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  1. Training session on Wednesday at Eastwood i.e 7.00pm session will take place this week at 6.00pm instead due to school holidays. Only for one week 16th October

  2. Dudley’s Junior Middle Distance / Endurance Sunday sessions are at now at Linn Park . I.e. From Sunday 22nd of September until further notice. Main entrance off Clarkston Road, walk down and cross the White Bridge . The meeting place is the picnic bench behind the trees facing you. So you can go either left or right. It’s at the bottom of the big hill . It takes about ten minutes to walk down to be there at 8.55 ready to go. Spikes good if you have them
    Session on 15th September cancelled at the club competing at the National Relays in both 4x100m and 3x800m

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