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 From Club Welfare Officer, Ronnie Stevenson

Some of our athletes and parents have brought to the Club’s attention advice from UKA re doping and athletics .

 GNAAC as you would expect , entirely supports clean athletics. We believe the way to improve as an athlete is to be part of our culture which believes appropriate  training and competition will help athletes achieve their potential.

We totally reject  any culture in sport that allows a place for performance enhancing substances.

We want to highlight our adherence to the set of rules which seeks to get rid of performance enhancing substances from athletics and the cheats who use them – the anti doping Clean Athletics rules.

It is the personal responsibility of all athletes to ensure that any substance they consume does not bring them into a breach of the rules. In respect of young athletes we would address this also to parents. The recognition that some common medications may contain prohibited substances is a concern which we need to raise including for example some medications for hayfever and asthma. 

Great caution around supplements is required.

More details on UKAD website,  but note the underlined section.

“All athletes are advised to be vigilant in using any supplement. No guarantee can be given that any particular supplement is free from prohibited substances.

An important principle of the Code is that of strict liability, which states that athletes are solely responsible for any prohibited substance they use, attempt to use or is found in their system regardless of how it got there and if there was an intention to cheat. Before taking supplements, athletes must therefore assess the need, risk and consequences to their careers.

Diet, lifestyle and training should all be optimised before athletes consider supplements and they should always consult a medical professional or nutritionist and seek advice.

Supplements may claim to be drug-free or safe for drug-tested athletes. It is not possible to guarantee that specific supplements will be free of prohibited substances and athletes can only reduce the risk of inadvertent doping by making informed decisions.

There is an array of supplements available for athletes to purchase that have no prohibited substances listed as ingredients. Despite this, there have been several cases whereby supplement products have been contaminated with prohibited substances as defined by the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code) Prohibited List.”

British Athletics advice and the rules on Agent X can be found at the following website.

The UK Anti Doping organisation who organise doping control can be found at

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