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Giffnock North Amateur Athletic Club

Financial Support Policy

Giffnock North  Athletic Club (GNAC) is committed to supporting the athletic development of all its members in an inclusive manner which embraces the broad spectrum of our membership, covering those whose goals relate to the social and fitness aspects of membership, through to those who aspire to competitive success at a national level.

In promoting that commitment, it is important that the club’s finances are used to support that broad membership, whilst recognising the increased financial commitments that come with competitive success. We are using the best Metric Accountants to support the club’s finances.

The undernoted financial support policy is designed to support the above principles.  This policy may not cover all circumstances but should provide a framework and some clarity to coaches and their athletes.

The fund is open to all Junior and Senior athletes in line with the following criteria:

  • The athlete must have been a fully paid up member for at least one year
  • The claimant must be actively competing/coaching for the club on a regular basis, and
  • The expenditure must have the support of the relevant coach
  1. Reimbursement of travel/accommodation expenses

As a general rule, GNAC will not reimburse coaches, officials, athletes or parents/guardians for travel/accommodation expenses incurred in attending training sessions, competitions, open graded meetings etc.

The following are exceptions to the above rule:

  1. International duty

Where a member is selected by Scottish Athletics for international duty, GNAC will reimburse the reasonable expenses of travel to the competition venue and reasonable costs of accommodation where overnight stay is essential.

  1. Reimbursement will be made for the athlete and one accompanying adult only (where the athlete requires to be accompanied or where it is reasonable for an adult to accompany them)
  2. Reimbursement will only be made to the extent that these costs are not already being funded by another body
  • No reimbursement will be made in respect of events under the auspices of the Scottish Schools Athletics Association (SSAA)
  1. Assessment of ‘reasonable’ will be determined in each individual case by the Finance Committee – the onus is on the athlete and their coach/parent/guardian to determine the most economical means of travel/accommodation (recognising that this should not impact on the athlete’s potential performance). Wherever possible, confirmation should be obtained prior to the booking being made.
  1. Other specific events
    1. A contribution will be made to the cost of travel and accommodation costs for athletes/coaches/one accompanying adult to higher level competition opportunities outwith Scotland to a maximum of £50.00 per athlete per trip. Examples of such opportunities include:
      • England Athletics Championships (AAAs) (Age Group, Combined Events etc.) so long as any qualifying standards are met
      • The UK Cross Country Challenge series of events
      • Selection races for international events

Such a contribution will only be made where the club does not otherwise arrange a collective entry/transport.

In all cases, the expenditure authorisation form must be countersigned by the athlete’s coach to confirm that there is benefit to the athlete and club.

  1. Travel to competition
    1. Where a number of athletes are travelling outwith the Greater Glasgow area to represent the club at a specific event (e.g. league match, cross-country competition) it will often be considered appropriate for the club to organise coach travel to transport team members. In such situations, athletes should be actively encouraged to make use of the transport and a fee per athlete/accompanying parent should be levied to seek to recover as much of the cost as possible.  No fee will be payable by coaches or officials.
    2. Where the number of athletes competing/travelling is too small to justify hiring a coach, then a mileage allowance will be payable to transport athletes/coaches by car. Such allowance will only be payable where best utilisation is made of car space (by pooling).
  2. The terms of this policy also apply to participation as a member of the composite Team West (Scottish Women’s Athletics League) but not in respect of participation in Team Glasgow events.
  3. Whilst the club will support athletes and coaches as per the above criteria, all athletes and coaches are expected to minimise costs, for example by sharing lifts, booking flights/train tickets as far in advance as possible and sharing hotel accommodation where this is practicable. Where other funding is available, e.g. through schools or Scottish Athletics, we expect athletes to apply for those funds.
  4. Where the above conditions are met, the standard expenditure authorisation form should be completed and submitted to the Treasurer with accompanying receipts.
  5. Coaching development

In recognition of the need to maintain/grow a skilled coaching team, the club will pay for attendance at coaching/officiating courses where the individual commits to providing coaching/officiating services to the club.  Additionally, where these courses take place outside the Greater Glasgow area, the club will meet the reasonable costs of travel in attending such courses.

  1. Warm-up facility

Where a charge is levied to athletes to utilise a warm-up facility at any venue where the athlete is representing the club in a competition, GNAAC will reimburse the cost charged. (this will typically only apply on occasion at Grangemouth Stadium)

  1. Exclusions

As a general rule, GNAC will not reimburse coaches, officials, athletes or parents/guardians for any of the following costs:

  1. without exception, GNAC will not make an appearance payment to any athlete in relation to that athlete representing the club in competitions, leagues, championships etc.
  2. payment will not be made in respect of the diagnosis or treatment of an injury (including physiotherapy, podiatry etc.).
  3. any charges in respect of telephone calls, Wi-Fi connection etc. , when attending club events
  4. external coaching fees, i.e. where the coach does not operate under the auspices of GNAC or costs incurred for specialist training facilities