We asked Carole Ford to give us her view on being an official for the club and how much she has enjoyed the experience 

We are hoping our parents and supporters will read this and think “I could do that ” We know that lots of our parents can’t commit to regular coaching but becoming an official is the way to go if you want to help contribute to the success of Giffnock North and could commit to officiating when it suits you.

We also want to say grateful thanks to Carole for her invaluable help with current developments in the club including our  EGM decision to apply for  SCIO Status.

Read  Carole’s account of being an official  below and get in touch with Lynda Scott details at the end.

“I trained as a track official for a number of reasons.  As a former head teacher I was always very aware that young people who participate in sport are healthier and happier as a result.  I wanted to contribute to that.  I have no sporting expertise so helping as a track official  is something I can do.  It is also good fun, being part of the team, and seeing the obvious enjoyment of the athletes.

The training is straightforward and the old hands are very helpful too.  If I forget where to put the relay markers, someone will remind me.

The club coaches contribute a huge amount of their time to developing athletes; the time that I have to contribute is miniscule in comparison, but at events it is vital that there are enough officials to make sure everything goes smoothly, and fairly.  Without officials there are no events.

I enjoyed the training and I enjoy officiating.  The banter on the finish line is worth the occasional spot of rain or wind.

If you have a child competing at an event, helping the track and field officials is one way of showing your appreciation of all that the coaches are doing for your child.  You are there anyway, and it will be more fun than simply watching.  I would encourage anyone to get involved.  You know it makes sense! 

Lynda Scott on our Junior Committee co-ordinates Volunteers and will be delighted to discuss this with you if you think you can help the Club and want to join Carole at the Track

Lynda’s email address is :

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