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  1. Clare Stevenson

    BILLY GLASGOW Chair pays tribute to Sara Lang & Jackie Alexander who, in their role as our Covid Co-ordinators, provided the club with essential advice & guidance over the last 2 years which allowed us to train safely when it was possible to do so.
    Club notes the update from Scottish Athletics on their website and at the link above and would highlight some main points
    “By law, you must currently continue to wear a face covering in most indoor public spaces, unless you are exempt from doing so because of specific circumstances, until 18 April (or 4 April during weddings and funerals/in places of worship). After those dates, mask-wearing will be advised but no longer a legal requirement.

    In line with these changes, we can confirm that our clubs and groups no longer:

    Require a designated Covid Coordinator.
    Need to notify us of positive cases within their membership because of club/group activity.
    Need to keep registers of club activity for track and trace purposes (although keeping a register is considered general good practice).
    For general advice on helping to prevent the spread of Covid, we recommend following Scottish Government rules and guidance on how to stay safe. Covid is still a public health risk, and you can catch it even if you’ve been vaccinated or had it before.

    By continuing to care for ourselves and others, we can help slow down the spread of the virus, enable clubs and groups to operate safely, and reduce pressure on health services.

    Head of development, David Fallon, said: “We’d like to thank our clubs and members for their patience, support, and effort over the past two years. Without their relentless hard work, our sport wouldn’t have resumed as quickly as it did.”

  2. Duncan Robertson

    Junior Endurance training resumes on Sunday 19th September at Linn Park. Enter from Clarkston Road, Netherlee, cross the river at the white bridge and meet at the picnic bench to the right hand side of the path, behind the copse of trees. Tuesday and Thursday sessions resume as before.

    1. Duncan Robertson

      Junior Endurance training on Tuesday 4th January is cancelled as the track is closed and conditions are icy.

  3. Clare Stevenson

    All training sessions for Junior Athletes : Sprints /Field/High Jump/ Endurance over the school holidays are continuing at their usual training venues at their normal times with the exception of Saturday sessions for U11s which will restart on 21st August. Athletes have been contacted to attend another U11 session during this period.

  4. Clare Stevenson

    Update for all Parents Carers Athletes & Supporters
    We hope everyone is well and that, despite all the difficulties,  athletes have been able to maintain some training during this last lockdown.
    Following recent information from Scottish Athletics and a Q&A session with them we are providing the following update
    There  is no immediate change to training but we expect sessions for Junior athletes to resume soon. Restrictions still apply to all Senior Athletes
    12 – 17 year olds are anticipated to be allowed to train from 15 March onwards but we have no specific details yet of group sizes, physical distancing etc. We are planning for a return initially for groups of 8 with 1 coach. Any further changes will be advised as soon as confirmed . We will be looking at risk assessments & re-issuing Covid Guidance for sessions for athletes and parents.
    We understand that travel restrictions will still apply and athletes will be unable to travel outwith their local authority area.  Therefore we will be organising training sessions for Glasgow athletes in Glasgow and E Ren athletes in E Ren.
    We are checking track availability for a proposed return w/c 15 March. At this time we are still unsure whether all tracks will be available as some schools may not be fully open by that date.
    Giffnock North has decided that the U11s, while able to train at the moment, will not return immediately and will, therefore, also return w/c 15 March at the same time as the older age groups.
    There is no proposed return on this date for athletes aged 18 and over and they should not be taking part in formal sessions. They are allowed to train informally adhering to the household guidelines in force just now, two adults from two different households.
    You will hear soon, we hope, regarding arrangements. You can direct any further enquiries to your coach/ coaches
    Thanks for your understanding

    Stay safe everyone

  5. Clare Stevenson

    GROUP TRAINING HAS RESUMED Under Phase 3 of the Scottish Government and Guidance from Scottish Athletics we have been able to resume some Group Training within the Junior Section of the club. This commenced initially with the older Age Groups U13/15/17 +. & U17/20 Sprints Squads.Senior Sprints Squad Group training not restarted as yet.Senior Endurance are considering options under Phase 3 & 4 and these will be notified. U11s will follow as soon as possible.
    In the interests of safety for all and the challenge of COVID-19, this requires us to adhere strictly to smaller training groups, to the Pre-Booking of classes,to ensuring our Data is updated for any Contact and Trace Needs and to hygiene measures at sessions to prevent any transmission of the virus.
    These arrangements are complicated administratively.You will receive or have received details from coaches . Please be patient and follow the advice carefully.
    Our CLUB COVID Co-ordinators are Jackie Alexander [email] & Sara Lang [email] Most queries re training will be dealt with by your coaches but we add these contacts here for information for any queries not related to Training issues. The COVID Co-ordinators have been appointed by the Board of the club to help us ensure we adhere to the Scottish Govt Advice and of course, that of our governing body- Scottish Athletics. On the SA website you will be able to see the extensive information which has been made available to all Coaches, Parents, Athletes, Officials and Club Committee and which has required substantial updating as each Phase of the easing of restrictions has occurred. Link to Phase 3 Guidance here:

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