Strength & Conditioning Workshop

Going from Strength to Strength

Our dedicated Giffnock North coaches are constantly updating their knowledge.  Strength and Conditioning (S&C) expert Dan Jefferson is currently delivering a series of workshops to them. After the initial classroom based session in January, things got a lot more practical at this weekend’s workshop (2nd Feb). Our coaches watched and learned as Dan put our fantastic volunteer athletes through a series of S&C drills and exercises. We hope the athletes enjoyed the workshop and were not too stiff and sore on Sunday morning. The final workshop, on Saturday 10th Feb, will enhance our coaches  existing knowledge on flexibility and plyometrics. 

Grateful thanks to Dan Jefferson of Jefferson Performance who is delivering the informative and engaging workshops and to our enthusiastic volunteer athletes – Ryan Davie, Isla Ross, Brooke McLure, Sara Anderson, Edie Campbell, Ida Pickens, Sandy Heather, Fergus Pryor, Aaron Muir and Rishon Xavier (who was with us in spirit, but who had to call off at the last minute due to a football injury).

Report by Gerry Duggan

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