‘NORTH TACKLE WEST WITH ZEST. Kilmarnock Field of Dreams, Saturday 12th October

Report from Croy Thomson

THE SUN shone, the rain stayed away and our squads stormed to medals across masters, senior and junior categories at the always hotly contested West District Cross Country Relays in Kilmarnock.
First out of the traps were the Junior Girls and the lightning-fast start by Hazel O’Donoghue set the tone for the rest of the day. Hazel’s team-mates Kirsty Wylie (U15) and Miriam Gilbride (U17) eventually came home sixth, backing up the gritty A team performance of Katy Donnelly, Kate Paul and Zoe Flower, who earned silver behind an impressive Glasgow School of Sport trio.
Suitably inspired, our boys set about the flat(tish), twisting 2.5k grassland challenge – not forgetting the plunge-pool under the railway bridge, the swamp at the cowpatty field gate and the gravel stretch beside the river – and delivered what has to be one of the club’s most memorable results. Craig Shennan, Reuben Macdonald and Harris Paterson raced in for gold faster than the commentator could keep pace with; Alasdair Nugent, Cameron Deverill and Ethan Carolan claimed second in fine style; Oliver Bryers, Alex Robin and Ross O’Brien ran down a strong, local outfit from Kilmarnock Harriers by two seconds to ensure the clean sweep and nine Giffnock North vests on the podium. For good measure our boys’ squads took fifth and seventh places.
In the Senior Damsels’ Dash over 4k (there was a cheeky wee hill on this course, up-down-up-down-again, just to add to the scenic splendour) Rhona Mowat, JIll Smylie and Charlotte McKenna won silver behind a powerhouse Shettleston Harriers trio.

Katy Brown, Holly Still and Lynn McKenna fought their way into third, but ultimately had to settle for fourth a few seconds behind a very good VP Glasgow team.
Our Masters Ladies claimed seventh, with Shona Donnelly leading out Angela Carson and Stephanie Lillie;
Their  male counterparts nailed an excellent bronze with sterling efforts from Graeme Paterson, John O’Donnell, Chris Greenhalgh and Cris Walsh.

A young Senior Mens quartet of Nikolai Gajic, Jack Bell, Calum Young and Andrew Robertson landed a commendable tenth, up against some of the toughest teams in Scotland.

All in all, a tremendous turn out from the club – including over sixty youngsters – with results to match. Let’s also applaud bigly for Oliver Traynor, and his magnificent, gold-medal Empire Biscuits and Chocolate Brownies, what do you mean you didn’t get any, oh that’s a shame I only had three Empires, honest.
Thanks to the organisers and officials, host club Kilmarnock Harriers, the course setters, playlist choosers, the commentator who did a splendid job keeping any sort of track of what was going on, the coaches, parents, fans and the bus driver who provided a door-to-door service for two grateful athletes. Onwards.
Thanks Croy !
Most of these Photos courtesy of Bobby Gavin & Scottish Athletics




WEDNESDAY 27th November 2019

TIME : 7.30pm


All Welcome

Parents & Guardians can attend and will have voting rights if they become Parent Members of the club. More information  will be issued soon.


The George Cummings Relay (Incorporating the Renfrewshire Road Relays) took place today in Houston, Renfrewshire around 2.7 miles of country road. The ladies team of Yvonne McNairn, Francis Lowrie and Jill Smylie took Silver in the Renfrewshire Road Relays and Bronze in the George Cummings Relay. The Men’s Vet team took team Gold with Graeme Paterson, Iain Carroll, Chris Greenhalgh and Crispin Walsh . Well done to all Giffnock North Athletes today!

Full results at this link

http://kilbarchanaac.org.uk/2019/10/05/george-cummings-road-relays-results/Thanks to Yvonne McNairn for Report

Cross Country

A merry band of U11 and U13 athletes made their way to Livingston today to take part in the 1st race of their XC series . This was the 1st Cross Country race for some and they all enjoyed it . The conditions were good but they all said it was a real xc race

Patrick Fraser took the Bronze in the U11s and Cameron Mitchell was 4th.

U13’s at Livingston XC. Charlie McAllister 4th. Great runs too from Martin Rolfe, Ella McWilliams, Isla Munro & Lexi Martin..Well done all the athletes ! Much more to come from all these keen XC runners

Thanks to Coach Andy Munro , for Photos & supporting all the Athletes !









Awards made last night by East Renfrewshire Culture &Leisure Trust to Anne Stewart, Dudley Walker and Rachel Callan.

Many congratulations to all 3 for well deserved rewards in their category.

Anne received the Lifetime Coaching Award , Dudley the Development Coach of the Year Award  and the Young Volunteer of the Year Award went to Rachel.

Happening on the very  same night as Neil Gourley made the 1500m Final at the World Athletics Championships, the club has a lot to celebrate just now and it’s appropriate that those who contribute to the success of our athletes,  week in week out are recognised.

We made other nominations too so maybe next year for them.

Neil travelled to Dubai to the GB Training Camp and before his Walk and Talk with Athletics Weekly,  he responded to a request from the Club to take part in a Q&A. This was held at Eastwood High School​​​ on the evening of 5th September 2019 after the Middle Distance Squad had trained .

Question & Answer with Neil Gourley, Giffnock North AC, Scotland and GB&NI 1500m runner

A thoroughly informative and entertaining Q&A was held at Eastwood High School, Newton Mearns, chaired by Dudley Walker and well attended by athletes and coaches. In a full classroom, Neil gave us the benefit of his middle-distance learning to date; insights into his experiences in training and racing in the UK and USA; tips on dealing with pre and post-race emotions; balancing studies and sports; and much more besides.

Q: What was the start line?
NG: “Age nine at a school fun run I was spotted by one of the teachers who suggested I go along to Giffnock North. At Under 11 I was coached by Clare Stevenson, so really it’s all her fault.”

Q: Did you take part in other sporting activities?
NG: “Yes – football, rugby, table tennis, golf and tennis. A bit of everything, I was naturally competitive … but I wasn’t great at any of them.”

Q: What made you stay in the club?
NG: “Great club culture. Good bunch of competitive guys, coached by Gordon Lockie. I loved cross country, and trying to help the team. And the thing was, the more I worked at it, the better I got. Work was always or nearly always rewarded. I put in the effort and it paid off.”

Q: What was the attraction in cross country?
NG: “When everyone’s on the start line, hundreds of you, at a cross country race, everyone has the same right to be there, trying to win.”

Q: Were you always good?
NG: “I was never the most talented boy. I always had someone to chase and I like that.” (Note – Neil’s training group included Grant Muir, who holds the current Scottish U17 3000m outdoor record of eight minutes 34.06 seconds set in September 2010. Grant, Neil and Jack Walker together hold the Scottish U20 3×800 record of five minutes 47.21 seconds, set in June 2012.)

Q: What’s the most important part of your training?
NG: “The most important contribution to your sport isn’t the training. It’s the time away from the track that counts, for example get eight to ten hours sleep. Have a good snack after sessions – I prefer chocolate milk, for the sugar kick plus protein.”

Q: How did you prioritise among your different sports?
NG: “I saw a potential in myself in running. And I realised I had to eventually drop other sports. It was difficult – my dad is a big rugby fan, so giving that up was difficult. There were big conversations and I was upset at giving up football and rugby. But it had to be done.”

Q: Did you make quick progress in running?
NG: “It was a steady progression. Let’s just say that as an Under 11 I ran a three minute 17 seconds 800m time trial and was mortified at being beaten by the girl from next door. She was ten seconds ahead of me.” (Note: Neil’s results in the National Cross Country Champs are: 2007 26th; 2010 16th; 2011 3rd; 2012 U17 Champion.)

Q: How did you deal with stress?
NG: “Badly! One time I missed selection for a West District team and I cried. It’s a big deal when you’re young, but it’s important to feel nervous, it means you care. Before a race I think about my brother, my parents, & all the people who want you to do well. During the race ,it’s you. You’re  the one who matters .

“If you dwell 24/7 on your sport it’s not helpful. It’s good to have distractions. If you have trained hard and done a lot of work, then that’s all you can do. Don’t dwell on it. Just work out what to do better next time.”

“I have a 24-hour Rule – well, sometimes it’s a 48-hour Rule. The Rule is, after a good race, then I can be as happy as I like for 24/48 hours, then get back to work, that race is over. The same Rule applies when you’ve had a bad race – for a day I can be unhappy, go in a sulk, get upset, but after 24 hours, that’s enough, that’s okay, you care, but ultimately, it’s a waste of time, get back to work. Look forward.”

Q: Who was your inspiration to go to the USA? (Neil took a sports and engineering scholarship at Virginia Tech, for whom he competed over country and track, and indoors. He is now signed with Oregon Track Club.)
NG: “Chris O’Hare. He did it, with no support.” (Note: Chris O’Hare was a stand-out Scottish junior and remains a world-class athlete, based in the US.)

“I sent twenty, fifty, letters to universities in the States. Some didn’t reply, so they were scratched off the list. I looked at the coaches and facilities. Virginia Tech is good for engineering, which I wanted to study. And they were improving as a track and field outfit. NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) experience varies across the US, I sought advice and did a lot of research.

“I was seeking a balance between academics and sport, and the Professors in the US are more understanding than here when it comes to achieving that balance.

“Travel around the States is ridiculously well supported and the US College track and field set-up is phenomenal … funded by American football and basketball.”

“It’s difficult to do the trans-Atlantic competitions. My coach was and is very understanding about letting me adapt preparation for big GB Trials and so on.

Q: Doesn’t the US system demand a lot from its athletes?
NG: “Yes. You’re not just there to train but to compete and earn points for the college team. I was lucky to be given the right kind of support and wasn’t pushed to compete all the time. I was given scope to recover. The NCAA is great for learning how to race tactically in intense situations.”

Q: You were young when you went to the States. How was that experience?
NG: “I was 18 when I went to the US. I had a rocky first year –I had glandular fever and I ran rubbish in cross country – I didn’t know I had glandular fever. But training was going okay and in second year I started to break through.”

Q: How did you cope with studies, plus training and competing?
NG: “I admit it was hell at first, but good to learn the disciplines of time management and working out strategies. Time management is key in balancing studies, training, racing and life. An average sort of day would be:
• Train a.m. before studies
• 4 or 5 classes
• Train p.m.
• Dinner
• Study in the evening
• Sleep – very important, sleep.

Q: 800 or 1500?
NG: “I enjoy the 800 though it hurts more … but my 1500s give better results.”

Q: You still hold the club U15 3k record … oh, hold on … (Note: at this point Reuben Macdonald pointed out that he now holds the Giffnock North AC U15 Boys record, which he took from Ethan Carolan. How times fly.)
NG (laughing): “I was never one of the top guys in the club – be patient, this sport often doesn’t come to you quickly.”

Q: Were you academic as well as sporty?
NG: “I studied quite hard for results. Mostly I was a good boy, quite boring.”

Q: Did you always focus on middle distance and country?
NG: “At under 17 I thought 3k or steeplechase were my events, though I tried a bit of everything. I’d say test your limits on everything. It wasn’t until I was 18 or 19 that I settled on 15s – my ‘chase was a disaster!”

Q: Tell us who you’re running for now – apart from Giffnock North of course.
NG: “I run for Oregon Track Club, based in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Eugene is sometimes called ‘Tracktown’, so that tells you something about the importance of athletics there. I ran a good 1500 and was approached by my now coach Mark Rowland (Olympic bronze steeplechase 1988, still GB men’s record holder in the ‘chase) and by coincidence my college coach at Virginia Tech was moving to OTC. So when the college coach moved, so did I! Eugene is an incredible place to train and the World Championships will be held there in 2021. It’s at sea level, not altitude – and it’s the hay fever capital of the world!”

Q: How do you deal with disappointment?
NG: “The lows make the highs higher. At Glasgow not so long ago, on the morning of the European Indoor Championships 1500 Final, I woke up sick and dizzy … I couldn’t race the final of my favourite event in my home town, in front of a home crowd. Terrible moment, terrible feeling. But the disappointment fuels determination to succeed.

“Never take success for granted, seize your opportunities, you don’t get many.”

Q: You achieved your 1500 metre goal at the recent GB Trials for the Word Championships.
NG: “The GB Trials were also the GB outdoor track championships, so there was a title and medals up for grabs, and a lot of good athletes competing. After the disappointment of the Euros in Glasgow, I worked really hard. Only two automatic selection places were available at the Trials, and I’ve missed out previously, very narrowly, so I worked really hard in training. I was not missing out again if I could help it. And in the GB Final, with 600 metres to go, I knew Josh Kerr would take it out and he’d move well for the last lap. I knew what he’d do and I thought something would open up in the last 100. And it did.” (Neil won the GB 1500 title in three minutes 44.76 seconds, ahead of two other Scots, Josh Kerr and Jake Wightman.)

“You’ve got to have a Plan A, B and C. Stay awake and if possible stay in lane one as much as you can.”
Q: Who will you be rooming with in Doha?
NG: “Ah, well, good question, that’s interesting, because I don’t actually know. The system is you hand in a list of three people you’d like to room with, in order of preference, and the team officials do their best to match you up with them if they can. The thing is, none of those three people may not put you on their lists!

Oh, here’s a tip on an athlete who’ll be in Doha and could do well – Hannah Greene, in the 800. Watch out for her.”

Q: Why is Scottish middle-distance running doing so well at the moment?
NG: “Laura Muir proved it can be done. People here have realised it can be done. With so many good Scots, you know you have to work hard every day.”

Q: How do big races in the US compare against the GB World Trials?
NG: “The relays in the States were a shared experience. Probably those are my favourites, the team ones are more memorable. The GB Trials by contrast are for yourself and your family and friends.”

Q What’s next, after Doha?
NG: “Tokyo 2020 is what I’m gearing up for. The Olympics hold more meaning than even the Worlds.”

Dudley Walker: “Thank you Neil, for taking the time to chat to us. I know everyone at the club will be cheering you on in your efforts in Doha … and beyond!”
NG: “Thank you, everybody, it’s always nice to be able to give something back to the club that got me started and has always given me so much encouragement. One last thing – one of the big secrets in this athletics game is what my coach often tells me: ‘Just keep turning up’.”

In thanking Neil for taking time out from a busy schedule before returning to Oregon, the club and Michael from Migo Sports gave him that most treasured of athletic items: a brand new Giffnock North hoody, presented by U17 distance athlete Zoe Flower.

Many thanks  to Croy Thomson for recording and reporting on this important occasion .

Neil Gourley PBs: 1500m 3:35.95 and 800m 1:46.12. Neil is scheduled to go in the World Championship 1500 heats in Doha, Qatar, 8:00 pm UK time Thursday 3rd October.

For more Background information on Neil see our previous post on his breakthrough Season in 2018 which continued in 2019 to the present date and World Athletics Champs in Doha !



Neil Gourley’s Road to Doha

The Life and Fast Times of a Giffnock North athlete


Season 2018 – Breakthrough

The Times

New 600m PB 1.19.16 (Giffnock North AC club record)

New 800m PB 1.47.04 (3rd in 2018 Scottish rankings; 12th in all time Scottish rankings; 4th in all time Scottish indoor 800m rankings; Giffnock North AC club record)

New 1500m PB 3.35.98 (4th in 2018 Scottish rankings; 7th in Scottish all time rankings; Giffnock North AC club record)

New mile PB 3.57.11 (3rd in 2018 Scottish rankings; 12th in Scottish all time rankings; Giffnock North AC club record)


Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) 800m champion.

Member of the Virginia Tech National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Distance Medley Relay championship winning team. (First national track title for VT.)

British Athletics Championships (including European trials) 3rd place

Athletics World Cup (first senior vest for GB) 3rd place

IAAF Diamond League Anniversary Games 8th place (Diamond League debut)

Scottish Athletics 1500m National Champion (1st senior national championship)

IAAF Diamond League (Emsley Carr Mile) 8th place

Long Island Mile 3rd Place

5th Avenue Mile 3rd place

As can be seen from the above, 2018 was a breakthrough year for Neil. He completed his college running career where he competed for five years for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) by anchoring his DMR team to victory in the NCAA championships. The DMR is a unique event in which the four team members run legs of 1200m, 400m. 800m and one mile. It’s very highly regarded and this was not only the first time that Virginia Tech had won it but was also the first national track title ever secured by the University.

With his outdoor eligibility finished Neil was able to concentrate on achieving the times and places he needed to gain a place in the British team for the European Championships – his biggest target for the season. To do so he had to bring his 1500m PB down from 3.39.92 to under the qualifying standard of 3.37.5 and, to guarantee selection, finish first or second in the trials. Having not managed to achieve the qualifying time in the lead up to the trials he first had to concentrate on placing there.

Scots again dominated the final, taking all the medals, with Neil missing out on the second-place spot and automatic qualifying position by .01 of a second to Jake Wightman, who subsequently went on to win the bronze medal in the Euro Champs. Neil finishing third left the decision up to the selectors even if he managed to secure the qualifying time which he duly did in the exotically named Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, running 3.36.54 on 11 July. The selectors, however decided to pick the athlete who had finished fourth in the trials for the Euro Championships.

Racing back from disappointment

Missing out on Berlin, although a huge disappointment, gave Neil the opportunity to compete in the Scottish Championships where he won his first national title, just holding off a strong challenge from one of the next generation of Scottish middle-distance runners, Sol Sweeney.

Neil was selected to represent GB&NI in the first ever staging of the Athletics World Cup, held in London’s magnificent Olympic Stadium. Neil finished a very creditable third, earning a bronze medal and helping the GB team to an overall third place in the competition.

Neil’s performance also saw him selected to compete in his first Diamond League event which was held just a week later in the same venue. In a world class field, Neil finished eighth, improving his PB to 3.35.98.

Having graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Neil moved to Eugene, Oregon or ‘Tracktown USA’ as it’s known, to join the Oregon Track Club Elite where he is teammates with the likes of Nijel Amos, Hassan Mead and Francine Nyonsaba.

2019: To Glasgow – and Beyond!

At the start of 2019, his first big target for was to qualify for the British Team to compete in the 2019 European Championships being held in Glasgow. With the same selection rules in place the stakes were high, at the British Championships in Birmingham in early February with a top two finish again required to guarantee a place on the team. Neil timed his run perfectly in the final to overtake Elliot Giles to become British 1500m Champion and book his place on the team. The article below from the Oregon Track Club Elite’s website gives some further detail on his season to date.

EUGENE, Ore. – Oregon Track Club Elite’s Neil Gourley couldn’t have asked for a better start to his professional career.

In just five indoor races, the 24-year-old native of Scotland has lowered his indoor personal best in the 1,500 meters by more than six seconds, claimed his first British Indoor national title in that event, and secured a berth in the European Athletics Indoor Championships, March 1-3, in his hometown of Glasgow.

He couldn’t wait to compete on the global stage in front of his most ardent supporters.

“It’s difficult to put into words how special it will be to compete in these Championships in Glasgow,” Gourley said. “It will be my first time competing in a senior international championship, and I have the privilege of doing so on a track I have trained at countless times. I’ll also be running in front of many of my friends and family, so I’m determined to defend the house against Europe’s best milers.”

The former standout at Virginia Tech tuned up for the European Championships by posting an indoor 1,500m PR of 3 minutes, 38.32 seconds at the Muller Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix last Saturday (Feb. 16). He set his previous best of 3:44.76 in winning the 1,500m title at the British Indoor Championships.

Still, Gourley was far from satisfied with his eighth-place performance in an epic indoor race that featured a world record of 3:31.04 by Ethiopia’s Samuel Tefera; the third-fastest time in history by Ethiopian runner-up Yomif Kejelcha at 3:31.58; an Australian national record; and 10 personal bests among the 14 finishers.

“I’m sure at some point I’ll look back on this race and be glad that I was a part of such a historic occasion,” Gourley said.

“But to be completely honest, my initial reaction was that I couldn’t believe that I’d just lost by seven seconds. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that far behind over 1,500m! Time trial style races have never been a strength of mine but I am determined to improve on this and being involved in this level of competition will allow me to do so.”

In March 2019 Neil was just savouring this chance to compete in the Emirates before a home crowd in the GB Euro Team. He qualified for the final with an absolutely commanding performance. He looked, to all those watching, to be in line for a medal before the cruellest of blows as he was struck down with a virus which meant he was unable to take his place in that final. If Neil’s family, friends and supporters from all over were hugely disappointed we could only begin to imagine how Neil felt then and continued to feel subsequently.

It’s the measure of Neil that he returned to his US Training base and track club and settled down to training hard again and set himself the task of qualifying for selection for the GB Team in the 1500m for the World Athletics Champs in September 2019 in Doha.

Having achieved the qualifying time in Seattle in June, he then needed to take 1st or second place at the British Trials in Birmingham on 25th August. This he duly did in a thrilling, sensational win taking the title, gold medal and earning that spot in the company of what must be the most talented band of Scottish 1500m athletes ever. A just reward for years of dedication, commitment, hard work on the track and a huge amount of talent which he modestly seeks to downplay in interviews constantly extolling the virtues and talents of his competitors and their contribution to his success.

The entire body at Giffnock North Athletes, Coaches, Officials Parents and Board salute Neil’s enormous achievements and wish him the very best in Doha. Go Neil!

Important addition

At the British Championships in Birmingham, Neil was presented with a congratulations card from a former British Champion, Bill Nankeville now age 94.

He was the British Champion in the years 1948, 1949,1950 and 1952 right up to Roger Bannister’s historic breaking of the 4 minute mile. It had been intended that Bill would have presented the card in person but he had suffered a fall and was unable to be present. The card was therefore presented on his behalf by Mike Fleet.

Thanks to Bill Nankeville and to Mike Fleet for this historic addition to the recognition of Neil’s success and achievement.

This report is compiled from various sources, but mostly with the input of Neil’s very proud dad Ronnie Gourley. We recognise fully ,as does Neil frequently  in his comments, the input and support required from his parents, his brother Rob, previous coaches at Giffnock North ,especially Gordon Lockie and other supporters over the years which has assisted Neil along with his new back up Team on this journey.




Another succesful weekend (31st Aug-1st Sept.) for Giffnock North athletes competing in Bedford, Grangemouth and Falkland

Reuben collecting his Gold Medal

England Athletics u15/u17 T&F Championships, Bedford

A number of club athletes made the long trek down to Bedford.  Reuben Nairne took the under 17 men’s pole vault title increasing his Scottish record by a further two centimeters with a fantastic leap of 4.72m..  Also under 17,  Murray Fotheringham brought home two medals, a silver in the long jump with a 7.22m performance and a bronze in the high jump, clearing 1.99m.  Other Giffnock performances saw under 17 Finlay Waugh, 5th in the final of the 200m in a time of 21.79. Isla Fotheringham was 8th in pool 2 of the under 15 girls Pole Vault with a club record jump of 2.61m. Zoe Flower came in 7th in the u15 girls 1500m final.

Scottish Mid-Trail Championships

In Falkland, Fife,  Miriam Gilbride gained a National title when she won the under 17 Scottish Mid-Trail Championships in a time of 22.13.
In the under 13 event, Calum Chong was second.  In the Senior Men’s event,  Jordan Orr was 26th, Michael Cross 30th, and Ted Gouley 39th from the 112 finishers.




Scottish Athletics T&F League

At the last match in Grangemouth of the Scottish Men’s League the Giffnock team put in some stella performances to win the match and gain promotion back to Division 1.  The final league points total put us second just one point behind Lasswade.  Maximum points were gained in the Javelin with David Lees throwing 47.37m and Neil Hutchison, 39.51m.  Long jumpers Joseph Connelly and Adam Deverill also put maximum points on the board, jumping 6.60m and 5.57m respectively.  Many thanks to all the athletes, officials and team managers who have supported the team over the season.

Simon Wake Comrie Hill Relays

Giffnock Gals

Congratulations to the Giffnock Gals team of Yvonne McNairne, Jill Smyllie, Allie Chong and Mary McCutcheon who took 2nd place at the Comrie Hill Relays.  The race, run in four stages is 42k long and climbs 2,110m.  It takes place in Laggan Park, Comrie, Perth.

The Club Track & Field Championships took place on Sunday 25th August, which as we had ordered, was a blazing hot day.   Many thanks to all the athletes who supported this club events and made it a successful .    Also, a massive thank you to the organising committee, especially Anne Stewart and Clare Stevenson, the officials, and the army of parent helpers.

Congratulations to the following Club Track & Field Champions –

Download Full Results (Excel)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Copies  of Full Timetables will be in Programmes on Entry.
Pools  for U13 Girls will be posted at the Arena.
Remember the programmes  will have Lucky Numbers for the Prize Draw.

Giffnock North AC Joint Annual Awards Bash
Save the date!!

Our Annual Awards night will take place on Saturday 25th January 2020 at Carmichael Hall, 7.30pm.

Ceilidh band Clamjafrie will be there to entertain and we have a fantastic buffet and bar service.

We have secured this date and venue for the club to have a Joint Awards Night and yes its on Burns Night. Hence the Ceilidh band .

The Junior Xmas Disco will take place at GHA on Friday December 6th for all U11s and U13s where U11 Awards and Star Track Awards will be presented.

All set for Sunday  for Club Champs

Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock

AddressQueen’s Dr, Kilmarnock KA1 3XF

 We will post the Final Timetable here as soon as it is completed . The numbers in some Age Groups require pools to be organised with consequent changes to the Timetable..

Diana Davidson leading on the Catering requesting donations of  Homebaking and wrapped & labelled sandwiches to feed everyone if you can help with that

Lynda  Scott & Tracey  Davie still looking for some donations of Raffle prizes if baking is not up your street

Admission will be by Programme at the entrance gates. As you know we have kept the cost of the Entry fees very low.

There is limited seating and shelter at Kilmarnock and Parents/ Carers  Supporters can bring folding chairs etc & umbrellas although currently the Weather reports look favourable .

U 11 Age Groups will have coaches and parent helpers supporting them on the day.

Declarations will be inside the Arena usually in the Indoor area.  Spike length is 6/7mm and no Christmas tree spikes allowed.The grounds around the track are very wet as a result of recent flooding and the ground staff are unable to cut the Grass as this makes matters worse . For officials and parent Field Helpers you may need your wellies or waterproof shoes.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday . If you missed the Entry date sorry about that . Next year !!

We usually have some more of our Senior athletes supporting the event and presenting AAA Awards for those meeting certain standards in their events. This year however, we will be trying to follow their exploits at the British Championships while Athletes in Kilmarnock are breaking a sweat

Best of luck to all our athletes this weekend!!



Nikki Manson taking a share of the prize money

Following hard on the heels of last weeks u13,15,20 Championships the Senior and Under 17 Track and Field Championships took place at Grangemouth 17th-18th August.

Giffnock athletes were again to the fore taking no less than eleven National Titles in a total medal haul of fifteen. Four of our athletes were double gold medalists.   Fresh from their triumphs last week at under 20 level, under 17’s Alyson Bell and Finlay Waugh both took titles in both 100m and 200m. Reuben Nairne took Pole Vault and 100m Hurdles titles, his hurdles title in a Championship Best Performance of 13.18.  Senior Nikki Mason added the Javelin title to her Saturday High Jump title. Her leap of 1.87m giving her a share of the £2000 prize money at stake having reached the standard set by Scottish Athletics.  There were further titles won by under 17 Rachel Callan in the 300m hurdles, u17 Murray Fotheringham in the long jump and Neil Gouley in the senior 800m.

A full ist of medalists below.

Apologies if we have missed any one, please let us know.

Full results


All photographs courtesy of Bobby Gavin, That One Moment


Entries close today (Friday 16th August) at midnight for the Club Track & Field Championships, so dont delay click on the link below and join the fun.

3 Days to Go ! Countdown  to Club Championships ! Get your entries in now !

The Club Junior Committee are requesting donations of items for the Raffle on the day . Please give to any coaches at training especially John Davie at Sprints and Lynda Scott at Middle Distance .

Diana Davidson leading on the catering is also needing your donations of Home baking and wrapped  labelled sandwiches to feed the officials all the troops the stewards and the spectators. We’ll be extremely grateful for all your help to make the day a success .

Final Timetable and more details and information re arrangements for the day will be posted as soon as we complete the entries .

Any more offers of help with the running of the event on the day to


Thanks everyone!

Murray Fotheringham

Another excellent weekend for Giffnock North athletes at the Scottish u13,u15,u20 Track & Field Championships which took place at Grangemouth over the weekend (11th-12th Aug).  The medal total was 18, 5 of which were Gold.

Two remarkable performances to note were from under 17 athletes competing in the under 20 age group. Firstly Murray Fotheringham jumped a massive 7.21m to take third place in the under 20 long jump, breaking the current Scottish record last set in 1980.

Alyson Bell, also an under 17 took the under 20 100m title in a time of 12.22.  Massive congratulations to both athletes.

Rachel Callan, also an under 17 took a silver medal in the under 20 400m Hurdles.

Many congratulations to all who competed in the Giffnock vest at these championships.

All photographs courtesy of Bobby Gavin, That One Moment


A full list of medalists is detailed below.

After a slow start Giffnock North AC’s under13/15 team finished a very good second to Edinburgh at the Lower YDL final at Grangemouth on the 4 August at Grangemouth stadium. At the start of the match the weather seemed fine in fact it was almost perfect conditions for athletics however the forecast wasn’t great and true to form the weather broke at about 14.15 just as the 100m events were finishing. The heaven’s opened along with thunder & lightening so the match was halted for 10 minutes and then extended to minutes.  As the rain had appeared to have stopped the competition restarted with the U13 girls 1200m’s and all those who competed are to be commended for their efforts. No sooner had the race started and the heaven’s opened again and the rain was torrential but all the girls stuck to the task in hand and the whole of those in the stand applaud every single competitor throughout the whole race. Not surprisingly as soon as they finished the match was halted again.

It was a difficult decision for the event organizer but after a further lengthy delay and meeting of all team manager’s it was agreed the 1500m events would go ahead but as the outside lanes were flooded the longer sprint events & relays would be canceled and one of the two remaining field events, the U13 girls high would be held indoors. All our athletes gave their all and a full set of results is attached but some of the highlight’s are as follows;

U13 Girls HJ Cara Weir was equal 1st in the A string with a height of 1.45 ably backed up by Cara Slater who won the B string with 1.40m. Katy Donnelly had a fine win in the 1200m with a time of 4.05.61 despite the horrendous conditions. The U13 boys were not to be outdone by the girls and Ryan Davie & Ellis Nairne both finished second A & B with each clearing a height of 1.40. In the distance events Craig Shennan & Jack Wallace both won their respect 800m races in times of 2.18.29 & 2.28.10 and Alastair Nugent was second in the A 1500m with a time of 4.51.48 with  Oliver Bryers 1st in the B string with 4.55.80. In the U15 girls Angelica Mayer finished 2nd in the A string of the 100 & 200m’s with times of 13.15 & 26.75. In the distance events Isla Scott was 2nd in the A 800m with a time of 2.27. 43 & in the B string, Kirsty Wylie was 3rd with 2.36.01. In the 1500m’s Hannah Ryding was 1st A in 4.48.06 & Kate Paul finished second in the B string with 5.05.56. Rachel Miler had a fine run in the B string hurdles finishing in a time of 14.47. Imogen Maher set a new club record and finished 3rd in the hammer with a distance of 26.04. In theU15 boys Ross Gourley did very well winning the A string of the hurdles with a time 13.68. Mark Herbert-Ruiz won the pole vault with a height of 2.40m. In the distance events both Reuben MacDonald & Michael Nolan won their respective 1500m races in times of 4.22.97 & 4.53.15.

All in all, it was a very great team effort in very difficult weather conditions.


Report by Billy Glasgow


Giffnock’s U 17 team were the worthy winners of the Scottish U17 Youth Development League Trophy in an event that at times looked more like a swimming gala than a Track and Field event.

In a stunning display, Giffnock’s U17s were first in 12 out of the 20 events and finished Top 3 in 18 out of the twenty events.
The meeting, on Sunday 4rth August, got off to a marvellous (and dry) start with three victories in the hurdles. Rachel Callen took the prize for the girls and Rueben Nairne and Murray Fotheringham secured first place in both the A and B event, each setting new PBs in the process.
In the boys LJ, Murray Fotheringham sailed to his best outdoor distance this season for first in the A event and sprinter Khaliq Kelani showed hidden LJ abilities to secure the B event.

We nearly had a clean sweep in the 200m too. Alyson Bell, Katie Foss and Finlay Waugh landed wins, and in a very close race Khaliq Kelani come home second.

The 800m was the first of two middle distance events. Jacob Luc was third in the Boys A race and Harris Paterson had a brilliant win in the B race, setting a new PB in the process. Not to be outdone Zoe Flowers and Abbey Thomson both set PBs coming fourth and second in their respective races.

At this point the meeting switched sports and turned into a swimming gala. Alyson Bell (1st) and Caroline McConnell (2nd) both ran their 100m races just as the rain started. You might want to check the best Action Sports WA a passionate group of sports enthusiasts. But when Finlay Waugh and Khaliq Kelani took to the track for their short sprint, the heavens opened, and the boys could have done with a set of flippers and aqualungs. Despite the atrocious weather, both boys secured A and B victories.
With a full-scale monsoon unleashed on Grangemouth, the meeting was suspended while the officials considered if it was safe to continue in such dangerous conditions. Could an athlete be struck by lighting while carrying a metal relay baton? Was the athlete at the tail of the 1500m pack at risk of a shark attack?

After a pause in events the torrent relented a little. It was decided that the 1500m races would proceed and the girls LJ would move indoors. Alas, the relays had to be cancelled. This was a blow because at Giffnock we LOVE relays. (Don’t forget to mark your diary for Sunday 15th Sept – National Relays at Pitreavie).
Bravely, our 1500m athletes took to the track. Despite the conditions, Julia Cash won the A race in a time that was just a fraction outside her PB (how did you do that?) and Emma Chamberlain mopped up third place in the B race. For the boys, Ethan Carolan ran away with the A race and Tom Stewart set a new PB coming 2nd in the B race (in those conditions, wow!).

The final event of the day was the girls Long Jump, which followed the Top 3 theme with Rachel Callen securing victory and Lauren Agnew 3rd place in their respective A and B events.

After some rapid adding up by the officials (although the result was never in doubt), Alyson Bell and Khaliq Kelani accepted the U17 challenge trophy on behalf of the team.

So well done to all our U17 team. It was an outstanding team, with an outstanding set of performances.
While we all congratulate ourselves on such a brilliant result, it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of the officials who run these events. Colin Saxby, Garry Paterson, Graham Dunn, Neil Deerey, Danny O’Donnell, Catriona Gourley and Anne Stewart were Giffnock’s designated officials on the day and they had to cope with horrendous conditions and an ever changing schedule. We are grateful for your support and contribution to this great event.

Let’s hope the U17’s can take this victory forward into the National Champs in the coming weeks.
(NB we have advised the YDL admin team that the boys LJ results need to be amended to show the Murray’s winning jump was 6.95m).

Report from Gerry Duggan

Results attached are unscrutinised as yet

Download (PDF, Unknown)

A reminder that the Club Track & Field Championships take place at the Ayrshire Arena, Kilmarnock on Sunday 25th August.

Entries close on the 16th August. Please get you entries in as early as possible.

You can download a provisional timetable below.  Please note this will probably change once we have your entries, so check back for the final version.

Enter here


Download (PDF, Unknown)

Europen Under 20 Championships, Boras, Sweden

The Scottish contingent of the British team

A massive well done to the three Giffnock North athletes competing for GB at the under 20 European Championships in Sweden at the weekend. Alessandro Schenini qualified for the long jump final and finished in 11th place just one place below compatriot Stephen Mackenzie. Erin Wallace easily qualified for her 1500m final in a slow second heat. In Sunday’s final Erin was placed 7th. Fraser Angus competing as part of the men’s 4x100m team was unlucky not to get a medal as the team was edged into second place by Germany, but were later disqualified for a change over violation.

Scottish Athletics Report

Full Results

Scottish Men’s T&F League, Aberdeen

Donald McLean

Despite wholescale withdrawals and numerous changes to our team on the day and not filling 10 team slots we managed to finish in runner up position on the day and are now in second place overall with the final match to come on 31st.August in Grangemouth.

Giffnock got woff to a flyer in the opening event of the day in the high jump where David Smith only started jumping after everyone else had bowed out. He won the competition with a leap of 2.10m.  Nassir Salim heading the B event with a leap of 1.85m.

In the short sprints Scott Wylie and Kyle McLean shared the spoils with Scott winning the 100 and Kyle taking the tape in the 200m. They followed each other home to take maximum points for the club.

In the 400m Ross Veitch took 4th in the A race with Eoghan O’Donnell placing first in the B race. The 800s saw superb efforts from Eoghan and Donald Mclean gather very valuable points for the Giffnock cause.

Blayne Wright, still suffering from jet lag following his recent transatlantic trip and Kian McConville were our men in the 1500m event and both worked their socks off to add to the club points total.

The 5000m proved a real test for our distance guys, Andrew Love and Kieran Killen had very warm conditions to contend with in the 5000m but they both stuck to their tasks to augment the points tally.

Duddley Walker & Philip Hutchison doing a bit of gardening in the long jump pit.

Nick Boyle just offered a wry smile when asked to race 3K over a few barriers and some water jumps. Massive applause to Nick who performed with style.

In the field Neil Hutchison was our main man as he worked his socks off in the Long jump,Shot and Discus.

I can’t compliment the boys enough with their fantastic attitude and willingness to do their very best for the club. With one match to come at Grangemouth on 31st.August we must turn our the numbers and the quality to ensure we achieve promotion to Division 1.

Report by Dudley Walker

Run the Blades Half Marathon

Many congratulations to Jill Smyllie who took second place at the Run the Blades Half Marathon, which took place at Europes largest onshore wind farm, Whitelee Wind Farm near Eaglesham.  Jill came home in a time of 1.30.12 behind winner Olympian, Freya Ross.

It was a great trip to Gothenburg and a fantastic opportunity for the young athletes of Giffnock North A.C. to compete in the very impressive Ullevi stadium. We headed off to Glasgow airport on Thursday the 27 June at approximately 9.15 for our fight to Heathrow. Unfortunately, there was a slight delay in taking off and we then had a delay in landing so it meant we only had about half an hour in the terminal before heading to the gate for our onward flight from Heathrow to Gothenburg.

On arrival at Gothenburg airport we collected all our bag’s and boarded the bus for the half hour trip into the city center where we quickly located our hotel and after checking everyone in, we headed to the restaurant for our evening meal, then a bit of relaxation before heading off to bed as the competition started early on Friday morning. Those athletes who were not competing on the

Friday either went on a boat trip around the canals & harbour or went to the very good theme park, which was only a 10-minute walk from the stadium. As you can imagine these trips proved very successful with both athletes and coaches alike and were replicated on the Saturday & Sunday so that all the athletes had a bit of relaxation when not competing.

While in Gothenburg we were also blessed with good sunny weather over the three days. Which was ideal for the sprinters but not so pleasant for those running over 800m’s as it was very hot at times. There was a lot of laughs along the way and everyone seemed to have a great time. However, when it came to competing the athletes really raised their game and gave it their all, (despite a few nerves) and the foregoing reflects just how successful they were. The team spirit was also great to witness as the athletes really got right behind one another when they were competing and I’m sure their encouragement was greatly appreciated by those who were competing.


It was a very well planned and organized trip and a huge vote of thanks is due to Jackie Alexander, the organizing & sponsorship committees, Pia Kilpatrick and all the coaches who put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the kids had a lot of laughs, and a lasting experience but also ensured they were able to perform at their very best when it came to competing. The athletes were also a great credit to the club and their parents.


Medal Winners Göteborg, Ullevi 28/6 – 30/6

Angelica Mayer U15 60m   1st 7.87 PB New Club Record 29/6
Angelica Mayer U15 200m 1st 26.06 PB 30/6
Alyson Bell U17 100m 2nd 11.90 PB New Club Record Ranked No1 uk.
Alyson Bell U17 200m 2nd 24.54 PB  New Club Record Ranked 2nd uk
Harris Paterson U15 800m 2nd 2.03.14 29/6
Harris Paterson U15 2000m 2nd 5.51.67n PB New Club Record 30/6
Finlay Waugh U17 200m 3rd 22.02 PB 30/6
Katie Foss U17 400m 3rd  57.53 29/6
Ross O’Brien U15 2000m 3rd 5.52.10 PB 30/6


Further Giffnock North AC Club Records

Brooke Moran U17 80m 10.80 PB New Club Record Göteborg, Ullevi 29/6

Frankie Bradley U15 60m 8.31 PB New Club Record Göteborg, Ullevi 29/6

In total 29 athletes achieved PB’s with 14 of them actually each obtaining 2 PB’s for their two events. A full set of results are also available at http://trackandfield.se/resultat/2019/190629.htm

Report by Billy Glasgow

Check out photos from Friday nights GAA Sprint Gala.

All photographs by Graham Dunn

So while our athletes are competing all over the place it seems this weekend – Sweden/ Gothenburg Germany / Mannheim,East Kilbride/  Caldergen Trail Race/ CSSAL John Wright Centre , Scotstoun Sprint Gala and Team Glasgow competing South of the border we bring you another  alert for the Club Track & Field Championships !!!

DATE is Sunday 25th AUGUST
VENUE is Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock
TIME is 10.00 Am to 4.00pm Aprox
Hope you have it in the Diary already
All ages — U11s to Seniors and Veterans or do you prefer being called Masters
Allie Chong says she would “not ever miss taking part in the Club Champs”
you can Run [ Enter a Sprint and a Distance Event ] Jump and Throw with the best
If you can’t enter as a competitor we need your help to run the event successfully
Anne Stewart and Doleen Galbraith organising the officials
Graham Dunn sorting the online Entries which will be available soon
Great catering as usual with Diana Davidson leading the charge this time around
Dudley Walker’s impeccable announcing.Lynda Scott and Tracey Davie plus  doing their usual much appreciated efforts.

Come and be part of a great club day taking part or supporting the athletes
Offers now to c.stevenson@giffnocknorth.co.uk

As our athletes arrive to compete at  The World Youth Games, in Gothenburg  Sweden,I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in pulling this together. I’m sure you will all agree that this is an amazing opportunity and a fantastic experience for them to compete at an international event.

Firstly our 2 amazing coaches, Jackie Alexander & Sara Lang who have run around like headless chickens for the past year organising the whole trip and also heading out to Gothenburg with the Team. I now know why it’s only organised every 2 years !!  Also to the other Coaches/Leaders, Billy Glasgow, Symon Lipp, Gerry Duggan, Duncan Robertson, Jim Coyle, Pia Kirkpatrick & Colin Saxby, for giving up their free time and using annual leave to head out to Gothenburg.  I’m sure they will all be invaluable in supporting our athletes out there.

To our main kit sponsors for providing our 41 athletes and 9 coaches with:
3/4 zip outer tops  –  Executive Benefits Consultancy
3 T-shirt’s. –  Thomson Residential Lettings
T-shirt.  –   Scotec Lifts Ltd
And grateful thanks also to Michael at Migo Sports our Kit Supplier for all his help and input .
We were also able to provide all our coaches and athletes with rucksacks, holdalls & spending money with the help of James Turnbull Photography, Murray TV, Waitrose Community Matters, Trish McGregor’s Calamity Jane Sing Along, and David Marks at Entertainment Tonight, Racenightsuk.  I would never have been able to pull the race night off without all of Davids advice and help which raised an astonishing £1,600.  

To Brian McGowan, John the bus driver and all at Whitestar Coaches for sponsoring us and providing free transport to the airport.

To Tanya Cooper at Thomas Cook for arranging a preferential currency exchange rate.

To Derek Young at hdc for designing and compiling a memories book on the athletes return which they will be able to cherish for years to come.

Last but not least to all the parents and businesses for providing us with amazing  prizes for the raffle which was held at our race night –  IBIS Styles, Quiz Clothing, GB Kit kindly donated by Erin Wallace, Sartis, CATCH, Eaglesham Hotel, Pollok House, Distinction Spa, Ash Hair Salon, Sainsbury’s, The Salon, Giffnock Dry Cleaners, Gifted, Abientot and the many donated bottles of whiskey, champagne, rum, wine etc which were greatly received by the winning ticket holders.

I’m sure each and everyone of our athletes appreciate how much effort, fundraising and organising went into this trip. Hopefully there will be plenty of news over the next few days of the achievements, PB’s, medals etc but most importantly I hope each and every athlete thoroughly enjoys the whole experience gaining a little confidence and wisdom along the way.

Thank you for all your help in this fundraising Venture.
My Job is Done!!

Sharon Veitch
Gothenburg Fundraising Committee
On behalf of all the Coaches , Committee and club as a whole , our grateful thanks to Sharon for the role she has played in a fantastic Fundraising effort .

(read more…)

Giffnock’s Men Denied Top Spot…by a Toaster!

Finlay Waugh

Giffnock’s Men put in an awesome effort on Sunday to secure second spot in Scottish League Division 2 at Grangemouth, our highest position in years.

We had brilliant league debuts from our U17 Speed King Finlay Waugh, 1-lap expert Kyle Alexander, High-Jumper Nassor Salim, sprinter Russell Lawson and Blayne Wright, who seems to set a PB every time he sets foot on the track. There was also a welcome return to the League Team for Andrew Love (nice 1500 PB) and Nicola Gajic with a brilliant victory following long term injury.

Teeth-grittingly gutsy runs came from Jack “28 laps” Bell and Colin “bring your step-ladders” Wylie in the Steeplechase. And we had the usual absolute rock solid performances from our  regulars – Ethan Carolan, Eoghan O’Donnell sneeking in a 400m PB before his Gothenburg trip, Neil Hutchison busy all day in the field and Calum William so close to a sub- 11s 100m.

As league event are all about the points, the Giffnock North man-of-the-match by a country-1500m was Donald MacLean. Expecting only to run as a guest in the 800m, due to injuries, Donald found himself promoted to the 800M B race, catapulted into both horizontal jumps and thrust into the 4×100 relay. Without plugging these gaps, we would have been pushed into third place. Well done Donald!

And the Toaster? In a bizarre Saturday night culinary catastrophe, pole-vaulter Fraser O’Rourke managed to toast his hand, not the bread and regrettably had to withdraw before the competition started. If Fraser had been able to vault, his points would have leap-frogged into first place. Next time just have a piece and jam.

A big thank you to Danny O’Donnell, Anne Stewart and Philip Hutchison, our officials, who had to put up with 4 seasons in 1 hour.

While this was Giffnock’s best performance in years, and the team had a ball…. I want us to do better, and I need your help. We had a great turnout on Sunday, but we still didn’t fill every team slot. We need more steeplechasers and 10,000 metre runners, and we could do with more guest runners in all the events to give us cover when injury strikes on the day. Donald is an excellent example of how a guest can save the day. So look out for the call-up call emails for Match 3 (21st  July) and Match 4 (31st Aug), and we’ll hoover up every point get Giffnock promoted  back into Division 1 where we belong.

Gerry Duggan, Men’s League Team Manager

Congratulations to the following Giffnock North athletes who all won medals at the recent Scottish Schools Track & Field Championships.  Apologies in advance if we have missied anyone.

Scottish Schools GNAC Medal winners

Girls 75 Metre Hurdles Girls D

2 Emily Watson Mearns Castle HS 12.43

Girls 800 Metre Girls C Final

3 Isla Scott 14 St Ninian’s 2:24.21B

Girls Pole Vault Girls C

1 Isla Fotheringham Glasgow Academy 2.60m  New Club Record

Girls 100 Metre Girls B Final

1 Alyson Bell 15 Eastwood HS 12.30B winning the George Aithie trophy for her Outstanding performance.

Girls 200 Metre Girls B

1 Alyson Bell Eastwood HS 24.56 New Club Record

Girls 300 Metre Girls B

1 Katie Foss 16 Biggar HS 41.08B

Girls B 1500m Steeplechase

2 Helen Chong Eastwood HS 5.31.85

Girls 3000 Metre Girls B

Section 1 1 Julia Cash 15 Hutchesons’ 10:15.29B

Girls 1500 Metre Girls A

3 Clare Wallace 17 Eastwood HS 5:11.80

Girls Shot Putt Girls A

2 Ellie Lonergan-Black 17 Hutchesons’ 9.95mB

Boys 80 Metre Hurdles Boys D

1 Daniel Martin St Aloysius College 12.23

Boys 1500 Metre Boys C

2 Reuben Macdonald Hillpark Sec 4:20.60

Boys 100 Metre Boys B

1 Finlay Waugh 16 Annan Academy 11.25B

Boys 200 Metre Boys B

1 Finlay Waugh Annan Academy 22.29

Boys 1500 Metre Boys B

3 Harris Paterson 15 Mearns Castle HS 4:13.06

Boys 3000 Metre Boys B

2 Ethan Carolan 16 Shawlands Academy 9:23.52

Boys 100 Metre Hurdles Boys B

1 Reuben Nairne 16 Williamwood HS 13.83B

Boys Pole Vault Boys B

1 Reuben Nairne Williamwood HS 4.05m

Boys High Jump Boys B

1 Murray Fotheringham 16 Glasgow Academy 1.90mB

Boys Long Jump Boys B

2 Murray Fotheringham Glasgow Academy 6.36m -0.3

Boys 3000 Metre Boys A

3 Ben Shaw 18 Mearns Castle HS 8:58.59.


Report by Croy Thomson

Ian Reid, Cambuslang Harrier

THE EVER POPULAR Giffnock North AC Festival of Running returned for its 27th edition in leafy Rouken Glen Park last Thursday, and in almost perfect weather 527 entrants completed the testing 10k event. Cambuslang Harriers’ Iain Reid was first home, claiming a fourth victory in a row in a rapid 33 minutes and 15 seconds, ahead of unattached U20 runner Keiran Cooper and Cambuslang team-mate Michael Healy.

First Giffnock North runner over the line was Niall Fraser in fourth overall. With the two Cambuslang men ahead of him being veterans over 40, Fraser duly claimed the Senior Men’s crown and led clubmates Michael Cross and Ruairidh Maclean to the senior men’s team award for the host club.

First female was Rhona Mowatt in a commendable 39 minutes and three seconds, the Giffnock North teenager and international hill runner taking the U20 prize into the bargain. First Senior Lady was Amy Ritchie of Glasgow Triathlon Club in second place overall, followed by Migo Sports’ Jenny Brown. We were honoured to have GB Olympian Lee McConnell starting the early-evening Primary School races and awarding prizes in the Secondary School Races in the sunshine.

Hillpark Secondary claim the £500 Charity cheque

The “To The Pond and Beyond” 2.5k charity races for secondary school students attracted well over 100 runners, all vying for the £500 cheque for the school with most finishers, the money going to the charity of the school’s choice. Hillpark Secondary were triumphant, lining up more than half the starters, including the winner of the boys’ race, Reuben Macdonald. St Ninian’s High School’s Esme Dougall won the girls’ race.

A Hillpark Secondary spokesperson said, “Many thanks to Giffnock North for organising this event, the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly and are delighted to put the £500 towards our efforts for charity work in Malawi.”


The start of the Rouken Glen 10k 2019

For Giffnock North AC a spokesperson said, “Hats off to all the runners – 527 finishers is one of our best ever totals in the 10k, and the schools charity turn-out sets a great new standard too. Thanks go to our major sponsors Specsavers and C Hanlon, and to our hard-working officials and volunteers, and the ever-helpful East Ren Parks Department, without whom this event could not happ

Full results


Some photographs fromThursday evening courtesy of Alan Stewart.

Report by James Turnbull

Success at u12s 4xFun Invitational

Giffnock North had a 30 strong squad of athletes competing in the second annual tri-club invitational event hosted this year by our friends at Kilbarchan AC.
4 girls teams and 3 boys teams took part in 4 events (75m, Long Jump, Javelin and 4x100m Relay).
This event is the first opportunity for some of our younger athletes to experience competition in a relaxed setting and despite the miserable bank holiday weekend weather there were lots of smiling faces to brighten the day.

Gold was taken by our girls team of Leilani Spelman Ikedashi,Maya Johnson,Isla Ross and Hannah Turnbull and our boys teams of Alfie Bradley,Oliver Bryers,Max McKie,Martin Rolfe achieved the gold team prize with silver medals for Daniel Cree, Keiran Mahindru, Aaron Reid & Mathew Snowden.

Congratulations to all who took part!

Many,many thanks to Margaret Ann McLachlan, Jeni Thomson, the entire team at Kilbarchan AAC, & Janice Hendrie from Inverclyde for organising this great competition and of course our Coach team led by James Turnbull,of Gillian Pollock, Patricia Gallagher, Caroline Bradley and parent helpers.

Alessandro Schenini

Fraser Angus

Adam Clayton

Report from Ryan McAllister
Sunday 19th May saw the annual Loughborough International Athletics Meeting take place, where teams from England, Wales, Loughborough, GB Juniors, British Universities and Scotland compete against one another. This year, Giffnock North had three athletes selected to compete. Alessandro Schenini gained selection for GB Juniors whilst Fraser Angus and Adam Clayton both gained selection for the Scotland team.

In his first competition of the outdoor season, Alessandro remained calm and composed to jump 7.37m; his best outdoor jump to date. This was an excellent start to the season for Alessandro and sets himself up well for the season ahead. This was all the more positive following Alessandro’s hamstring tear at the end of the indoor season. A dramatic conclusion to the 4x200m indoor relay at the British University Championships saw Alessandro claim the silver medal for Strathclyde University tearing his hamstring with 15m to go. Following successful rehab, prescribed by physio Eilidh Dorrian (a former Giffnock North athlete), this past weekend’s performance shows that he is back on form.

Alessandro’s two training partners; Fraser Angus and Adam Clayton started their day off competing in the 4x100m relay for Scotland. As members of the 2022 Commonwealth Development squad, the two athletes competed on legs 1 and 2 positioning the Scottish team in the mix at the end of the changeover of leg 2. The team finished a respectable fourth place, which builds momentum looking towards relay races later in the season. Following the relay, both athletes competed in the 100m races where, coincidently, they both ran 10.76 in different races.

The three athletes now have their sights fixed firmly on the England Championships in Bedford at the end of June where they will all look to gain selection for the European Junior Championships which take place in July.
Photos courtesy of Bobby Gavin, can be seen of the athletes in action.

Apologies for the delay in posting this and well done to Alessandro Adam and Fraser, all members of Ryan’s Training squad.

Report and request from Sharon Veitch. Get your tickets now

🇸🇪Youth Games🇸🇪
🇸🇪Gothenburg, Sweden 🇸🇪

Thank you everyone for supporting us through Waitrose Matters Scheme. We collected enough tokens to raise £190 which we will receive a cheque for in the next few weeks.
Additionally we have succeeded in gaining a few major sponsors resulting in us being able to provide all 41 athletes and 9 coaches with 1/4 Zip outer top and 4 T-shirt’s all displaying sponsor logos for the upcoming trip.
The last push for fundraising is a Charity Race Night at the GHA.
We will also be holding a raffle on the night with some fantastic prizes including lunch vouchers, shopping vouchers, spa treatments, overnight hotel stay and even some Erin Wallace GB Kit up for grabs!!

If you would like to buy a ticket and support our athletes in this amazing opportunity to compete at an international event please contact me at
Your support is much appreciated.
Sharon Veitch
Gothenburg Fundraising Committee.

The West District Track & Field Championships took place over the weekend with the Juniors competing at Klmarnock and the under 20’s and Seniors at Grangemouth.  Giffnock North athletes brought home a massive haul of some 50 medals by my calculations.  Congratulations to all who wore the Giffnock Vest.  Below a list of medalists, apologies in advance if I have missed anyone.  Any errors/omissions, please email Graham Dunn


Gold Medals Amber Wade u13G 800m
Ryan Davie u13B High Jump
Felix Chan u13B 100m
Craig Shennan u13B 800m
Isla Fotheringham u15G Pole Vault
Hannah Ryding u15G 1500m
Angelica Mayer u15G 100m
Daniel Martin u15B Pole Vault
Daniel Martin u15B 80m Hurdles
Alyson Bell u17W 100m
Alyson Bell u17W 200m
Katie Foss u17W 300m
Racel Callan u17W 300m Hurdles
Reuben Nairne u17M 100m Hurdles
Murray Fotheringham u17M Discus
Finlay Waugh u17M 100m
Finlay Waugh u17M 200m
Sam Young (?) u20M High Jump
Rachel Alexander Sen. Women Long Jump
Nikki Manson Sen. Women Javelin
Silver Medals Katy Donnelly u13G 1200m
  Cara Weir u13G High Jump
  Ryan Davie u13B Long Jump
  Jack Wallace u13B 800m
  Isla Scott u15G 800m
  Angelica Mayer u15G 200m
  Angelica Mayer u15G Long Jump
  Reuben MacDonald u15B 1500m
  Mark Herbert-Ruiz u15B Pole Vault
  Ross Gourlay u15B 80m Hurdles
  Katie Foss u17G 200m
  Zoe Flower u17G 1500m
  Rachal Callan u17G Triple Jump
  Jennifer Dallas u17G Javelin
  Ross Veitch u17B 400m
  Oliver Maher u17B Hammer
  Oliver Maher u17B Shot Putt
  Jacob Luc u17B 800m
Bronze Medals
Cara Slater u13G High Jump
  Cameron Harris u13B 800m
  Calan Chong u13B 1500m
  Kate Paul u15G 1500m
  Imogen Maher u15G Triple Jump
  Cameron Deverill u15B 1500m
  Aidan Cunning u15B 300m
  Rachal Callan u17G 300m
  Blayne Wright u17B Discus
  Orla Lang u20W 800m
  Holly Shearer u20W 200m
  David Lees u20M Javelin


Some Photos courtesy of Bobby Gavin and Scottish Athletics.
Report from Sara Lang
For once the sun shone on the West Districts. Many of our u13/15/17s competed at Kilmarnock on Saturday bringing with them many PBs and even some medals.
U13 boys ..a gold medal from the speedy Felix Chan (13.78) over 100m powering his way to a convincing win. Ryan Davie with bronze in the long jump . As always there’s spring in his step!
The U13Boys had a clean sweep of the podium places in the 800m with Craig Shennan, Jack Wallace and Cameron Harris as 1/2/3.
U13 girls of which there were quite a handful…..always well drilled! It’s lovely to watch these girls warm up as a team and carry out their drills independently and know that this ritual will stay with them through their athletic career. Three of the squad (Madeleine MacKenzie, Emily Williams and Katie Orr ) got through to the 100m semifinals with almost all pbs on the way.
Unfortunately, all 3 were in the same semi-final with only the top 3 progressing. We’re delighted that Madeleine in her first year as u13 made it to the final, proving herself a worthy 5th place.
We had Holly Slater in the long jump, no Pb today but relief from Dad and coach that ankles weren’t sore.
U15 boys were early out of the blocks with gold and silver medals in the sprint hurdles from Daniel Martin and Ross Gourlay …well done boys. Three boys in the 100 heats with Aidan Cunning progressing to the final later on. How nice to see Liam Duggan back competing ! Aidan ‘s 100 m final came seconds after and he stormed around the bend to get a bronze medal in 300m. It’s never over till it’s over …which is why you’ll find the coaches hanging round that last 30m!
Congratulations Aidan.
Pole vault kings and queens at u15 we had Daniel Martin and Mark Herbert Ruiz winning gold and silver and Isla Fotheringham winning gold.with a Championship Best Performance ..how lucky are we as a club to have these technical athletes.
And so to our u15 girls ,.commendable in their numbers.
We had 9 girls all bursting off the start line in the 100m…. 5 of them ( Josie Reilly Eilidh Hunter , Angelica Mayer, Erin Ramsey, Amy Greene all winning places in semifinals. From there despite the increasing head wind , Angelica , Erin and Amy progressed to the final with Angelica winning the gold medal in brilliant style. Congratulations to Erin our newly transferred athlete on winning bronze.
And not settling with one medal Angelica added a silver to her collection in the long Jump with a leap of 5.20.
U15 girls 300 is always interesting because for many they have never run this distance before. Ella McGregor however is a veteran of this distance and it was great to see her make the final.
In the U15 Girls 800m Isla Scott took the silver.
U17 girls as to be expected, led by Alyson Bell from the front, with a more than convincing win over her rivals in the 100m. Matched only by Finlay Waugh who posted a similar result in the u17 men’s 100m. Katie Foss not to be outdone proved her worth as always with gold in the 300m and Rachel Callan, despite carrying an injury wining bronze!
For U17 Men,Reuben Nairne took the Gold medal and a brilliant CBP in the hurdles. Murray Fotheringham took the gold in the discus sharing the podium with Blayne Wright who took the Bronze.
U17 men’s 800m saw Jacob Luc take the Silver with Ross O’Brien just missing out for 4th

Best prize of the day though goes to the two mums who found the suntrap..out of the wind with a view of the track. And where?!.. the choice location at the back of the chippy van! Nice one !
Thanks Sara
We want to congratulate all our athletes who took part today, gained PBS and some their initial experience of taking part in Championship events . Well done to all. We will have missed some performances but hope to catch up tomorrow.

Report by Keiren Mooney
An incredible thirty Giffnock North athletes crossed the finish line at the Troon Tortoise 10k on Wednesday evening (8th May). It was the Senior Endurance Championship’s fifth race of the competition and with that it saw high numbers make their way down to the seaside.

As the skies cleared, it turned into perfect conditions for running as the gun went off at half seven. The thirty athletes took advantage of the conditions and the flat course with personal times tumbling and personal bests secured. The first man through the line was Luke Chamberlain with a time of 36.54, position 17th, and he would be very closely followed by Jordan Orr who missed him by seconds with his time of 36.59. The ladies were in scintillating form too as Jill Smylie took the runners up medal with a time of 38.17. Again, there was a Giffnock North vest not too far behind her as Yvonne McNairn grabbed 3rd with 39.49.

A famous ‘Troon Chippy’ followed after the race for many athletes, ending what had been a very impressive and productive night on the course in fine fashion. A big well done and congratulations to all who finished. All eyes now turn to the next race, the Brian Goodwin Memorial 10k, which no doubt times will tumble once more.

Thanks Keiren
An incredible thirty Giffnock North athletes crossed the finish line at the Troon Tortoise 10k on Wednesday evening (8th May). It was the Senior Endurance Championship’s fifth race of the competition and with that it saw high numbers make their way down to the seaside.

As the skies cleared, it turned into perfect conditions for running as the gun went off at half seven. The thirty athletes took advantage of the conditions and the flat course with personal times tumbling and personal bests secured. The first man through the line was Luke Chamberlain with a time of 36.54, position 17th, and he would be very closely followed by Jordan Orr who missed him by seconds with his time of 36.59. The ladies were in scintillating form too as Jill Smylie took the runners up medal with a time of 38.17. Again, there was a Giffnock North vest not too far behind her as Yvonne McNairn grabbed 3rd with 39.49.

A famous ‘Troon Chippy’ followed after the race for many athletes, ending what had been a very impressive and productive night on the course in fine fashion. A big well done and congratulations to all who finished. All eyes now turn to the next race, the Brian Goodwin Memorial 10k, which no doubt times will tumble once more.

An incredible thirty Giffnock North athletes crossed the finish line at the Troon Tortoise 10k on Wednesday evening (8th May). It was the Senior Endurance Championship’s fifth race of the competition and with that it saw high numbers make their way down to the seaside.

As the skies cleared, it turned into perfect conditions for running as the gun went off at half seven. The thirty athletes took advantage of the conditions and the flat course with personal times tumbling and personal bests secured. The first man through the line was Luke Chamberlain with a time of 36.54, position 17th, and he would be very closely followed by Jordan Orr who missed him by seconds with his time of 36.59. The ladies were in scintillating form too as Jill Smylie took the runners up medal with a time of 38.17. Again, there was a Giffnock North vest not too far behind her as Yvonne McNairn grabbed 3rd with 39.49.

A famous ‘Troon Chippy’ followed after the race for many athletes, ending what had been a very impressive and productive night on the course in fine fashion. A big well done and congratulations to all who finished. All eyes now turn to the next race, the Brian Goodwin Memorial 10k, which no doubt times will tumble once more.
Thanks Keiren

An incredible thirty Giffnock North athletes crossed the finish line at the Troon Tortoise 10k on Wednesday evening (8th May). It was the Senior Endurance Championship’s fifth race of the competition and with that it saw high numbers make their way down to the seaside.

As the skies cleared, it turned into perfect conditions for running as the gun went off at half seven. The thirty athletes took advantage of the conditions and the flat course with personal times tumbling and personal bests secured. The first man through the line was Luke Chamberlain with a time of 36.54, position 17th, and he would be very closely followed by Jordan Orr who missed him by seconds with his time of 36.59. The ladies were in scintillating form too as Jill Smylie took the runners up medal with a time of 38.17. Again, there was a Giffnock North vest not too far behind her as Yvonne McNairn grabbed 3rd with 39.49.

A famous ‘Troon Chippy’ followed after the race for many athletes, ending what had been a very impressive and productive night on the course in fine fashion. A big well done and congratulations to all who finished. All eyes now turn to the next race, the Brian Goodwin Memorial 10k, which no doubt times will tumble once more.

Thanks Keiren.

DATE FOR THE DIARY . Thanks to the committed efforts of Anne Stewart & Doleen Galbraith to seek Officials for our Club Championships we are now able to confirm the date and venue as Sunday 25th August at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena in Kilmarnock.

The timetable and arrangements will be largely the same as last years, but can you please note the date for this event as it includes all our athletes Senior and Junior and across a wide range of Track & Field events. We will also need our usual great help and input from our members and parents to run the event.

Ritchie,Centre in the white top
Sad announcement from Dudley Walker Lead Coach Junior Endurance
“It is with enormous sadness that I have to advise everyone of the passing of Richie Allan.

Richie was with the club in the late 1990s and early 2000s.A tremendous talent who in one of his first races finished 4th at the Scottish Schools XC Champs.In fact I think he had a Scottish vest before he had a club one!A lovely cheery boy with a wonderful smile and a brilliant sense of humour.

I tell the story of Richie’s first race for the club at Scotstoun.he was running in the 1500m.It taught me a lesson I’ll always remember…..don’t assume anything.As he passed me at the end of the first lap he shouted…. “hey big man how many more laps to go?”

Richie’s mum Katie was very supportive to Richie and his brother Danny during their time with the club…..our thoughts are with her and her family at this very difficult time”

Dudley Walker
Dudley has also provided details of the Funeral arrangements for Richie . It will take place on Wednesday the 17th April at Craigton Crematorium at 3.30pm

Alyson Bell

Congratulations to Alyson Bell who has been selected for the National Relay Program for Team Scotland with the first training session on the 13/4/19.

Good luck Alyson

Report by Yvonne McNairn
The Alloa Half Marathon on Sunday 31st March was the fourth race of the Senior Endurance Championship. The glorious sunshine was a stark contrast to the previous year which had been cancelled and re arranged due to snow. The undulating course took runners through the streets of Tillicoutry, Alva, Menstrie, Tullibody and “that” hill as runners made the approach back to Alloa.
Iain Carroll led the way for the Senior Men of GNAC with a time of 1.15.45 in an impressive 20th place. The First Lady for GNAC was Yvonne McNairn in a time of 1.31.42
(See full results below.)
Despite the challenging course, there was an impressive host of PBs which meant the Senior winter training programme has paid off!
Well done to everyone who participated and up next for the Senior Championship is the Troon 10k on Wednesday 8th May.

Thanks Yvonne

Previous Team Photo from Gothenburg
A plea from Sharon Veitch and the Gothenburg Fundraising Team.
The Waitrose store in Newton Mearns have agreed to help the club with our fundraising efforts,including the trip as one of their worthwhile causes for the month of April.£1000 is shared between 3 causes with shoppers selecting where their green tokens go.
So the more tokens, the greater the share of the £1,000 and the more people who shop at Waitrose, Newton Mearns the more money we get.So can we ask our athletes,parents, carers, extended family and friends to lend a hand,consider shopping at Waitrose and then add the green tokens to the Gothenburg cause.

The trip takes place at the start of the summer and involves 40 athletes from the club including the sprints and distance groups & 9 coaches travelling to the Gothenburg Youth Games. This is the 2nd time for the club.As Sharon and the coaches point out ” It provides an amazing opportunity for all the athletes involved to experience competing at an international event. Great fundraising efforts are underway to buy kit for everyone and also subsidise the cost of trip for all.
The athletes have worked hard to gain standards to be selected for this trip.
Everyones support in securing this funding would be amazing”

Many thanks from the
Gothenburg Fundraising Team

Keiren Mooney in his Leg at the National Road Relays last weekend in Livingston
An amazing story about Giffnock North Club Athlete Keiren Mooney . His story featured on BBC radio Scotland and then BBC TV. Well worth a look.


“It was the scariest night of my life, having no idea of what’s going on or recollection of what’s happened and being totally floored physically.”

Kieren Mooney was a talented young athlete with plenty of potential when a run with a friend took a terrifying turn. Called a “freak of nature” by doctors, the then 18-year-old had what they could only suggest was a heart attack.

Five months and an implanted heart monitor later, Mooney is not only back running but, in February, competed in his first race. Speaking to BBC Scotland he recalls the little he can of that night, the mystery woman who came to his rescue, and making the most of his life now.

‘It was just totally bizarre’
Mooney does not remember what happened to him, or indeed anything in the weeks running up to the incident, instead relying on those who came to his aid to fill in the blanks.

In August 2018, the Giffnock North runner headed out for a 10k run around Newton Mearns with his friend Allistair Gray. “It was only a wee bit quicker than normal and about 9.5k in I apparently said to him ‘run on, I’ll catch you at the end, I’m quite tired’. He finished it 30 seconds later and waited and waited for me.”

Eventually, Gray went back and found Mooney collapsed on a mossy wall, confused, unaware of where he was and unable to stand. Without phones and with the gravity of the situation becoming clear, Gray attempted to flag down help. One man threw a bottle of water out his car window but nobody was stopping. “My memory starts to come back when a woman pulled up and I was bundled into the back of her car – I’ve no idea who this woman was to this day but she helped us back to my grandparents’ house.

“I had no strength in my legs, I couldn’t walk, I was on a totally different planet. People were asking me questions like what day of the week is it – I had no idea of any days of the week let alone what day it was.” His last memory of the night was “vomiting everywhere, a splitting sore head and confusion.”

Mooney woke the next morning in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital with only vague memories of the night before. “I’ve been told by many different doctors I am a freak of nature,” he said. “This 18-year-old who was at a pinnacle of fitness with nothing in my family to suggest this would happen, it was just totally bizarre.”

Kieren’s tweet
‘I hear every heartbeat louder than before’
While he said doctors “never quite got to the bottom of it”, Mooney does take comfort in the heart monitor they implanted in December, which allowed him to get back to life as an active 19-year-old. He now has around the clock, direct access to the CCU at the hospital through his mobile phone, where they are able to monitor him 24/7.

“You can feel it if you rub your hand along my chest,” he explained. “If I go out on a jog and feel any symptoms at all I can click a thing on the app to say I feel dizzy. Within a couple of hours they will have checked to see whether it was a thing with my heart and give me a ring either way, so it’s been brilliant to have peace of mind.”

This journey has been “a long slog” for the university student but, on 3 February, Mooney raced in the five-mile Renfrewshire Road Race Championships, surprising himself with a new personal best.

“It does play in the back of my mind, when I’m running you hear every heartbeat louder than you did before, but I just use it as motivation. I’m not scared of it; I’ll just use it to crack on.”

Kieren Mooney in hospital
As we can see at the Club Keiren is just ‘cracking on”.
He adds “I’ve been running since the start of 2017 and joined Giffnock not shortly after that. The training with the coaches and in and amongst the other athletes my level really meant I came a long way before my incident in August.

Since my health scare, the club have been great. In terms of support, everyone has been encouraging towards me whilst on the mend and now I’m back. Practically, the coaches and other folk have given me some lighter sessions and joined in for company which has kept me going when I was frustratingly slower and less fit than normal! Now I’m back and everyone has kept their supportive and competitive nature about them “
Great to hear that Keiren.
Report courtesy of BBC Scotland
National Relay Photo from Gary Leek Athletics Digital

Important Reminder re Races & Events

Scottish Athletics have issued the following statement to clubs and Club Secretary Yvonne McNairn would like to draw this to everyone’s attention.

“Following an incident last week at a Scottish Athletics licensed event, we just want to remind all athletes that the swapping of race numbers is strictly prohibited.

For organisers, this often-innocent practice can cause huge headaches, if they either do not allow transfers, or are not at least aware of them. Problems arise most often if that runner is taken ill during an event. The back of a race number usually carries their medical information or it is certainly detailed within the race director’s database. If that does occur, the risks are very real and potentially life threatening, as has been evidenced in other countries in recent years.

It can also impact on team positions, even if an athlete does not compete in a team event, they may inadvertently have an indirect impact on finishing positions in other teams. Also, where entries are full and waiting lists have been created, you could be keeping someone away from a competition opportunity where they legitimately deserve that place.

It is also worth recognising that within Run Britain rankings or other data used within events, it does not provide accurate data on the individuals taking part.

Whilst we will work with event organisers to try to create processes (eg swapping policies where practical), Scottish Athletics will operate a zero tolerance policy on any athletes caught behaving in this manner, and sanctions may apply.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Scottish Athletics Events Team.”

THIS WEEKEND’S upcoming World Cross Country Championships in Denmark represent another milestone in the already impressive career of GB international Luke Traynor.
Fresh from running the fastest 5k leg of the day (14 minutes, 59 seconds and close to the course record) when racing for Giffnock North AC at a windy Scottish Road Relays in Livingston on Sunday, Traynor took time – over a roll and square sausage it has to be said – to chat about what he’s been up to and what his aims are for the next few weeks.

Test the best
“First, I’m delighted to make the GB team for Aarhus on Saturday. It’s my third GB cross country vest and I’m determined to put on a good show. Previously I haven’t had much luck – I came home from Hungary with a broken toe!”

“It’s never easy to get into a British squad and the Worlds are another step up, with Kenyans, Ethiopians and all the top guys from around the world but as a team we can make an impact. Every athlete wants to test themselves against the best, and that’s where my passion lies.”

Positive club scene
“The Road Relays in Livingston were an ideal workout for speed … I know I said beforehand that the time wouldn’t be important, it was just to test the legs before next weekend, but actually I’m pretty pleased with sub 15! More important though, the local Scots club atmosphere is brilliant – really positive, competitive but friendly, and with top officials. The club scene is where we all begin – for instance, the whole Giffnock North Ladies team came up through the ranks from Under 13 juniors.”

“I enjoy being right in among my team-mates here. I’ve been to Monaco, Spain and the Czech Republic, but where else but Scotland can everyday club runners queue for their roll and square alongside an international or two? It’s a great sport for friendship.”

For the record(s)
“Next up, I will be home from Denmark only to wash my kit, then off to the USA for four weeks to try to take down national records. I’m currently only 16 seconds off the road 10km record, so I’ll race the Cooper Bridge 10k in South Carolina on 6thApril before three weeks training camp at Tulsa University Oklahoma. Then it’s on to Palo Alto California for a crack at the track 10,000 m mark of 27:48. Busy days, but I’m in the shape of my life and up for the adventure “

Report by Croy Thomson

The club wishes Luke all the very best at Aarhus this weekend and as he heads for more races in the USA

Report by Yvonne McNairn

The National 6/4 Stage Relays got off to a flying start with Luke Traynor finishing first leg with the fastest time of the day in 14.59. Followed by Jordan Orr, Kieran Mooney, Ted Gourley, Nick Boyle and Luke Chamberlain, the Men’s team finished in 35th place amongst the top runners in Scotland.
The ladies team saw Rhona Mowat finish in 9th place with the 12th fastest time of the day in 19.14. Followed by Jill Smylie, Yvonne McNairn and Francis Lowrie. The Ladies Team finished in 14th place.
An appearance by a former junior athlete, Holly Still,representing her University (Caledonia) showed that we may soon have another promising senior athlete in our midst.
Thanks Yvonne and well done to all at Livingston

Photos courtesy of club athletes and supporters and Featured Image from Athletics Digital

The Scottish Athletics Indoor League Final took place on 16th March at the Emirates Arena..  The top six clubs in each age group had fought through to the final through three qualifying matches. Giffnock North had teams in all age groups and in some cases more than one. On the day we took medals in nearly all the age groups.  See List below –

Under 11 1st Under 11 2nd
Under 13 4th (A), 6th (B) Under 13 2nd
Under 15 3rd Under 15 2nd
Under 17 2nd Under 17 1st
Under 20 3rd Under 20 4th


In the 4x200m Relay competition, open to all Scottish Clubs, not just Final qualifiers, Giffnock North took four Gold Medals, four silver and two bronze. Full list below:

Under 11 1st (A), 4th (B), 6th (C) Under 11 1st (A), 6th (B)
Under 13 2nd Under 13 3rd
Under 15 5th Under 15 2nd
Under 17 1st Under 17 1st
Under 20 2nd Under 20 No team

Under 11 Boys & Girls and under 17 Boys & Girls teams all set League records.   Congratulations to all that took part on a very successful day for the club

All photographs by Gary Leek, Athletics Digital

Luke Traynor celebrates his third GB Vest at XC following his selection for Team GB 2019 for the World Cross Country.

Luke’s passport has been well used in the last 12 months in his travels throughout Europe to compete in places such as Ireland, France,Spain,Monaco and the Czech Republic. His placings and times have been improving as he continues to enhance his profile as an athlete.

Next up on the 30th of March is the World Cross Championships in Aarhus,Denmark where he lines up for Team G.B having earned selection via the recent trial race in Loughborough.  Luke’s earlier GB XC vests were won at the Euro XC Champs in Budapest in 2012 as a member of the Junior Team and in Toulon-Hyeres,France in December 2015.  I travelled over to Budapest in 2012 to cheer Luke on at what must have been the coldest XC race I have ever been to…….so cold that my camera seized up and had to be revived by regular warming up under my woolly hat.

He’s come a long way since his competitive debut at the Shettleston Open Graded at the end of August in 2008 where he ran his first ever 3000m in a time of 9:57.9………his PB is now 7:53.88!
It’s been a long and somewhat winding road for him via Caledonian University where he earned a BSc in Environmental Management and then onto Tulsa University where he gained an MA in Education.  His two year stint in Tulsa saw him earn All American Honours and numerous other accolades…but apart from anything else he got a flavour of life as a full time athlete…the demands, the sacrifices and the discipline required.  At present he’s juggling part time work and as near as dam it, full time training.  He’s still very much a Giffnock man who trains with the club and helps out wherever he can.

So all the very best in Denmark Luke from all of us at Giffnock North

PS……A sponsor would be wonderful to help help him to achieve his goal of being on the start line in Tokyo next year.

Report by Dudley Walker

Places still available to book on our Holiday Camps

The Camps are a great mixture of Athletics input and fun largely delivered by our own young coaches who provide a great opportunity to develop and hone athletics skills . We are delighted and proud to say that our camps always receive great feedback and provide a varied and stimulating programme for all ages from 5 upwards
You can book at the following link

For older athletes there are a number of event specific camps available via the G.A.A. [Glasgow Athletics Association ] Check their website and Facebook pages.


GIFFNOCK NORTH AC’s Murray Fotheringham ran, jumped and threw his way to a superb victory in the English Multi-Events Championships indoors in Sheffield last weekend. Over two days and the seven different disciplines of the heptathlon, Fotheringham racked up a personal best total of 4,967 points to defeat the country’s finest Under-17 combined-events athletes.

In the second of the seven disciplines, the long jump, Fotheringham posted 6.82 meters to go in front overall, and afterwards was never caught, recording three personal bests in the process, in 60m sprint (7.41 seconds), shot putt (10.89m) and pole vault (3.96m). The southsider dominated the high jump competition, his 1.95m clearance well ahead of the opposition, and he finished the job with a fine, second-place two-minutes 46.64 seconds kilometer, narrowly shy of his PB in that distance.

Notably for Scottish athletics, third U17 was Victoria Park City of Glasgow’s Kyle McAulay, on 4,656 points, and in the U15 events, Pitreavie’s Fergus MacGilp took silver.

Immense congratulations (times seven?) to Murray, his coaches and of course Team Fotheringham.

Thanks to Craig Fotheringham for all the updates & photos from Sheffield . Team Fotheringham had a fairly long and snowy journey home.This was not only a great individual result for Murray but we also recognise the phenomenal success of the Scottish Athletes with two on the podium and 4 in the Top 10 .
Great results lads.

Report by Croy Thomson

We have lots of athletic talent at Giffnock North, but we also have one super talented artist in the club who has turned his hand to painting and drawing some of our Junior and Senior Members. Check out the art of Jordan Orr.


What a night! Our young athletes rubbing shoulders with Laura Muir and KJT and high-fiving with the legend that is Michael Johnson. It was the 2019 Scottish Athletics National Indoor 4x200m age-group finals, held as a curtain raiser to the European Indoor Championships. Giffnock North had excelled in the qualifying round and had at least one team in every final. Could our young athletes cope with the confusion, chaos and excitement of a packed warm-up area in the presence of many famous athletes and TV presenters? You bet they could! We came away with an amazing haul of 3 Golds, 2 Bronzes and a bucketful of breathless performances.
Read on for a report on each age group… Full names below.

Under-13 Girls
Our U13 girls relay squad (Erin, Madeleine, Sophie, Emily, Casey and Katie) sporting blue and yellow hair ribbons were the fastest qualifiers from the heats and semi-final 2 weeks ago, but this was deliberately not mentioned in the run up to the big night. Despite the nerves …and there were nerves (coach and athletes), the girls did what they always do every session…they warmed up methodically, they paid visits to the outdoor portaloos…then they did it all again!
And so eventually they hit the track and my goodness there was no stopping them. With maturity and speed and convincing baton exchanges, they swiftly moved to hold first place at the beginning to the 2nd leg and never lost it. Knocking 2 seconds off their semi-final time, this team of Erin, Madeleine, Sophie and Emily became national 4×200 relay champions at approx. 6pm on Fri and we think they will be reliving that moment for many years to come.

U13 Boys
The U13 boys team (Ellis, Ryan, Bobby, Felix, Craig and Max) had qualified as the fastest team, but only just……it looked like it would be a very close race. There were personnel changes in most of the teams so it was anyone’s guess what would happen. Like the others, they kept their cool in a chaotic warm up environment and were excited when Michael Johnston came down from the TV gantry to talk to them while they were in the assembly area.

Off to the track….would they keep their nerve and their focus…..

Ellis ran a fantastic first leg in lane 6, those are big climbs up the banking for the U13s! In a tight one, two, three the clubs in the three outside lanes passed the baton together.Now for the 2nd runner….would he break in the right place. Ryan hadn’t run the heats but knew what he was doing. Through the cones safely and now to the next change over, safely passing the baton to Bobby in 4th/5th place. Bobby set off on a charge, pulled back to fourth and then with a huge effort, to third before handing over to Felix. Felix, cool and calm as usual, set off after Edinburgh and Kilbarchan but just had too much to do and couldn’t pull it back. It was a fantastic team effort and they had their travelling support, Max, shouting them on for the whole race. They also have a bronze National Relay Championship medal, loads of fantastic memories and a chance to do it all again in two weeks at the SAIL final.

U13 Boys with Michael Johnson

Under 15 Boys
It was a great team performance from the 6 U15 boys in the heats & final. The boys ran their hearts out and never gave up the whole way round, crossing the line in fourth place. But their never say never attitude was rewarded when Airdrie’s Team were disqualified and the boys were promoted to bronze. Everybody loves the relays, they are so exciting and unpredictable in many ways. So let that be a great example to all of us in future relay races, never give up, no matter what position you are in, because the end isn’t just the finish line, it is the track umpire’s final ruling!



Under-15 Girls
Our U15 girls team of Angelica, Ella, Josie and Ava were in an extremely competitive final with the eventual winners breaking the championship record. Our girls ran their hearts out and were ably supported from the side-lines by their 2 reserves (Jennifer and Olivia).



Under-17 Women
Following on from their success at the qualifying heats of the National our U17 women’s team of Alyson Bell, Katie Foss, Rachel Callan & Caroline MacConnell were eager to try and improve on their National Record and Championship best time of 1.43.38. We were not to be disappointed.
Alyson got off to a great start but was pushed hard all the way by Fife AC. Handed the baton in first place, Katie extended the lead and Rachel did the same on the third leg. One final safe baton change was now all that was required. Caroline charged off with the baton safely in hand and a good lead so we now turned our attention to the clock. Was the record still on? Caroline stayed focussed and crossed the line in new Scottish Record of 1.43.20. The combined effort and performance of all the girls resulted in an improvement of 0.18s.
The girls are now looking forward to the relays at the SAIL final and they’ll be doing their utmost to improve their record time once more to finish off a great indoor season.

Under-17 Men
Why take one team to the finals when you can take two!? Giffnock’s U17 men were unique amongst all the competing clubs in getting two teams to the finals. While the A Team had been expected to make the final, the B Team upset the form book to qualify as one of the fastest runners-up.
Both U17 mens team took a rather novel approach to warm-up – they did it outside in the street! You could not imagine how chaotic the warm-up area was, but amongst all the noise, contradicting instructions from officials and athletic gear strewn everywhere, the boys kept their cool and thoroughly prepared themselves for the race. And so to the action….
Max MacHarg, Ross Veitch and Rueben Nairne kept up the pressure on race leaders Kilbarchan over the first three legs before passing to Finlay Waugh for the final run-in. The Scottish 200m champion could smell gold. He closed the gap and waited his moment to pounce. Coming round the final bend Finlay turned on the afterburners and left the Kilbarchan athlete in his wake. Gold for Giffnock (for the third time) in a time of 1:32.06. It was a great battle all the way round and well done to Kilbarchan for making it such a great race. Khaliq Kelani lead the U17 B Team to a great start. Ben McCahill and then Iliane Hifi, running second and third battled to stay in touch and then Jacob Luc finished with his usual charge. The boys never gave up for a moment and finished 6th in a time of 1.39.64.

Well Done Everyone!
A brilliant night for Giffnock North. 3 Golds and 2 Bronzes. Wow! The best club performance by far on the night. As a reward our athletes and Team Managers (Sara Lang, Jackie Alexander, Tony Mayer, Symon Lipp, Billy Glasgow, Gerry Duggan and Anne Stewart) received free tickets to watch the Euro finals where we roared Laura Muir to gold. A perfect end to a perfect competition. Every single Giffnock North athlete gave it their all. Coaches, family and friends are so proud of you. As ever, thank you to parents for supporting your athletes throughout the year. Success comes from regular and focussed training and your involvement is vital.
Many of the pictures are courtesy of our friends at Athletics Digital .

If you want the original full resolution pictures, you can go to their website and find the Club Connect Relay Album and buy direct. https://www.facebook.com/athleticsdigital/

(Consolidated report from the relay Team Managers)

All photographs courtesy of Gary Leek (Athletics Digital) & Others

Full Results
U13 Girls
Erin McKay, Madeline McKenzie, Sophie Ferguson, Emily Williams. ( Reserves Casey Carr & Katie Orr)
3 VP-GLASGOW AC ‘A’ 1:57.44
4 EDINBURGH AC ‘A’ 2:01.14
5 KILBARCHAN AAC ‘A’ 2:01.30

U15 Girls

1 VP-GLASGOW AC ‘A’ 1:46.41N
2 EDINBURGH AC ‘B’ 1:47.70
3 PITREAVIE AAC ‘A’ 1:48.76
5 LIVINGSTON AC ‘B’ 1:50.26
Angelica Mayer, Ella McGregor, Josie Reilly & Ava Bruce (Reserves Jennifer Torrance & Olivia Dykes)

U17 Women
1 GIFFNOCK NORTH AC ‘A’ 1:43.20 New National Record
Alyson Bell, Katie Foss, Rachel Callan & Caroline MacConnell (Reserves Rosie McKay & Brooke Moran)
2 FIFE AC ‘A’ 1:47.52
3 EDINBURGH AC ‘A’ 1:48.74
5 VP-GLASGOW AC ‘A’ 1:49.68
6 PITREAVIE AAC ‘A’ 1:49.97

U13 Boys
1 EDINBURGH AC ‘A’ 1:54.13B
2 KILBARCHAN AAC ‘A’ 1:56.02
Ellis Nairne, Bobby Kiltie, Ryan Davie, Felix Chan (Reserves Craig Shennan & Max Sheridan)
5 VP-GLASGOW AC ‘A’ 2:00.37

U15 Boys
1 EDINBURGH AC ‘A’ 1:42.42
Aiden Cumming, Daniel Martin, Ross Gourley & Josh Thielan-Mann ( Alex Waugh & Frankie Bradley)
5 LAW & DISTRICT AAC ‘A’ 1:51.46

U17 Men
Max McHarg, Ross Veitch, Reuben Nairne & Finlay Waugh
2 KILBARCHAN AAC ‘A’ 1:32.52
3 EDINBURGH AC ‘A’ 1:36.28
4 KILMARNOCK H&AC ‘A’ 1:36.35
Khaliq Kelani, Ben McCahill, Iliane Hifi & Jacob Luc.
Grateful thanks to Gerry Duggan for collating this report from all the Sprints coaches.

Well done to all


So while our Scottish stars are at the Emirates representing GB,our star club athletes marking the near conclusion of the XC season while representing their schools. Report from Croy Thomson.

Gold Star for Hannah, Bronze for Julia, VG for many more

JUST BACK FROM THE FRONT LINE and a very nice front line too at Hopetoun House, where the owner keeps the lawns in order with two flocks of sheep.

The almost perfect conditions weatherwise and underfoot were balanced by one monster of a hill in a stunning parkland setting around the imposing Hopetoun House. Also imposing herself on proceedings was St Ninian’s Hannah Ryding, who stuck to Preston Lodge High’s (and Edinburgh AC’s) top-ranked Katie Johnston like a post-it note reminder for 4k before out-gunning her at the top of the final hill and going on to hard-earned glory.

Ably backing Hannah up were Kate Paul (5th) Isla Scott and Bethany Drummond, more than good enough to take the team gold.

In the Boys’ equivalent, Reuben MacDonald did Hillpark Secondary proud with a battling fourth place – frustratingly out of the medals but surely deserving a Scottish Schools call up.

Earlier, Craig Shennan in Williamood High’s black and sky-blue raced to a commendable sixth, one place ahead of Alex Robin, who lead Hutchesons Grammar to team gold over 3k.

Moving up the age groups, Julia Cash took a fine bronze medal over 4k to help Jill Carswell, Miriam Gilbride and Lucy Anderson to team gold for Hutchie. Helen Chong posted an eleventh place finish for Eastwood High, Abby Thomson 14th for Williamwood. In the boys 5k race, Mearns Castle stand-out Harris Paterson came eighth to give himself hope of another Scottish vest.

In the oldest age categories, with the lads running 6k and the girls four, Jack Bell flew home in 10th, while Lynn McKenna claimed a strong bronze for Williamwood, with sister Charlotte in sixth. St Ninian’s Rhona Mowat was seventh, and Eastwood High’s Clare Wallace eighth. It’s worth noting perhaps that only one team in this race – Strathallan – had the requisite three runners required for a complete team, and they duly collected the silverware and the kudos.

On-the-spot correspondent Dudley Walker said, “Thanks to the parents, chums, pals, pets, officials, course setters, teachers, the Hopetoun Hoose Preservation Trust and of course the 4th Marquess of Linlithgow for letting us use his gaff. Well done to all our athletes who turned out for their schools and if we didn’t give you a shout, apologies but we don’t recognise you in your school colours.”

Thanks to Croy for report and David Chong for photos.

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