Whopper of a Weekend

Whopper of a weekend indeed for Giffnock athletes competing at the Scottish Senior and Under 17 Championships at the Emirates Arena !

David Smith – Photo by (C) Bobby Gavin

A Commonwealth Games Qualifying height for David Smith in High Jump with 2.21 to take the Senior  Title and Gold Medal at the Emirates.

As Scottish Athletics reported “In Senior terms, David Smith and Heather Paton were probably the standout performers with the high jump champion clearing 2.21m to meet the Gold Coast qualification standard while the English-based hurdler raced to a Native Record with a PB of 8.37 for the Women’s 60M Hurdles.”


Erin Wallace – Photo by Bobby Gavin (C)



A Commonwealth Youth Games Qualifying time for Erin Wallace to take Bronze in the Senior Women’s

800m in 2.06.84  a Sen /U20 Club record . Please note that Erin has already achieved the CYG Standard in the 3000m in her drive for  selection for  a trip to the Bahamas to represent Scotland

Adam Clayton winning the 60m – Photograph (C) Bobby Gavin

Adam Clayton tookthe Sprint double at Under 17  with a new Club record in his 60m at 7.10 and a Championship Best Performance of 22.45 in his 200m

Coach Garry Paterson reports that  –

Although this was a CBP  [ Championship Best Performance ] , it was not an all time record . Adam just missed out on the all time  200m record which has stood since 1996, 21.99 secs by Kris Stewart. The 60m record is 6.97 secs was set by Cameron Tindle in 2014.  This double  for Adam follows an Outdoor U17 200m Gold and Outdoor 100m Silver ( missing Gold by 0.04 secs ) in August this year.

Adam is looking to set qualifying standards for the  Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas this year. Standards are 10.90 for the 100m and 21.95 for the 200m

So watch this space as Adam continues to surprise us all, We wish him all the very best

Scottish Athletics reported:

“VP-Glasgow’s Jade Henry in the 60m hurdles and Adam Clayton of Giffnock North AAC in the 200m were the athletes to set new marks on the track for the Scottish U17 Championships with fine performances.  Clayton won the 60m in 7.10 but it was his 200m run at 22.45 which landed the best performance accolade.”

Highlighted below all the Giffnock athletes from the full results . Our medal winners  getting to the podium this time included:


Megan Busby    LJ    5.61m   


Heather Barnes 1500m       4:54.35   


 Calum McWilliam Sen 200m     22.43  

Reuben Nairne  U17 Pole Vault     3.31m  New U15 Club Record    

Both Heather and Reuben competing in an Upper Age group .

Of note also Niamh Grahame in the  Sen400m  ran    57.26 in a     New U20 Club Record

12   113 Freya Cowan    60m        Giffnock North AAC        8.62Q  H2

15   113 Freya Cowan    60m        Giffnock North AAC        8.53   H1

25   119 Eve Donaghy    60m        Giffnock North AAC        8.79   H1

2    73 Adam Clayton    60m        Giffnock North AAC        7.29Q  H2

1    73 Adam Clayton    60m        Giffnock North AAC        7.21Q  H2

1    73 Adam Clayton    60m Final  Giffnock North AAC        7.10   1 New U17 Club Record

7    268 Calum Alexander60mh       Giffnock North AAC        8.90q  H1

10   457 Freya Menzies  60mh       Giffnock North AAC        9.60   H3

19   266 Lauren Saxby   60mh       Giffnock North AAC       10.12   H1

3    274 Calum McWilliamSen200m    Giffnock North AAC       22.49Q  H3

3    274 Calum McWilliamSen200m    Giffnock North AAC       22.43Q  H3

3    274 Calum McWilliam  Sen200m    Giffnock North AAC       22.43   3rd

4    271 John Hamilton  Sen200m    Giffnock North AAC       22.80Q  5

4    271 John Hamilton  Sen200m    Giffnock North AAC       22.60q  H3

5    271 John Hamilton  Sen200m    Giffnock North AAC       23.01   5th

7    255 Megan Busby    200m       Giffnock North AAC       26.33Q  H2

8    255 Megan Busby    200m       Giffnock North AAC       26.34   H1

18   457 Freya Menzies  200m       Giffnock North AAC       27.56q  H4

15   457 Freya Menzies  200m       Giffnock North AAC       27.25   H1

20   113 Freya Cowan    200m       Giffnock North AAC       27.80   H1

28   263 Orla Lang      200m       Giffnock North AAC       28.75   H3

3    73 Adam Clayton    200m       Giffnock North AAC       23.57q  H1 

1    73 Adam Clayton    200m       Giffnock North AAC       22.64Q  H2

1    73 Adam Clayton    200m Final Giffnock North AAC       22.45CBP  1st New U17 Club Record

7   260 Sophie Haldane  Sen200m    Giffnock North AAC       26.32   H2

4   264 Rochelle Moukala300m       Giffnock North AAC       42.61q  H3

5   256 Rhea Campbell   300m       Giffnock North AAC       42.80q  H1

11  258 Eve Denholm     300m       Giffnock North AAC       44.56   H2

5   264 Rochelle Moukala300m final Giffnock North AAC       42.37   5th

6   256 Rhea Campbell   300m final Giffnock North AAC       43.37   6th

5   259 Niamh Grahame   Sen400m    Giffnock North AAC       57.26q  H2   New U20 Club Record

5   259 Niamh Grahame   Sen400m final Giffnock North AAC       57.58   5th

5   863 Ben Shaw        800m       Giffnock North AAC     2:07.69q   4

7   863 Ben Shaw        800m final Giffnock North AAC     2:08.03    7th

14  872 Andrew Robertson800m        Giffnock North AAC     2:13.94   H1

16  874 Eoghan O’Donnell800m        Giffnock North AAC     2:16.14   H2

21  493 Lewis Mitchell  800m        Giffnock North AAC     2:19.44   H3

22  878 Donald Maclean  800m        Giffnock North AAC     2:21.69   H1

1   832 Erin Wallace    Sen800m     Giffnock North AAC     2:09.88Q  H1

3   832 Erin Wallace    Sen 800m Final Giffnock North AAC   2:06.84   3rd New U20/Sen Club Record

10  838 Sarah Olivia Eunson Sen800m Giffnock North AAC     2:18.76   H1

2   254 Heather Barnes 1500m Final  Giffnock North AAC     4:54.35   2nd

4   257 Emily Crusher  1500m final  Giffnock North AAC     5:01.71

5   267 Clare Wallace  1500m final  Giffnock North AAC     5:03.31

10   269 Andrew Bonner Sen1500m     Giffnock North AAC     4:17.26q  H2

10   269 Andrew Bonner Sen1500m final Giffnock North AAC   4:20.81

11   270 Andrew Clark  Sen1500m     Giffnock North AAC     4:19.43   H2

1   255 Megan Busby    LJ Final     Giffnock North AAC     5.61m   1st

      FOUL  5.42m  5.27m  5.38m  FOUL  5.61m           

7   276 Alessandro Schenini SenLJ Final Giffnock North AAC 6.83m   7th New U20 Club Record

      FOUL  FOUL  6.79m  FOUL  FOUL  6.83m

3   468 Reuben Nairne  U17PV Final   Giffnock North AAC    3.31m   3rd New U15 Club Record   

     2.91 3.11 3.31 3.41                            

4   265 Catherine Palmer SenHJ Final Giffnock North AAC    1.58m   4th

     1.48 1.53 1.58 1.63                                      

        O    O    O  XXX                                      

13   266 Lauren Saxby   HJ Final     Giffnock North AAC    1.43m   13th

     1.38 1.43 1.48                                            

        O  XXO  XXX                                     

1   373 David Smith     Sen HJ Final Giffnock North AA     2.21m   1st

     2.03 2.08 2.13 2.18 2.21 2.28                            

        O    P    O   XO   XO  XXX      

3   272 Chris Mackay    Sen HJ Final       Giffnock North AAC 1.98m   3rd

     1.83 1.88 1.93 1.98 2.03 




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