6/4 Stage Road Relay Report

Report by Yvonne McNairn

The National 6/4 Stage Relays got off to a flying start with Luke Traynor finishing first leg with the fastest time of the day in 14.59. Followed by Jordan Orr, Kieran Mooney, Ted Gourley, Nick Boyle and Luke Chamberlain, the Men’s team finished in 35th place amongst the top runners in Scotland.
The ladies team saw Rhona Mowat finish in 9th place with the 12th fastest time of the day in 19.14. Followed by Jill Smylie, Yvonne McNairn and Francis Lowrie. The Ladies Team finished in 14th place.
An appearance by a former junior athlete, Holly Still,representing her University (Caledonia) showed that we may soon have another promising senior athlete in our midst.
Thanks Yvonne and well done to all at Livingston

Photos courtesy of club athletes and supporters and Featured Image from Athletics Digital