Erin and Pacemaking

Erin takes a few minutes before racing tomorrow to tell us about her exploits last weekend pacemaking for the 1500m at the Diamond League and assisting Laura Muir to a great win.

“It was definitely an experience and pace making the Diamond league was a good introduction to international racing on the big stage. I thought I would feel a lot of pressure pacing such a class field but it just felt like a normal race which was quite nice. I managed to hit the time that was asked for and in the correct splits so I was very happy with how it went. I got the full experience of staying in the athlete hotel and preparing for the race as if I was doing it which will hopefully help for future competitions. Hopefully, next time I am doing a Diamond league I’ll be racing instead of pacing.

I’m excited for my senior debut and I hope all goes to plan tomorrow.”


We are all wishing you the best tomorrow  Erin

We’ll also look forward to Diamond League events where you are  racing !