Jamie at park training session

Jamie in XC Action

Athlete of the month must surely go to Jamie Sturrock for his outstanding commitment to the team on Sunday 3rd May at the YDL Match at Grangemouth. Not only did Jamie compete in his own event, the 800m , but he also stepped in and volunteered himself for the 1500m when he realised that the coaches had had a call off. Due to another last minute call off Jamie was also needed to participate in the 4 x100 relay.
Jamie is a great example of true team spirit and he understood that the club needed points from every event in order to remain competitive. On occasions like this athletes often have to forego pbs in exchange for points for the club.
Jamie did in fact pb on 1 of his events and the coaches thank him for providing a great model for the younger athletes!

Report by Sara Lang

The coaches at their last meeting opted to highlight this as a both an example of, and a reminder, to athletes selected for the club to compete in league meetings that we need athletes with the esprit de corps of Jamie if we are to pull together and succeed as a club and as a Team. This does not mean that athletes will be called on to do hurdles if they have never negotiated a hurdle in their life nor a steeplechase without experience but to assist where they can. Championships events at District and National level , Open Graded meets & other specialised races are available for athletes to strive for PBs.At Club events, while we will seek to fill every slot, we need and really appreciate this kind of support.

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