Junior Membership Enquiries Updated Introduction:

Giffnock North AC has always welcomed new athletes to the club. We hope to continue to do so. This, as everyone will realise, remains a significant challenge at the present time due to COVID-19.

We have, since the outset of the pandemic, followed closely and adhered to the guidance from the Scottish Government and our governing body Scottish Athletics in relation to the initial cessation of training and the gradual resumption of outdoor organised athletics. This requires us to ensure a specific plan is in place and our Club COVID Coordinators oversee our activities. Risk Assessments are in place with small training groups,  allocated coaches and a raft of safety provisions.  We have had to change and adapt to the changing restrictions over the last months.

Our normal process is to organise an induction regularly for new junior athletes where we provide an introductory training session and explanation of the club for parents/ carers. We don’t operate a trial system. We try and offer athletics to all who want to join the club. We are hoping to organise another induction in the near future but this will be contingent on us providing adequate training for our club members and assessing whether we have the capacity to offer sessions safely to all of those waiting to join the club. Please bear with us and we will do our utmost to accept new members as soon as we can.

We believe we are the second largest athletics Club in Scotland. Due to the significant and continuing  interest in the club we do have to follow this induction process. We managed to absorb the spikes in interest we experienced after the London Olympics in 2012 and Glasgow Commonwealth Games of 2014. We hope to meet the 2020-21 challenge too.

Our current small training groups have to be able to absorb new athletes while still maintaining a best practice coach to athlete ratio. In some training squads, we have insufficient coaches to take on more athletes at this time and continue to ensure safe practice as well as provide the desirable coaching environment we aspire to. Please note however, that there may be space in some training groups for older athletes dependent on age group and event. We will seek to open more training sessions to address this situation and we continue to recruit more coaches although we will always need more especially in event specific areas.  If you have an interest in joining our Coach & Parent Helper Team please let us know by contacting any of the coaches or our Volunteer Co-ordinator Lynda Scot.


If you have a child younger than nine interested in athletics we have Run Jump Throw sessions for Ages 5-8 on a Saturday afternoon. These were temporarily  suspended as the venue we use was not open to external lets due to COVID . We have recently restarted the sessions  If you wish to be contacted for a place at the RJT sessions please email c.stevenson@giffnocknorth.co.uk for details.