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We need those spikes that are too small for you and lost at the bottom of cupboards /wardrobes/ garages. As soon as no one in your family or circle needs them we will be pleased to recycle them to other athletes  who can also hand them in when  finished using . Maybe new ones coming from Santa.?

Lynda Scott has kindly agreed to be the contact point for recycling them. They can be handed to Lynda at Training[ Sprints ] On Tuesdays or Thursdays at Middle Distance sessions or at Sunday park sessions to Ronnie or other coaches.

Contact Lynda at  email anthony.scott6@ntlworld.com

We have, as a club always done this, to some extent recognising that young athletes are often quick to grow out of spikes.We are now trying to improve our efforts to ensure that those who need spikes can access them.

If you are handing in spikes they don’t need to be squeaky clean but if you can remove the spikes that will be helpful . We recently had to throw out several pairs as the spikes were completely rusted in , could not be removed with pliers and  were so blunt that they needed to go in the bin. So the advice continues re liberal use of Vaseline so that you can switch the lengths of spike  easily according to Indoors/Outdoor/ XC /Track etc. Don’t super tighten them either.  Spikes don’t tend to come out. They mostly need to be hand tightened or, if using your key, remember they will be coming out soon.

Its an opportune time also for us to give some general advice re spikes  They come in different forms

At beginner entry level its best to get a spike shoe which is versatile , It will then do you for Track and Field, Middle Distance and Sprint and Cross Country/ Indoor and Outdoor. Spike lengths go from 3mm to 15mm. [ Specialist events  like High Jump etc have specialist shoes and spike length/placement issues] Sprinters will then access specific  Sprint spikes.

Always consider getting a size bigger than your shoe size but obviously  a comfortable fit is best

For most purposes

Athletes training in spikes :Take advice from coaches re conditions and nature of Training sessions

Under 11s should train in their Trainers and compete in their spikes

Indoor spikes  we advise must be 5mm or less

Outdoor Track spikes  6mm or 7mm at the most

Cross Country spikes 9mm and upwards depending on the conditions and how deep the mud is.

Some XC courses have  trails or stony paths which is an issue for Athletes and can mean that trainers or trail shoes are better. When its very icy, even on grass, take advice from coaches and experienced athletes . 15mm spikes are fairly lethal if any contact is made and most XC Athletes will find 9/12/ sufficient on most courses.

The advice from most MONDO Tracks now is NO NEEDLE Spikes /No  CHRISTMAS TREE Spikes  and best to stick to pyramid spikes.

Hutchie have stipulated a  maximum spike length of 5mm on their  newly refurbished track.  

Suppliers include our kit supplier MIGO at Muirend, other sports shops and various online websites after you are sure of size .


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