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In the light of recent serious issues reported regarding abuse in football and in sport,  the club would draw your attention to the following poster and update from  Jim Goldie at Scottish Athletics. We remind all our Parents, Carers , Coaches Officials, Athletes, Parent Helpers of the need to be alert and raise any concerns which come to your attention. The Welfare Officer for the Club is Ronnie Stevenson available on 0141 632 7107 and email is

The following statement has been circulated to the Welfare Lead and to Club Secretaries but is for the attention of all of us.


“I am writing to both positions, welfare & secretary, to ensure that you have the most up to date information in relation to Child Protection.

Given the recent high profile cases of child abuse with sports clubs in England, mostly football clubs, I would like to remind all clubs that they have a duty of care to ensure that their volunteers are trained and up to speed with new developments in Child protection.

I would like to remind clubs, as a club affiliated to scottishathletics must have the following: –

A Welfare/ Child Protection Officer

The officer has completed Safeguarding and Protecting Children & In Safe Hands workshops

All volunteer coaches have an up to date licence and PVG Disclosure

Coaches should attend the Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop.

Any volunteer that is completing “Regulated Work” has a PVG Disclosure

As best practice, volunteers should be trained in child protection.

Has adopted the UKA Child Protection Policy

Has complete background checks on any new volunteers as part of the recruitment policy.

Scottishathletics will be releasing a news story about how to deal with any claims of abuse, either historic or current. This will assist all volunteers, club and young people in dealing with any issues. This may also result in questions being asked in your club, please ensure that your club is following the best practice guidance set out by scottishathletics, sportscotland and Children’s First.

I have also attached a poster that I would ask every club to print and put up in their club house and on their website. This has been sent out to all clubs previously, apologies if you have already done this. The flowchart will help all club members understand their role and when to pass any concerns onto other agencies.

scottishathletics have also updated the Welfare & Child Protection and Athlete pages on the site to ensure that all members have access to best practice and policies.

The link to the Welfare & Child Protection page is –

Please remember, if you are told about abuse, current or historic, you should refer to the police or social work. You do not need to take on any investigatory role in dealing with disclosures of abuse.

I am hopeful that we do not have any historical cases to deal with and going forward, all clubs follow best practice set out by scottishathletics, sportscotland and children’s First.

Kind Regards

 Jim Goldie

Welfare Lead”