Fast Grant & 6 Stage Relays

Yvonne McNairn, Sheila Lewis, Mary McCutcheon& Jill Smylie

Report from Mary McCutcheon 

Sunday 26 March saw two teams from Giffnock North head to Livingston to compete in the prestigious National Six Stage Relay Race. This year attracted a record number of entrants and a high calibre field. Unusually it also attracted the sun! The race comprises of 2 distances of 3.1 miles and 5.8 miles run alternately over each stage. Four stages are run by the women and six for the men.

The men’s team comprised of Grant Muir, David Sawyer, Luke Chamberlain, Andrew Clark, Michael Hampson and Chris Greenhalgh. Grant set off first bringing the men’s team home not only in first place but setting an extremely high bar for other athletes by posting the fastest time over his distance of 15.39. David enjoyed his moment in the sun leading the field, albeit for a brief period when he was chased down by his fellow competitors.   With a 20 mile plus run in his leg from the previous day he still managed a superb run of 35.09. The remaining team members all had great runs. Luke Chamberlain – 18.41, Andrew Clark -32.47, Michael Hampson – 20.10 and Chris Greenhalgh – 37.28. This brought the team home in 28th place. For anyone thinking that Chris Greenhalgh’s recorded time seems unusual for him, this is because he was possibly the most unlucky athlete of the day. Poor Chris arrived late due to a combination of work commitments and heavy traffic. He in fact set off around 5 minutes after his team mate. His actual time is likely to be much lower than that recorded as would have been the men’s overall placing.

The women’s team comprised Jill Smylie , Yvonne McNairn, Sheila Lewis and Mary McCutcheon. Apart from myself, 3 team members are in marathon training and consequently had lots of miles in their legs. Despite this some impressive times were posted. Jill was first out and brought the team home in 7th place with a time of 18.59. This was followed up by Yvonne with a time of 39.28. Next up was Sheila with a time of 21.09 and lastly me with a time of 37.10 (the fastest V50 female time of the day). The ladies team finished a very respectable 11th place.

As is typical for any relay race, there was the usual camaraderie and challenge of running for the club and team mates. All in all, a good day out.”

Mary McCutcheon – on behalf of the teams.



Grant Muir in  previous  XC Action                                                      And on Track

As Mary reported above Grant Muir turned in  a great time to get fastest  short lap in the Scottish 6 Stage Relay Championships at Livingstone on Saturday 25th March. He gave us the following understated assessment of that performance.

” Yes I am quite happy with my progress recently. I have had an issue with my hamstring for the past few years which has hampered my training. On Sunday I just wanted to go out and run a good race. The start was very slow so I pushed it on after about one mile in, once the Garmin started screaming at me. Towards the end another runner took the lead so I sat back and waited to use my speed in the last 400m. Hopefully I can maintain form and stay injury free for the summer.”
The Club just glad to see Grant back on top and in  action after his injury hampered period.

Grant  is well placed however, to assess his injury and organise to deliver  himself a Rehab Programme as a busy Physiotherapist also able to offer appointments to club athletes with a significant concession for First Appointments at NK Physiotherapy on Busby Road.

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