Under 11s train at various locations including Williamwood Track, Clubhouse at Braidholm , Eastwood Track and take part in the Sessions at Rouken Glen on Sundays at 11am near the Pavilion. Currently there are sessions on Tuesdays 6-7pm , Wednesdays 6-7pm and Thursdays 5.30- 6.45 Training sessions and locations are subject to change and parents and athletes will be advised at Induction of appropriate training sessions depending on capacity and coaches .
Coaches are ,Alison Fotheringham, Anne Lee, Bobby Johnstone, Clare Stevenson and Ronnie Stevenson.
Luke Traynor and Craig Armstrong take the Wednesday Sessions at Eastwood along with Katharine Blues.
At this age GNAAC seeks to provide an introduction to basic skills in a variety of Running, Jumping and Throwing disciplines.

Alison McKinnon

Alison Fotheringham

Parent Helpers

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Gregor Cope
Anne Wylie

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