Giffnock Ladies win 50 mile relay

John Lucas 50 mile Around Strathaven relay.
Sunday 14th August 2016.

The race is a circular route of 50 miles taking in the surrounding Lanarkshire countryside on quiet open roads.  The race is an Ultra and can also be held between teams of 5 runners.


Giffnock North Senior Ladies ran as follows-

Stage 1 – Allie Chong – Strathaven to Drumclog              10.8miles

Stage 2 -Yvonne McNairn -Drumclog to Sandford Hall           8.3miles

Stage 3 – Heather Thompson – Sandford to Stonehouse Cross     6.3miles

Stage 4  – Jill Smylie – Stonehouse to Auldhouse            14.7miles

Stage 5  Sheila Lewis – Auldhouse to Strathaven             9. 7miles


With Giffnock ladies leading from gun to tape, this was a smooth race and was well signposted throughout – definitely no chance of getting lost…for runners anyway. A stray sheep between Stonehouse and Auldhouse saw Allie turn on super woman mode.  Having finished her leg earlier in the day, Allie was free to chase a distressed sheep around the country roads until it was safely back in its field.  I won’t mention those in the group who ran screaming from the sheep any time it came near. Turns out a distressed sheep can run pretty fast – a future relay member perhaps? Also, who knew you could grab a sheep around the neck by the wool like you would a dog with its fur? Allie, of course! It’s a shame the luminous race signs read “runners this way” or the sheep might have a better idea of where to go. Can sheep read? Perhaps not. Poor thing.
Note to self – always carry something sharp in your boot(for the gate rope, not the sheep).

Coincidentally, as we arrived in Auldhouse, we found a pub called “The Lost Lamb”, a little nod of thanks, we felt, for those of us who hadn’t brought our own lunch. 
Note to self – bring your own lunch. Unless of course, you want to work for it.

All in, a great day out for the Giffnock Senior Ladies and another trophy for the cabinet.  This is definitely a race we will be including in our calendars in the future.
Note to self – don’t tell anyone how hard the fourth leg is.

Report by Yvonne McNairn

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