Scottish Men’s T&F League- Match 2

Giffnock’s Men Denied Top Spot…by a Toaster!

Finlay Waugh

Giffnock’s Men put in an awesome effort on Sunday to secure second spot in Scottish League Division 2 at Grangemouth, our highest position in years.

We had brilliant league debuts from our U17 Speed King Finlay Waugh, 1-lap expert Kyle Alexander, High-Jumper Nassor Salim, sprinter Russell Lawson and Blayne Wright, who seems to set a PB every time he sets foot on the track. There was also a welcome return to the League Team for Andrew Love (nice 1500 PB) and Nicola Gajic with a brilliant victory following long term injury.

Teeth-grittingly gutsy runs came from Jack “28 laps” Bell and Colin “bring your step-ladders” Wylie in the Steeplechase. And we had the usual absolute rock solid performances from our  regulars – Ethan Carolan, Eoghan O’Donnell sneeking in a 400m PB before his Gothenburg trip, Neil Hutchison busy all day in the field and Calum William so close to a sub- 11s 100m.

As league event are all about the points, the Giffnock North man-of-the-match by a country-1500m was Donald MacLean. Expecting only to run as a guest in the 800m, due to injuries, Donald found himself promoted to the 800M B race, catapulted into both horizontal jumps and thrust into the 4×100 relay. Without plugging these gaps, we would have been pushed into third place. Well done Donald!

And the Toaster? In a bizarre Saturday night culinary catastrophe, pole-vaulter Fraser O’Rourke managed to toast his hand, not the bread and regrettably had to withdraw before the competition started. If Fraser had been able to vault, his points would have leap-frogged into first place. Next time just have a piece and jam.

A big thank you to Danny O’Donnell, Anne Stewart and Philip Hutchison, our officials, who had to put up with 4 seasons in 1 hour.

While this was Giffnock’s best performance in years, and the team had a ball…. I want us to do better, and I need your help. We had a great turnout on Sunday, but we still didn’t fill every team slot. We need more steeplechasers and 10,000 metre runners, and we could do with more guest runners in all the events to give us cover when injury strikes on the day. Donald is an excellent example of how a guest can save the day. So look out for the call-up call emails for Match 3 (21st  July) and Match 4 (31st Aug), and we’ll hoover up every point get Giffnock promoted  back into Division 1 where we belong.

Gerry Duggan, Men’s League Team Manager