The marathon club honour is an award given out to people who have achieved an exceedingly high level of performance in the marathon. The times for achieving this are as follows: Men: Sub 3 hours, Women: Sub 3 hours 30 minutes.  If you can fill in any of the blanks on this list or are missing off this list , please contact Graham Dunn

Men’s Marathon Sub 3.00 hours

Iain Carroll2.35.25London2021
George Taylor2.36.37Berlin2013
Iain Carroll2.39.25London2019
Hugh Gallagher2.39.49Rotterdam1992
Iain Carroll2.40.37Manchester2017
Dave Sawyer 2.42.21London2015
Bill Stein2.46.05Glasgow1984
Jordon Orr2.47.16London2021
Michael Cross2.47.48London2019
Andrew Bonner2.49.48Stirling2017
Billy Glasgow2.53.33London1994
Stuart MacDonald2.54.07Manchester2019
Jordan Orr2.54.18Manchester2019
Neal Gibson2.57.09Yorkshire2014
Andrew Campbell2.57.25London2021
Alan Stewart2.57.50London1993
Scott Wilson2.58.12London2017
Rodger McEleney2.58.47Glasgow2000
John O'Donnell2.59.19Loch Ness2015
Jason Steele2.59.37Berlin2014
Graeme Crollunknown
Alan Wylieunknown
Derek Breenunknown
Bernie Campbellunknown
Alistair Shawunknown
James Cameronunknown
Charles Rankinunknown
Ian Millarunknown
Alistair McLachlanunknown
Frank Cooperunknown
Frank McCrossanunknown
Ronnie Johnstonunknown
Willie Neilsonunknown
Billy Glasgowunknown
Jackson Flemingunknown
Gordon Moirunknown
Women’s Marathon Sub 3.30 hours
Jill Smylie2.55.57San Sebastian, Spain2013
Allie Chong2.58.16Edinburgh2014
Sheila Lewis3.14.50London2015
Frances Lowrie3.14.58London2021
Frances Lowrie3.16.55Manchester2019
Hilary Millar3.18.00London2006
Nina Farmer3.23.46Manchester2019
Jacqueline Campbell3.23.54London2021
Linda Glasgow3.24.26Glasgow1994
Doleen Galbraith3.24.43Loch Ness2011
Kirsteen Haughan 3.25.22Manchester2018
Yvonne McNairne3.26.06Loch Ness2010
Sheila Lewis3.26.22Manchester2019
Anne Lee3.26.53Loch Ness2010
Maureen McVey3.28.03Loch Ness2011
Kirsteen Haughan3.28.12Florence2018
Jacqui Cowan3.29.33Lochaber2010
Helen Leesunknown
Carol Reidunknown
Julie Armstrongunknown
Renee Murrayunknown
Linda Glasgowunknown
Mary McCutcheonunknown