Glasgow City Physiotherapy has developed an online Training Camp  and is offering this to Giffnock athletes at a discount cost of £25
Several of our leading athletes involved as you can read below

“Glasgow City Physiotherapy who help keep some of Scotland’s top athletes heathy have put together an online running camp to help level up your running during lockdown!

The ten day camp will address all areas of running performance with sessions focussing on mobility, S&C, psychology, diet and meal preparation, injury prevention as well as elite athlete Q&As.

With a special club discount, GCP are offering this camp to members of Giffnock North for the price of £25 with the code Nikki-Neil (please add this to the notes section of the booking).

It’s a great way to keep your running on track during these uncertain times!

Bookings at the link below

Additional message from Nikki Manson who has contributed to this development along with Neil Gourley and Erin Wallace
“The camp is aimed at endurance athletes (and these athletes will get the most out of it) however it is suitable for all areas of athletics.
It is mostly educational with some practical mobility and S&C sessions – Scott and his team will not provide running sessions.
The aim is to provide additional content to give a more holistic approach to training and competing.
It is going to look at the “easy money” gains, the small stuff that makes a big difference, the performance enhancing stuff that doesn’t require you to be panting on your back!
Glasgow City Physiotherapy have consulted with a range of Scottish athletes such as Giffnock’s own Neil and Erin , Phillipa Millage, Sarah Inglis, Adam Craig among others so hopefully this could provide motivation for some during this strange time.
Attached is  a provisional timetable to give you an idea of what to expect from the camp. “
 Thanks Nikki !