Information from Lynda Scott and Gill Menzies

Club kit

All our club kit is now in stock at Migo Sports, Muirend, Glasgow.

Hoodies – £20

Club vests – £12

Ladies crop tops -£15

Bobble hats – £15

For those of you who have not visited the shop before, it’s at 511 Clarkston Road opposite Sainsbury’s and they also stock a wide range of products, from all the main brands including running spikes.

Contact details and opening hours for the shop can be found at the Migo Sports website  


Running Spikes : Used and recycled from Club members  

A stock of spikes for Junior Athletes are available to purchase for a small donation to the club.  For further information please contact Lynda Scott on 07756 927 460 or anthony.scott6@ntlworld.com.

Please remember to hand in any old spikes so that others can get use of them.

As requested by Lynda above can you please dig out any old spikes which are too small or not in use .We have a really good tradition of doing this at the club especially for young athletes and we now have a better system of organising this thanks to Lynda . Any coaches will accept them and pass on . Thankyou ! And Thanks to Lynda , Gill and Yvonne for their efforts in helping our large and growing club provide an improved means of making club kit available  too. 

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