High Jump Heights

Giffnock North High Jumpers achieving everywhere. We recently featured Nikki Manson in the USA , David Smith at the Senior Scottish Championships and since the Scottish Schools more  significant performances to be noted. Report below from coach Simon Dear.

Also of note, a PB from Chris MacKay to reach the magical 2.00m at the Scottish Universities & Colleges Championships

“Upwardly Mobile” –   Report from Simon Dear, High Jump Coach

“Very encouraging news coming from this high jump group, culminating in a haul of four of the six medals on offer for boys at the recent Scottish Schools Indoor Championships. With gold in O16 for Ethan Dear (1.90) and bronze in U16 for Sam Young (1.75), along with gold (U16) and bronze (O16) for two other members of the group. A definite air of optimism around  with several boys, all at the top end of their discipline in Scotland. This is healthy as they are forced to up their efforts in order to be competitive with their peers in training as well as in competition”. 

And although the success so far this year has come through the boys,  Emma Barbour (U17) attracts individual praise . Emma has been in the training group  for over three years and  has great potential . She is one of the hardest trainers and matches the boys in all aspects and certainly keeps them sharp. She’s also very gifted as a high jumper. The next stage for Emma is for her to learn to enjoy competing …  Something that might take time, but that will be well worth the wait!”