Message from Billy Glasgow GNAC Chairman
I hope you are all well despite the difficulties we are currently facing.
I would just like to remind athletes to keep in touch with their coaches re training advice and programmes. I would  also remind you that the  clear advice from Scottish Athletics based on the guidance from the UK and Scottish Governments is unaltered.
 Scottish Athletics statement  regarding group training.
“In view of the latest advice from the Scottish and UK Government, we would stress that group training should not be taking place in any shape or form or any face-to-face coaching. You are now restricted to one form of exercise a day and these should be undertaken alone or only with a member of your household.
Whilst athletics is predominantly an outdoor sport that allows athletes to exercise in the fresh air, the message to all of us is absolutely clear: we must play our part in containing the spread of COVID-19.
All at Scottish Athletics urge our members to utilise the opportunity to exercise as laid out by both governments.
But, as such, any informal small group training sessions of athletes or face-to-face coached sessions must now cease (*unless they are with your own household members as above).”
 At the club we recognise how important it is for physical and mental well being to exercise regularly. Young athletes need to exercise with their household or  be overseen by a parent.  It is crucial that the message re group training  must be observed . So we all need to keep active but we must also maintain social distancing and stay safe.