FIRST UP Clark Marshall – athlete whose dad Chris was Team Manager [ Coach in the making ]

An early start for everyone to what turned out to be a great day at Super Teams at the Emirates Arena. Lots of young athletes from many clubs ready to compete, some came from as far as some of the Scottish islands the day before. Giffnock North were sitting in their usual spot at the end of the first bend with their banner up and taking up most of a section. There was a great turnout of athletes ready to try their hardest and luckily everyone remembered their vests. We had entered 3 teams of boys and 3 girls, it was a shame we couldn’t have more as Giffnock is so lucky to have so many strong athletes at this age group.

There was an amazing atmosphere throughout the day. Families, coaches giving lots of support to the athletes and really pushing them. We definitely had the loudest support of any team. All the athletes got on really well and definitely made some new friends. Everyone was saying well done when comparing results and congratulating each other on their performance.
All in all Giffnock looked to do really well and so it proved

My Team Giffnock Boys B

In my team were Euan Menzies , Fergus Ramsay , Gordon Wylie and me. We were doing 60m first, we had three second place finishes and a third and our heats looked to be some of the fastest. Next was the 4 x 200m, Fergus got us off to a smashing start on the first leg, there was a bit of a problem with the handover to me with one of the officials getting in the way but he was just trying his best to get everyone organised for the handover. I caught up with 1st and got us in a good position. Euan then got us into 1st but Gordon was just overtaken to finish second but still a great effort. With everyone giving it their all we were really pleased at the finish.
Long jump looked really good in comparison to the other teams in our section with every jump counting, Gordon and Clark (me) with the longest jumps in the team, both with 3.44.
We finished the day with shot putt with all of the team doing their best and secret weapon Euan throwing further than the hulk could with some massive throws.
Fabulous performance from the boys B team with everyone trying his or her very hardest and having great fun throughout.

Eve Denholm
[Iona’s big Sister and Assistant Team Manager ]

The GIRLS B team was off to a great start with the long jump with all four members of the team being consistent. Abbie Linden started off with an excellent jump and the team followed on. Next was the 60m with all the girls coming in the top three of their race. Iona Denholm had a great run with a new P.B. After a quick break came a great performance with the Relay, with Grace Robertson running the anchor leg to bring the team home for first in their heat. Last up was the shot putt where Jennifer Dallas put in a great throw for the team.

Paul MacConnell -Team Manager [and much more ]

Team C Girls.

An early start, a few yawns – the life of athletes and their families!

Jasmin Scott , Isla Scott, Olivia Schenini and Caroline MacConnell had a fantastic day representing Giffnock North valiantly supported by Philippa Mac Connell our team reserve and mascot.

Jasmin loved the Shot Putt achieving a personal best, Caroline loved running a very strong 3rd leg in a 4 by 200m. Olivia ran a very fast 60m, as did Isla. Will Isla achieve an U11 club record? Big thanks to Chris for supporting our long jump preparations.

Lots of fun and enthusiasm throughout the whole day exemplifying a very strong team spirit.

Congratulations to all our athletes today on their great performances. You are a credit to yourselves, your families and the club as Scottish Athletics often say.

Well done everyone !

Gerry Duggan Team Manager and soon to be Coach

The Boys Team C had a great day at the Super Teams with a “High 5” ritual before every event (we even got a “High 5” off the 60m officials!) Our morning was very busy with Long Jump, Shot Putt and 60m in rapid succession and all before 12 o’clock. We didn’t even have time for a toilet break! Our favourites events were: Hugh Shiels – Shot Putt, Adam Inglis – Long Jump, Liam Duggan and Jamie Johnson – 60m. We finished the day with a hard fought relay. Adam led us off, Hugh did a great overtaking move after the lane break, Jamie was the blocking King in the third leg and Liam brought the baton home. Well done to all the boys who put in a great effort throughout a long, but thoroughly enjoyable day. Most of us are looking forward to competing again next year.

By Niamh Smith and Lara Sturgeon -Athletes

Giffnock North A team, Niamh Smith, Marie Rose Cairns, Alyson Bell and Lara Sturgeon enjoyed taking part in the Super Teams. In the 4×200 relay we got a time of 2.03 mins, which we are all very proud of. We also took part in the 60m, long jump and shot putt, we all felt we gave a good performance worthy of our awesome club.

Jim Paterson -Team Manager
Super Teams
Congratulations to our Boys A Team – Harris Paterson, Marc Capaldi, Mark McCabe and Aiden Flynn. A wonderful day of competition highlighted by a fantastic 1st place in their 4×200 relay with Aiden bringing home the baton with some style! Our next event saw all 4 boys jumping extremely well in the Long Jump with Harris leading the way with a 3.55m jump. Next came the 60m sprint Marc C in great form winning his heat. Our last event was the Shot Putt and here our youngest team member Mark McC was outstanding and gave us our longest throw.
Next came the long anxious wait for the results….over 90 boys and girls teams, 6 hours of competition and 15 bags of Haribos later…… would there be a place for us on the podium….. YES a well earned SILVER MEDAL. Well done boys!!!!!

A good but long day at the Emirates in a well organised event with 96 teams from North Uist to the Borders entered. The full results are on the Scottish Athletics website.

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