It is with great sadness we report the death of Michelle Kelly, after a bravely-borne episode with cancer. Below we have a message from the club, followed by a most moving tribute from Michelle’s daughter Danielle, who has competed and excelled for Giffnock North AC, through the age groups, from Under 11 onwards.

From Giffnock North AC:

Often, it was the voice you noticed first, loud and clear across the cross-country courses and the stadiums: “COME ON, DANIELLE!” Michelle would be right there, rain or shine, in support of her children, Danielle and Dylan, spurring them on, not accepting less than 100%, but always supportive with a smile, a laugh and a hug at the finish line, no matter what.

Michelle had the heart, warmth, optimism and generosity to forever spread the support and encouragement around, to other young athletes who needed a positive word, or a lift (in morale as well as the car). She contributed further by coaching for a while, and is fondly thought of by the youngsters in her group, for the steps up she helped them take. She was a pleasure to be with, easy for other coaches to chat to, always willing to help whenever she could.

With Michelle on the team, you were never beaten, you were just on the road to more fun, more adventures, more achievements.

Our deepest condolences go to her husband Marcus, Danielle and Dylan.

From Danielle Kelly, with her permission:

“My beautiful mum slipped painlessly away early this afternoon. She was unsurprisingly strong and incredibly brave throughout, and I hope it brings some comfort to know how at peace and unafraid she was. My mum is my best friend, my athletics binging buddy and the person who believed I could achieve things I never thought I could. I was her shadow. The loss of such an extraordinary person leaves behind a hole which is indescribable, but this pain helps remind us of the unconditional love felt for my mum and the love she gave in return. My brother and I feel so lucky to have had such a loving bond with our mum, we were so close knit it was a struggle to be apart. The love between my mum and dad was like that seen within cheesy rom com movies, they were constantly laughing and winding each other up, undeniable icky soulmates. My mum has had such a large impact on so many lives, through the work that she loved and through athletics. Her cheerful personality could brighten even the darkest of days, and her loud motivation could be heard in the biggest fields. Although our time together was cut so unfairly short the memories created, lessons learned and hugs squeezed in show that not one minute was wasted. As sad as we are, I hope to live by her beautiful words and “Always find time to squeeze in a smile”, and I hope others can too. Until we can laugh together again, we love you mum and thank you.”

An amazing tribute from Danielle Kelly.  It painted the picture of  the Michelle that we at Giffnock North all recognise and loved Thank you Danielle.

And Croy Thomson