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Female Results

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Male Results

The Results for all the individual events are now final and will be sent to the Power of 10 and Scottish Athletics. As explained this is the first year of our operation of performance scores rather than the more simplistic and basic ranking system that we have used previously. The scores were based on the Scottish Athletics Association of Track Statisticians (SATS) performance scores but there is no direct comparison for our Club Championships in terms of the events we that we decided to include.(i.e.There is no exact Combined Events equivalent)

As this has thrown up a few anomalies that we need to resolve, further scrutiny is still required before we are able to produce the final placings for all the age group Championship standings. We would therefore like to apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this might cause but we hope that all athletes and parents will bear with us while we conclude this scrutiny.

We hope you all agree that it was a great day of athletics which saw many enter and take part in their first competition, with many achieve PBs. This experience should prove to be great preparation for the future for all our young athletes and for others is was an opportunity to have an friendly end of season meet, which encompassed the whole club.

We trust you find this information helpful and your patience is greatly appreciated.

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