National Champions & Medallists !


Scottish Athletics Senior & U17 Championships, 13th August 2016, (C)Bobby Gavin
Fraser O’Rourke REUBENALYSONHeatherkateKate Richardson


U13 Boys        Silver in  56.02   from left to right ,Cameron McKerrow,   Jacob Luc,  Lewis Taylor,   Liam Duggan           




Max McHarg no 244

An array of club talent on show at the  Scottish National  Championships in Grangemouth  [Senior and Age Group Champions ] at the weekend as the events in Rio came to an end and outstanding performances on display from our Scottish Olympians including the Bronze medal for Eilidh Doyle in the 4x 400 Relay .

The list is long so bear with us and please advise if we have missed anyone out.  Some of our athletes took both the Senior and U20 Titles at the Championships and several New Club records to be added. So Graham will be busy updating these too .

Other notable performances which need to be included in this round up are Chris Mc Kay’s Hugh Jump at the Celtic Games in Swansea- a magnificent effort where he came 2nd with 1.99m . The 2m mark to be passed soon ! The  main highlights from the weekend ,midst a considerable number of notable performances, came from the Clubs Jumps squad ,3 Gold medals, 3 National Champions  in Pole Vault in particular.

Senior Men

Robert Moses Bronze 100 m

Fraser O’Rourke Gold Pole Vault

Matthew Kerr Bronze High Jump

Senior Women

Nikki Manson Gold High Jump, Bronze Long Jump

Catherine Palmer Bronze High Jump

Caroline Adams Gold Pole Vault

Rachel Alexander Silver Long Jump


Jenna Wrisberg Gold 100 m

Oliver Watson Sweeney Gold 2000 S/C

Rachel Alexander Gold Long Jump

Chris McKay Bronze High Jump

Iona Menzies Bronze 400 H

Alessandro Schenini Silver Long Jump

Catherine Palmer Silver High Jump


Adam Clayton Gold 200 m, Silver 100 m

Andy Moses Bronze 100 m

Jamie Sturrock Bronze 800 m

Sophie Haldane Bronze 300 m, Bronze 200 m

Megan Busby Gold Long Jump

Ethan Dear Silver High Jump

Alessandro Schenini Gold Long Jump

U17 Gold 4 x 100 relay (men)


Kate Richardson Gold 1500 m

Heather Barnes Silver 1500 m

Reuben Nairne Gold Pole Vault


Alyson Bell Gold 200 m,  Silver 100 m

Max McHarg Silver 200 m, Silver 100 m

Jennifer Dallas Bronze Shot Put

Relay Teams Below :

All told, this makes a tally of 13 Gold’s, 11 Silvers and 11 Bronzes which is a good return for the hard work of all the athletes and coaches. In addition to the above, there were many performances which whilst they didn’t make the podium, nevertheless achieved personal bests which is an achievement in itself, particularly as weather conditions were pretty dire.


 U17 M 4 X 100M                  Giffnock North AAC         45.19

1)Andy Moses                       2) Adam Clayton

3) Ross Lipp                        4) Kyle McLean



U13 G 4 X100M                   Giffnock North AAC      53.82Q New Club Record            

     1) Lara Sturgeon                   2) Alyson Bell                       

     3) Mary Rose Cairns                4) Niamh Smith     

 U13 B 4 X 100m                  Giffnock North AAC       56.02       

     1) Liam Duggan                     2) Cameron McKerrow           

     3) Lewis Taylor                    4) Jacob Luc           


 U15B 4 X 300M                   GIFFNOCK NORTH AAC  ‘A’                             2:48.94

     1) Reuben Nairne                   2) Adam Deverill      

     3) Murray Fotheringham             4) O’Donnell Eoghan   


 U17M 3 X 800M                   GIFFNOCK NORTH AAC  ‘A’                             6:31.85

     1) Calum Young                     2) Jamie Sturrock      3) Ben Shaw 


 U15B 3 X 800M                   GIFFNOCK NORTH AAC  ‘A’                             6:51.86

     1) Ethan Carolan                   2) Eoghan O’Donnell    3) Murray Fotheringham


U13G 3 X 800M                   GIFFNOCK NORTH AAC  ‘A’                    8:26.82

     1) Holly McAneny                   2) Isla Scott          3) Rebecca Anderson

U13B 3 X 800M
                  GIFFNOCK NORTH AAC  ‘A’                             8:01.65

     1) Hugh Shiels                     2) Gordon Wylie  3) Harris Paterson

Scottish Athletics  summary of the overall results identified our Jumps success and link to full results

Information for this post from Billy Glasgow, Steven Nairne and Photos from Scottish Athletics

Overall – 1 Edinburgh 8866, 2 Kilbarchan 8038, 3 Central 7957, 4 Aberdeen 7831, 5 VP Glasgow 7534, 6 Giffnock North 7368, 7 Shettleston 7117, 8 Inverness 7077, 9 Pitreavie 6559, 10 Inverclyde 4937. 

Sprints – 1 Kilbarchan 4269, 2 Pitreavie 3881, 3 Aberdeen 3660, 4 Edinburgh 3344, 5 VP-Glasgow 3162. 

Endurance – 1 Central 4360, 2 Edinburgh 3972, 3 Aberdeen 3881, 4 VP-Glasgow 3750, 5 Ronhill Cambuslang 3693.

Jumps – 1 Giffnock North 3987, 2 Edinburgh 3927, 3 VP Glasgow 2110, 4 Shettleston 1612, 5 Kilbarchan 1483.

Throws – 1 Edinburgh 5034, 2 Kilbarchan 4249, 3 VP Glasgow 2741, 4 Inverness 1741, 5 Shettleston 1719.