks to Hutchesons’ School for the use of the great track and help with Admin for use of the Facility


Senior club champ results after 3 races now on website.

Senior Club Champs Results 2017

If you have any questions please contact me


Billy C



Thursday night sessions April til July 2017 now on website.

AprilMayJuneJuly2017 (1)


Billy C


Yvonne McNairn, Sheila Lewis, Mary McCutcheon& Jill Smylie

Report from Mary McCutcheon 

Sunday 26 March saw two teams from Giffnock North head to Livingston to compete in the prestigious National Six Stage Relay Race. This year attracted a record number of entrants and a high calibre field. Unusually it also attracted the sun! The race comprises of 2 distances of 3.1 miles and 5.8 miles run alternately over each stage. Four stages are run by the women and six for the men.

The men’s team comprised of Grant Muir, David Sawyer, Luke Chamberlain, Andrew Clark, Michael Hampson and Chris Greenhalgh. Grant set off first bringing the men’s team home not only in first place but setting an extremely high bar for other athletes by posting the fastest time over his distance of 15.39. David enjoyed his moment in the sun leading the field, albeit for a brief period when he was chased down by his fellow competitors.   With a 20 mile plus run in his leg from the previous day he still managed a superb run of 35.09. The remaining team members all had great runs. Luke Chamberlain – 18.41, Andrew Clark -32.47, Michael Hampson – 20.10 and Chris Greenhalgh – 37.28. This brought the team home in 28th place. For anyone thinking that Chris Greenhalgh’s recorded time seems unusual for him, this is because he was possibly the most unlucky athlete of the day. Poor Chris arrived late due to a combination of work commitments and heavy traffic. He in fact set off around 5 minutes after his team mate. His actual time is likely to be much lower than that recorded as would have been the men’s overall placing.

The women’s team comprised Jill Smylie , Yvonne McNairn, Sheila Lewis and Mary McCutcheon. Apart from myself, 3 team members are in marathon training and consequently had lots of miles in their legs. Despite this some impressive times were posted. Jill was first out and brought the team home in 7th place with a time of 18.59. This was followed up by Yvonne with a time of 39.28. Next up was Sheila with a time of 21.09 and lastly me with a time of 37.10 (the fastest V50 female time of the day). The ladies team finished a very respectable 11th place.

As is typical for any relay race, there was the usual camaraderie and challenge of running for the club and team mates. All in all, a good day out.”

Mary McCutcheon – on behalf of the teams.



Grant Muir in  previous  XC Action                                                      And on Track

As Mary reported above Grant Muir turned in  a great time to get fastest  short lap in the Scottish 6 Stage Relay Championships at Livingstone on Saturday 25th March. He gave us the following understated assessment of that performance.

” Yes I am quite happy with my progress recently. I have had an issue with my hamstring for the past few years which has hampered my training. On Sunday I just wanted to go out and run a good race. The start was very slow so I pushed it on after about one mile in, once the Garmin started screaming at me. Towards the end another runner took the lead so I sat back and waited to use my speed in the last 400m. Hopefully I can maintain form and stay injury free for the summer.”
The Club just glad to see Grant back on top and in  action after his injury hampered period.

Grant  is well placed however, to assess his injury and organise to deliver  himself a Rehab Programme as a busy Physiotherapist also able to offer appointments to club athletes with a significant concession for First Appointments at NK Physiotherapy on Busby Road.

Following the EGM earlier this month, we have met with GHA Rugby Club with a view to our membership moving to the GHA Braidholm Road site from our current base at Giffnock North Amateur Football Club.


Discussions have moved on and a meeting was held within the GHA clubhouse on 20 March and following a lengthy discussion we signed an agreement which permits us to utilise the GHA facilities and which also provides our members with restricted membership of GHA, for an agreed fee.

The senior road running group will be able to meet at GHA Braidholm road on Thursday nights and will have access to both a male and female dressing room and will be welcome to use the bar area etc. after their sessions. We will also gain access to meeting rooms and will be allocated storage space under the stand for equipment.  This is effective from 30th March 2017 however the plan would be for the seniors to start training out of GHA on the 6 April.

The Under 11 group which currently trains on the blaze pitch at the football club will now train at Hutchesons Grammar school on Thursday evenings effective from 30 March..

This agreement has been carefully discussed between the GHA RFC Board and the GNAAC Committee and is in line with the discussions that took place at our EGM on the 8 March 2017

Finally, during our meetings with GHA, the possibility of a joint development of their facility was discussed which would include a 3G pitch with the addition of a 400m running track on their grounds – something which would suit both club’s needs. All members will be kept fully informed of any developments and your input will be greatly appreciated.



SAIL Finals and Relays were held at the Emirates on Sunday 25th March and successes in Age Groups Main Finals and Relays were as follows:

In the Mail Final there were podium places as follows

u15G u17G u11B u13B u15B u17B u20M
1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 1st 1st 2nd

In the 4x200m Relays there were podium places as follows –

u1G.A u13G u15G u17G u1B.A u13B u15B u17B
3rd 3rd 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st

There were lots of terrific performances, below some highlights:

U15 Girls 60m Alyson Bell 7.99   New club record

U15 Girls Long Jump Nicole Proudfoot    5.30m New club record

U15 Boys 800m Murray Fotheringham   2.00.33 New club record, new Sail record

 U11 Boys 600m Craig Shennan broke the SAIL Record with 1.47  only to see it overtaken by Kilbarchan  athlete Oliver Patton . Craig has the consolation of it being a terrific Club Record 

Billy Glasgow commented –

“Giffnock athletes performed fantastically well and there was a great team spirit backed up by the support of their appreciative parents and spectators. We seemed to have performed very well in the hurdles and field events as well as our usual high standard in the sprints and distance. Obviously there were one or two standouts Craig Shennan, Adam Clayton, Joseph Connelly (who had to go home sick) Sam Young (stepped up for the relays), Calum Alexander, Alyson Bell, Nicole Proudfoot, JenniferDallas, Murray Fotheringham, Megan Busby, John Hamilton, Chris McKay, Ethan Dear and Ross Lipp who stepped up and ran the 800 & 400m.  Overall I thought it was a great competition and the atmosphere although competitive was always friendly and a great time seemed to have been had by all.”

 So, plenty of Podium Places and Medals to assuage all the mothers who had possibly missed their Mothers Day Celebrations but were rewarded with Athletes successes over a range of Relays and Events

 As Steven Nairne added :

“From all the team at GNAAC to all of the mums associated with the club, we hope you had a Happy Mothers Day.

To those who coach, volunteer, make the packed lunches, wash and iron the kit, taxi back and forward, pay entry fees to competitions and those who provide words of constant encouragement to athletes through good times and times of injury and frustration- mums we salute you”

Take a bow!


MORE PHOTOGRAPHS ON OUR FLICKR PAGE – ALBUM 2 Courtesy of Gary Leek, Athletics Media Group

REPORT from Frank McKenna


SIAB Update – Terrific performances from all of our girls yesterday in the SIAB International from the spectacular venue of Margam Park in Port Talbot. On a technically challenging and undulating course, made even more difficult by the 20 degree heatwave in Wales – all of our girls dug deep and scrapped for every place in all 3 races. To summarise: –

In the Junior Girls race (Under 15) over 4090m, Kate Richardson fought every step of the way and finished in an excellent 15th place – supplying a tremendous finishing surge to pip one of her Welsh rivals on the line and gain an additional valuable point for her team. Scotland finished in Silver medal position in this race.

In the Middle Girls (Under 17) race over 4610m, Giffnock supplied a remarkable 50% of the Scottish team members. Heather Barnes , Lynn McKenna ,Charlotte McKenna and Sofia Kirkpatrick  all made huge contributions to the Scottish team finishing in Silver Medal position. Again, all 4 girls battled it out for every hard earned place throughout the race and their efforts resulted in the following individual placings: –
Heather Barnes  9th, Lynn McKenna  13th, Charlotte McKenna  20th and Sofia Kirkpatrick 26th.

Last, but certainly not least, in the Senior Girls (Under 20) race over 5220m, Erin Wallace produced another outstanding individual performance to win individual gold and lead her team home to Silver position.

Full results are available at the following URL: –

Thanks Frank for the Report and the photographs including some from Gordon Richardson


A not to be missed opportunity as Dawn Armitt has highlighted for all Coaches and Parents !! Please check your diaries and respond to Dawn if you can make it





A fantastic opportunity for our coaches and parents to attend this interactive workshop.   The Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme encourages the following:

  • a positive sports culture and environment within clubs,
  • building our young athletes’ confidence and determination and inspiring them to reach their maximum potential,
  • maximising our young athletes’ enjoyment of their sport and encouraging them to have lifelong participation
  • teaching the importance of effort, respect and responsibility rather than a “winning at all cost” philosophy.

Please email by 23 March 2017 to reserve your place.

Places are limited.

More information on PCS Winning Scotland Website.  Link below

The club adheres to the PCS principles in relation to coaching, and within the Club environment as the principles relate also to Athletes and Parents and our Codes of Conduct

Yvonne McNairn

Jill Smylie

 And some  action photos  of Gary Sturgeon, Richard McKean,  Allie Chong, Kevin  Cameron,Debi Scott, Jan Bienowski,

 Report from Yvonne McNairn

Sunday 19th March saw no less than 24 Senior athletes ascend upon “sunny” Alloa for the 35th Alloa Half Marathon.  The weather did not look promising for race day and it certainly didn’t disappoint! In true Scottish style, we encountered every season in a matter of hours as the race progressed. Rain, wind and glorious sunshine kept us on our toes throughout. A tough course and tough weather was not for the faint hearted. First in for the ladies, and 6th overall, was Jill Smylie in a time of 1.23.40 and first in for the men was Scott Wilson in a time of 1.23.16. The day was littered with PBs and a great day out was had by all! 

Well done to all who ran. 

Ladies Results 

Jill Smylie – 1.23.40

Yvonne McNairn – 1.31.09

Allie Chong – 1.32.08

Debi Scott – 1.37.25

Nicola McBeath – 1.41.51

Li Wang – 1.43.37

Allan Hogarth – 1.46

Louise Sutherland – 1.47.25

Kirsty Porter 1.47.27

Kathleen McLachlan – 1.50.23

Tanja McConville – 1.54.12

Alison Gordon – 2.00.21

Irene Zingone – 2.00.00

Caroline Gibson – 2.02.04

Anne Williamson – 2.05.51

Naomi Pavri – 2.05.31

Allison Mathews – 2.10.55

Angela Hammond – 2.16.03

Liz Salter-2.19.56

Men’s Results

Scott Wilson – 1.23.16

Jason Steele- 1.25.17

Richard McKean – 1.26.12

Kevin Cameron-1.27.43

Jan Bienowski-1.29.47

Garry Sturgeon 1.35.22

Yvonne McNairn  

and from Stuart Macdonald …. at the Loch Katrine Running Festival

Ricky Saez and Stuart Macdonald ran the Marathon at the Loch Katrine Running Festival on Sunday 20th March. A beautiful road route along the north side of the Loch, out to Stronachlachar and back. Both Ricky and Stuart are doing the Fling Race in April which is a 53m race on the West Highland Way so this was to an extent a training run for the boys but that didn’t stop Ricky achieving a 2min PB with 3hrs 50mins…given there was over 1000ft elevation and cattle grids Ricky’s PB is even more impressive. The route is traffic free and the very local and intimate made for a great day out for the lads.

Well done to all !

Check out more photos from the Scottish Young Athletes Road Race Championships at Greenock courtesy of David Chong.