We would like to express apologies to all our club members regarding the current situation in relation to club kit.

We realise, this is a massive inconvenience but for the time being, due to circumstances, outwith our control, we are limited in relation to our kit sales. Consequently, for a limited period, we will be ordering only essential items of kit – vests and hoodies.

This is a problem for the Club and not related at all to Migo Sports. If you have any queries it is crucial that you raise these with the club and not with Migo Sports. The problem is not an issue for Migo Sports who have continued to be really helpful to the Club.

As soon as we can arrange it, normal service will be resumed at Migo Sports. We can’t wait and neither can Michael at Migo Sports. In the interim you can purchase club vests and hoodies from Migo Sports.

If you have any additional queries, please raise with Lynda Scott at email address or by mobile at 07756 927460.

Thanks Lynda