More Medals at Masters XC

Report from Kathleen MacLachlan
Lindsays Masters XC Champs, Johnstone; Saturday 8th Feb 2020

On the rather windy eve of Storm Ciara, 7 ladies and 9 men from Giffnock North travelled to Johnstone to take on the twists, turns, sharp short ups and downs of the Masters XC Championship course.

As the sun disappeared and the rain clouds loomed,first to set off at 1pm were the Ladies and Men+65 to run 6k (3 loops).

The GN ladies continued this seasons successeswith 2nd W50 for Mary McCutcheon, 2nd W40-50 team (Allie Chong, Kathleen McLachlan and Jacquie Campbell) and 3rd W50+ team (Mary McCutcheon, Sheila Lewis and Angela Carson).

Overall the ladies placed as follows: Catriona Gourley 96th (15th W55), Angela Carson 80th (16thW50), Jacquie 33rd (11th W45), Shelia Lewis 31st (6thW50), Kathleen McLachlan 26th (12th W40), Mary McCutcheon 15th (2nd W50) and Allie Chong 9th (4thW45).

As the wind speed seemed to pick-up, the men set off at 1:45pm to run 8k (3 extended loops unlucky guys!).

GN were out in force again with 3rd M40 – 50 team (Andrew Campbell, Chris Greenhalgh, Cris Walsh and Luke Chamberlain) and 6th M50+ team (Ted Gourley, Jez Fellick and Gordon Moir).

Overall the men placed as follows: Gordon Moir 146th (33rd M50), Graeme Paterson 91st (26th M45), Greig Glendinnin 87th (23rd M45), Jez Fellick 86th(18th M50), Ted Gourley 66th (6th M55), Luke Chamberlain 59th (16th M45), Cris Walsh 25th (8thM45), Chris Greenhalgh 20th (5th M45) and Andrew Campbell 19th (4th M45).

Conditions were described as rather windy, where with the turns in the course, the headwind became tailwind and back again several times. At least it wasn’t a repeat of the dreich race conditions experienced recently!

Congratulations to Jacquie on her first XC club race. Thanks for the shouts from all the GN supporters, including the injured Rob Crusher, hope to see you back running soon!

Next on the XC calendar are the Nationals at Falkirk, lets hope that Storm Dennis doesn’t make an appearance...Bring on the mud, but with some sun and less wind, please!

Photos courtesy of Rob Crusher