Luke’s blog to Dudley’s Training Group . Sent from the Team bus

A little update from across the pond.

I’m currently travelling back to Tulsa from Iowa by bus, a 9 hour journey with nothing but corn fields for scenery. As you can imagine I have some free time to provide an update. I would provide more frequent updates but I always seem to find myself busy doing very little most days; an insight into the life of ‘as close to a professional athlete as possible’. My reason for being in Iowa was the Iowa State Classic Indoor meet; an indoor event known for producing some of the fastest times in the country.

I am certainly not very big on indoor running and have never really enjoyed it. However the 3 seasons of cross country, indoor track and outdoor track are strictly separated and I am required to compete in everything. This weekend was still a fun experience and I rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the country. I always find it valuable to watch successful athletes in their pre race routines or simply the way they conduct themselves around the track and warm up area. You will tend to find a lot of similarities.

So, my race. I ran a relatively big pb of 8.14 however came off pretty disappointed. In terms of training and fitness I am a lot better than 8.14, unfortunately I just lacked the race experience my competitors had. When putting yourself on a start line at this level you must firstly be 100% fit and sharp or you will be found out very quickly. Secondly you must be able to read the race and know when to hold back and when to move on; this was what I lacked on this occasion. I was informed afterwards that I had a faster last 400m than anyone else in the race, small consolation but a lesson learned at the same time. You definitely learn more from the bad races.

What’s next for me? I’ll be putting another good training block in over the next 2 weeks which takes me to my teams indoor conference championship. “Conference” is basically a group of universities that compete in the same league. This event will be held in Birmingham Alabama! An area where you aren’t allowed to leave the complex car park for safety reasons; similar to the Emirates I guess. Anyway, this will be the last indoor event of my season and I’ll be doubling in the 5000m and 3000m on consecutive days… Ice baths and calf massages will be essential!

Once indoors is done the aim will be to open up my outdoor season with a fast 10,000m in California at the start of April but I’ll update before then.

Very notable shoutout: Mr Neil Gourley. Neil ran another sub 4 mile at this event in a tactically perfect race. Staying at the back in the very fast early laps he moved through strongly to take second place in a quality field. Nice to bump into a fellow GNAAC athlete over here!

My teammate Marc continued to excel with a 13.37 5k, getting pipped to the line by… Neil’s teammate. Both on track to make strong Olympic bids this summer.

Anyway! I’ve rambled enough and killed at least a little time. I am following everything that is in  Dudley’s training group and continue to be impressed!

If you have any questions, fire away.

Over and out.


Thanks Luke for the blog. We’re thinking then it was  only 9 hours to Tulsa  , not the 24.

Well done to both our US based  talents Neil and Luke !!

Neil’s Indoor Mile times taking him way up the Scottish and UK All timers list

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