Erin [ Ward ] getting some welcome dry socks and a Bronze medal !


A  smaller than usual  but resolute band of Athletes, Coaches and Parents made the  now annual long trip to Liverpool to take part in this XC event . Leaving at 4am on the Saturday  it can be a bit of a challenge but it was met by resilience and determination by all. The main reward of the day was that we were all privileged to see Luke Traynor race his way to a place in the Under 23 GB Team for the European XC Championships although the nail-biting wait for the confirmation of this was a test for him, for Dudley and all the club who were following it. The young athletes must have run several miles on the day chasing the Senior Mens  race over Sefton Park to cheer Luke on. All of this – their own races and seeing this top level action -is great experience.

Luke had only returned home from University in Tulsa Oklahoma on the Thursday so the athletes on the bus had that context when considering,  or maybe bemoaning ,the early morning start.

Solid performances from all the Giffnock North athletes including the small band [6] of  Under 11s  and a  great podium place for Erin Ward to take the Bronze medal .

We’ll be back !

But  Duncan and others of us  may be  looking  for  an answer to the question why none of the Cross Challenge  Series events take place in Scotland. Link to results below.

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