The Club Welfare and Child Protection officer is Ronnie Stevenson.

He has attended the Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshops and the “In Safe Hands” Course.

He can be contacted at and at 0141 632 7107 or 07854 794052 for any urgent matters.

The club adheres to high standards in terms of Child Welfare. Coaches and Parent helpers are subject to the updated Protection of Voluntary Groups (PVG) procedures. They are also encouraged to attend the Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshops and complete the UKA Safeguarding Module.

In relation to policy and procedures within the club, we are bound by the well outlined set of policies and procedures of Scottish Athletics. These policies and procedures can be accessed at the following links.

In relation to the wider general area of establishing and supporting appropriate coach and athlete conduct, the club subscribe to the principles of Positive Coaching Scotland an ethos adopted in many sports. PCS is available online.