Luke an All American again


As Scottish Athletics reported .”It was another busy weekend for Scottish athletes and clubs in various locations, with the cross country season in full swing. Let’s start in Indiana . . .

There was a very fine performance by Luke Traynor in America to finish in 13th place at the NCAA Division One XC Champs for 2016.

That’s a huge event by any measurement, particularly in terms of depth of quality, and the Tulsa Uni and Giffnock North AAC athlete has had a very good season, including winning the Midwest Regional title”

Luke Traynor led his  University of Tulsa  Team to a great result at the American XC Championships . With a splendid 13th Place , Luke is an All American  again [First 16 count for this accolade ] and is now looking forward to a visit home and prearing for some possible indoor and then outdoor track  season competition.  More tearing up of the Track for Luke . Dudley has posted link to Flo Track footage of the race at Terre Haute and the Post race interview with Luke too.

This photo courtesy of Scottish Athletics

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